After visited Seongsan Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak we head to second destination Seongeup Folk Village. Before that we stopped by a mandarin orange farm and bought some local chocolate and biscuits.

Seriously, we can have Starbucks all day

We are allowed to self pick mandarin oranges. I didn't know Korea also export mandarin oranges. It taste quite good tho.

We reached Seongeup Folk Village. This is the place where we can meet real Jeju local people who still live behind stone courtyard walls in thatched roof rock homes.

They pet rare black pig in the village and was feed with human poo (those days of course)

The famous "Tai Cheong Kam" was filmed here before.

The lady in green winter clothes married to the local here and shared with us the living culture and history of Jeju.

After that it's lunch time!!!!

And we're served with "Black Pig"

It taste a little bit different compare to the normal pork but it's good *thumb up*

Unlimited pork and unlimited rice. Eat till need to loosen by belt. Hahaha!

After the wonderful meal, we went to Jeju Glass Castle.

The entrance fee is as per below;

Everything here are made of colourful glasses

Will you marry me?

Pumpkin ride that made out of glasses

Huge hug-able bear!

The outdoor decoration are very nice

They even have a glass coffee house

More update of my Korea trip. Teddy Museum, Mysterious Road and 3D Art Museum next

Feb 5, 2014

Day 2 - Seongsan Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak

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On my second day in Jeju Island, we visited Seongsan Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak natural surroundings of one of 360 parasitic volcanoes, which is the world's biggest crater at seacoast. Seongsan Ilchulbong was also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Behind is the volcanoes hill

Admission fees is 2,000 WON (about RM6) for adult and 1,000 WON (about RM3) for elderly and children.

The trek takes about 25 minutes to reach to the top hill.

Us with Seongsan Ilchulbong

Jeju Island are famous with 3 most things; Winds, Stones and Women.

Winds - It's always windy and trust me you will need better clothing during winter
Stones - There are alot volcanoes thus we can found volcanic rocks everywhere
Women - Why? Those days, men job are fishing on the sea and all the women stay on the island taking care the family. The rage of sea has killed a lot of them who work in sea, thus left a lot women behind. The men on the island are treated like king because of shortage, so they can have few wives and even eat also being spoon-feed. I'm serious! SPOON-FEED!! Sound good to be true? Hahahaha! It was long long long time ago and no longer practicing so.

While on our way up to the hill, the breathtaking view.

Ok! This is the peak of the hill.

The deep blue sky and the strong winds............. frozen my face -.-"

Women diver performance. Diving in such cold weather? Siao ah?

According to Nobita/Tah Shiung the women would dive nearby sore to collect seafoods everyday, doesn't matter it was winter, summer, spring or autumn.

Here is where they dive to collect seafoods for lunch and dinner. Everyday abalone weh!

We saw god after the trek and bought god-coffee before we head to next destination.

more coming up next

Jan 27, 2014

Day 1 - Bibimbap

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After visited Gwangwhamun Plaza we went to the front gate and a statue of King Sejong place right in front.

Spotted this a box toy-alike supermini MPV, Kia Ray.

King Sejong, The Great in Seoul

The statue place right in the middle of the wide big road in the heart of Seoul.

The temperature that time was about only 1 degree Celsius.

After that we went for lunch.

The wooden finishing interior made it so Korea Authentic cuisine.

We are having Bibimbap (mixed rice with vegetable and meat)

A lot seedweeds and Kim Chi.

Kim Chi is everywhere no matter Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Dipper or even Supper. Had the most Kim Chi week of my life.

Some random shop before we head to Gimpo airport where we head to Jeju Island

While waiting in Gimpo Airport, spotted Samsung and LG TVs everyone. This are non ordinary TV that we can be found it Malaysia. It's an OLED Curved TV and LG has one 4 mm thickness only. Talk about tech....

This is like a domestic airport that fly within Korea and it took about 45 minutes to  Jeju (just like from KLIA to Singapore)

Reached there at night and our first destination is Yongduam Rock to see a volcanic rock that was created from eruption about 2 million years ago, its look like a roaring dragon rising from the sea into the sky butttttt that jadi and become stone :P

Can you see at the background? Look like dragon to you?

After that we have our dinner nearby and call it a day.

The hotel that we stayed for 2 nights before transfer back to Seoul on the following day.

There is a underpassage shopping plaza for the lady to shop before really call it a day.

Next is Parasitic Volcanoes, Tedseum, Glass Castle and more....

Jan 23, 2014

Highest Bid W1N = WIN (Proton Suprima S)

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After the end of WYY 9999 car registration number for Wilayah Persekutuan, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) has introduced new number sequence W(Number)(Alphabet)

There is this one particular number that everyone concern about, W1N.

Definitely would have a lot richy rich people sought to bid this special number.

W1N = WIN I'm driving WIN ler!

So the W_N number sequence has opened for tender last month and the result has just released.

Guess what? The highest bid for W1N was RM748k....... OMG! and the new number owner is DYMM Sultan Ibrahim Johor.

The most interesting thing is that, Sultan Johor was the one who own the famous WWW 1 on June 2012 that shock everyone. He actually have the WWW 1 placed on a Proton Satria Neo (which cost only around RM50k vs RM520k) - You can refer from my previous blog post HERE

Now we all wondering what car would he buy to place this WIN number? The new Proton Perdana?

UPDATE: Unexpected the W1N will be apt on a Proton Suprima S which cost around RM80k.

Seem that Sultan Johor is a big fans of Proton or he like to buy 10x cheaper car than his tendered number plate.

Jan 22, 2014

Day 1 - Hello Seoul!

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Trip to Korea was a compensate Honeymoon. Some of you may not know that, I've gotten married last year in memorable month of May.

Due to the reason of myself undergone surgery our honeymoon was postponed.

Why Korea? My wife is a super crazy big fans of "Super Junior" and she love Korea korean guys & shopping.

We actually signed up with travel agency as we would have language barrier and it was during winter.

Me and my wife took Korea Airline and it was a mid night flight.

Manage to watch 2 movies in this 6 hours flight.

Long time didn't have airplane meal.

Once we touched down Incheon airport we all get dressed up in winter clothes.

First destination was Cheongwhadae Sarrangchae where we visit the history center and gain insight into the history of Seoul

Took few photos outside of the history center

and it was snowing right after few minutes of walks. We was so jakun and jumping around take photos and video.

Post by Joshua Wong.

Let me introduce our tour guide in Korea. His a Korean that can speak fluent Mandarin and as well Cantonese. He is very funny and entertaining person where brought us a lot of laughter and fun. He called himself "Tah Shung" which mean Big Bear or Nobita in Doreamon cartoon.

The first joke I remember was when he introduce himself as Tah Shung and don't ask me where is Doreamon. lol!

He tour us around Gwangwhamun Plaza which has 600-year old historic city of Seoul and transformed into a human centered space that harmonizes with beautiful Gyeongbokgung Palaca and Bukaksan Mountain.

The scenery was breathtaking with beautiful lake surrounded with historic building.

The culture of Korea is very similar to China.

The temperature was around -1 degree and having a great cup of hot coffee would be awesome, so we dropped by to a local coffee shop for a coffee before head for second destination.