Nov 1, 2012

I Met Eason Chan

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Yes! Eason Chan from Hong Kong, King of Canton :)

Attended Eason Chan showcase last night promoting his new album <...3mm> at Sports Complex, Tunku Abdul Rahman College.

it was raining on that night but it never stop the fans queuing up to see Eason.

Check out the crowds and the die hard fans sitting on the VIP's front row holding LEDs banners. BTW I got myself a media seat special thanks to TuneTalk.

Royce from MyFM were the emcee of the event

The event started with some performance by Tarcian/Students from TARC.

Then Eason walked up to the stage and the sharing session begin. Talked about his new album and some of his life experience as a singers.

As everyone know about him, he is a funny yet talkative person. He would tell everything to the world.

4 lucky fans were summoned up to the stage for a quick game with his idols. "Guess Eason's song name with hand gestures"

Eason joined in the game and played seriously tho. Check out his funny acts on the stage

The lucky participates

Before ended the showcase, he performed one of his new song 完 which can be found on his new album <...3mm>

You can find the original MV HERE

Got his signature on his new album and shook his hand. OMG! I can die naooooo :P

Thanks again to TuneTalk for this opportunity of a life time meeting Hong Kong's King of Canton.