Feb 28, 2012

Some Random 50mm f/2.8

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Some random 50mm shoots taken during my Cameron Highland trip.

What do you think? Do leave your comments below, good? bad?

Feb 27, 2012

Breakfast At Boh Teh Plantation

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After had a great steamboat with buddies, the next morning we head to Sungai Palas, Boh Teh Plantation for breakfast.

All look refreshed after a good night sleep. We checked out around 9am and getting ready to have breakfast.

Parked our cars nearby the famous cliff cafe and walked up the hill.

The weather there is cosy and good!

Nice restaurant location IMHO.

Us with big tree

Superb view for breakfast. What do you think

My breakfast

After that we heading back to Kuala Lumpur. Had a wonderful holiday with buddies at Cameron Highland.

Feb 21, 2012

Steamboat at Cameron Highland

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About a month ago, me and my friends went to Cameron Highland. It was on the Chinese New Year's long holiday. Went up there to enjoy the cold breeze air and have steamboat. Don't you agree it's good to steamboat at cozy place like Cameron or Genting?

Stayed 1 night in Dahlia Apartment at Tanah Rata. Quite reasonable rental for a 3 rooms apartment with a big living room. Can fit atleast 10 people in this apartment.

Let's move on with some photos that I took.

Brought my siu bak/little white to Cameron. A quite swift driving to Cameron with this car and not to mention great fuel saving. :P

Stopped by at the nearby market to buy some fresh vegetable for steamboat.

This is how's the look of the apartment.

All look so happy

This is our apartment. It has 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a super spacious living room.

The weather there is chilling, cosy and WINDY!!! lol!

Because we reached there in the afternoon and we haven't had our lunch, so we went for lunch.

Due to unforeseen weather which raining, we ended up to have our lunch at KFC. Yeah! The only KFC on Cameron.

finger licking good! Oh ya! The staffs there are polite, they don't talk with fists. :P

After that we head back to our apartment and prepare our night dinner, STEAMBOAT!!!!!!

Make sure it's clean ya!

Preparing Ajinomoto soups

Oh ya! I didn't introduces them, let them introduce themselves

Yeah! It's ready to eat! Om nom nom nom! Eat from evening till mid night! Hahahahah!

There were so many foods, we all eat till need to gamble who lose and eat.

We even have a pool for the prawns!

The experience of having steamboat at Cameron is totally different although we still sweating but it's nice and the most important who we having it together. :)


Feb 12, 2012

So Who Is The Pussy?

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Something to share with you guys, hope it'll heal the Monday blue.

I'm not talking about those kind of Pussy, pussy the cat.

Check out this funny video, a pug trying to be an alpha dog but got scared shit out of him with this cat. Then cat then walk in style like in meme #LikeABoss

Do agree that dog has a sexy butt? lol!

Feb 11, 2012

Nokia Lumia Launch In Malaysia (Video: Flashmob)

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Finally the most anticipated Nokia smartphone launched in Malaysia here at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

The Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710 are the first Windows Phone introduced.

The first 100th to purchase the new Nokia Lumia 800 got themself a FREE Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster, a Microsoft® Arc™ Touch Mouse and an exclusive Nokia premium worth up to RM1,000! and the queue were started as early as 6am.

The launch start at 5.30pm with a surprise flashmob, colourful vespa and a mysteries truck driving onto red the carpet.

Who want Nokia Lumia?

Nokia Lumia 800 price tagged at RM1,650 and the Nokia Lumia 710 is at RM999.

The crowd moved on the truck to check out the new Nokia Lumia.

The beautiful Cyan Nokia Lumia 800

These are the first 2 on queue to get the Nokia Lumia 800. Bravo to them!

There are few Nokia's staffs demostrate the new phone and OS.

The lucky Nokia Lumia 800 owners.

This is us! Bryanlyt, Bryan who came all the way from Penang, Jason aka smashpOp, me & Baldwin.

Check out the launch of Nokia Lumia at Pavilion, KL.

Feb 8, 2012

Haywire Made Me Haywire!

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Yesterday I've watched Haywire with few friends of mine.

This movie is about a black ops super soldier seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission. Beautiful freelance covert operative Mallory Kane is hired out by her handler to various global entities to perform jobs which governments can't authorize and heads of state would rather not know about. After a mission to rescue a hostage in Barcelona, Mallory quickly dispatched on another mission to Dublin. When the operation goes awry and Mallory finds she has been double crossed, she needs to use all of her skills, tricks and abilities to escape an international manhunt, make it back to the United States, protect her family and exact revenge on those have betrayed her.imdb

Rate 3/10 Tried to cope up what is happening in the movie, only see a girl kickass few professional spies. The jumping scenes made the story much worst, really made me haywire. The fighting, punching and dropping off from building spiced up a bit of the movie but it's still terrible.

Feb 3, 2012

Taiwan Trip Summary

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