Jun 10, 2012

WWW 1 Number Plate On Proton Satria Neo?

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2 months back ago, there was a big hype of the "WWW" number plate registration. The "WWW" tender was open as early as 1st of April.

It was revealed that "WWW 1" has set a new record as the country's most expensive vehicle registration number with the bid for the plate registered at RM520,000 (Approx US $160k)

As you can see below, the WWW 1 was won by our Sultan Johor.

Everyone was wonder which vehicle would wore this expensive "WWW 1" number plate?

It was answered yesterday over the social networks, Twitter & Facebook.

The "WWW 1" will sat on a Proton Satria Neo.

Picture of Sultan Johor and Datuk Razak Dawood (Proton Motorsport)

RM520k on a RM50k car? It's very hard to justify.

I strongly believe this is just a temporary car before his "BIG TOY" is coming out.

What do you guys think? Manage to get yourself "WWW" number plate?


theeggyolks said...

if i had the money, I'll buy that plate for my 660 Kancil >_<

Anonymous said...

i will put it on kriss MR1

Anonymous said...

WWW 2 is enough already for a kapcai motor..

Jing-leBelle said...

Tendered a WWW plate but couldn't get it! :(

Anonymous said...

theeggyolks - Haha!

Jing-leBelle - Wow! U getting a new car?

Khairulanuar a.k.a. Sting said...

did you noticed that Shafiz Sharani name is on the list twice? Not to mention another one under Shapadu?

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