Jul 27, 2010

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010

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MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia is back and juiced with alot cool and fun performances by Katy Pery, Tokio Hotel (OMG), Wonder Girls and as well Bunkface.

Are you ready to get some money-can’t-buy passes to MTV World Stage?

This is how you can get the passes;

Reloading Celcom RM50.
1. Type and send MTV to 28881 and wait for confirmation
2. Reload RM50 upon receiving confirmation SMS and wait for your mobile voucher.
3. Once you have received the mobile voucher, redeem it at Ticket Hotline office at No. 96B, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. 03-77251177.

Participate in MTV World Stage Challenges on Xpax/S.O.X/U.O.X Facebook pages and be one of the special few to walk away with EXCLUSIVE XZone passes.

Beside to win great passes for the MTV World Stage, there are also a lot great prizes to be won by just Download Call Me Tones from Channel X. The prizes are such as below.

For more info about Call Me Tones from Channel X; http://bit.ly/9vppKp

So what are you waiting for? Start winning passes and see you at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on 31st July 2010.

Jul 26, 2010

My Life Coloured With Munchy's Muzic

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Ever since I've changed my camera from Nikon D70s to D90, I have yet really utilise the video recording feature that available with the camera.

This morning I've decided to give it a try by participating myself on a contest that are now running in Nuffnang Malaysia, Muzic Wafer "Mimic To The Muzic" Contest.

All I have to do is to shoot a video of myself doing the Muzic Wafer Jingle in the most creative ways. In the video must feature at least one Muzic Wafer pack and cannot be longer than 30 seconds.

So I've planned, drafted out the storyboard on what & where to shoot and as well bought a pack of Muzic Wafer pack.

30 seconds really not enough, a lot crucial parts need to cut short & some need to be removed. Thus you may found the video I made is abit rush. Why cannot make it 60 seconds? Sigh!

BTW have I mentioned the prizes?

There will be 3 x iPad 32GB to be won. Woots! Crossing finger I can have one.

Beside that, there gonna be 10 x iPod Touch 8GB to be won from 10 registrants with votes or rankings that accurately or closely match the final winners. (Voting start on 11 August - 31 August 2010)

This video is about a young deaf boy who have never heard of music before in his life, until he found he can hear beat-boxing music from "Munchy's Muzic".

From that day onward, he learned and starts to beat-boxing and shared to his friends & family.
Director: Tallboyz
Coreographer: Tallboyz
Videographer: Tallboyz
Actor: : Tallboyz wtf -.-"

Check out the final video I made.

*play with 480p for better quality viewing*
Video capture with Nikon D90 on Tammy 17-50mm f/2.8 and video edited with Windows Media Maker.

For more info about the contest; http://www.munchysmuzic.com/

Jul 25, 2010

A Date With Dentist | Despicable Me

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This morning I've a date with Mr. Dentist at Serdang Raya.

It was super scary lor, when I entered to the clinic I heard like drilling sound and people yelling of pain.

The wait for my turn is killing, somemore in a chilling cold clinic It feel like I will be tortured & slaughtered alive later, hahah affect of watched too much horror movies.

The cold chair does look creepy right?

To be honest it has already been decades few years I did not visited any dentists for inspection or general checking. Yeah! I'm a dirty lazy bump.

The doctor inspected my teeth and he said "Mr. Wong, your teeth is very dirty eh" "Mr. Wong, your teeth got alot tars eh" "Mr. Wong...." "Mr. Wong" lol!

Hahaha! No lar, he said overall is ok, just some area of my teeth is quite dirty because of my jaw's shape that made it difficult to clean when I brush. Tried to cover up XD

Once I sat on the cold chair he just want me to open my mouth and relax. 

I asked, can I take picha as well? He replied maybe later with *the proud face*. 
Then I tell him I'm not taking you lar, I want to take picha of myself/cam-ho lar. He speechless and with the face expression -.-"

Ok! I made that up! XD

Of course I didn't miss the chance to cam-ho while the doc. do the cleaning. XD

The process is quite fast and it wasn't as pain that I expected, just got a bit feel like shocked & numb when it clean near the gums area.

Nothing special, just took for fun.

Wanna know how clean it was?

Please get a sun glass before viewing the photo below. lol!

Beside have a date with the dentist I've also meet up with Mr. Gru from DespicableMe at Pavilion. XD

This is an animated cartoon that available in 2D & as well in 3D. The story is about Mr. Gru a failed-villain-wannabe that wanted to create the world biggest crime in the history by stealing the moon. (Yes, the moon). Gru own a very cute and adorable of small army that known as minions to execute the bad plan. But the plan changed after he have turned from a bad villain into good daddy. How? Why? Check it out yourself at the nearest cinema near you k?

Rate 8.5/10 The storyline is not bad. Laughed quite hard in the cinema and those minions is super adorable and cute. Learned a funny quote "It's so fluffy, I can die" lol!

Jul 24, 2010

My Birthday @ Kim Gary

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I guess everyone who know me or do follow me on Twitter, you must have know I do check-in to Kim Gary super frequently via FourSquare.

And also received a lot questions like;

Why everyday Kim Gary?
One day no Kim Gary can? asked by smashpOp
You got share with Kim Gary?
Bosco Wong is your relative ah?
Kim Gary your second house ah?
Hahaha! 2 weeks ago I've actually went to Kim Gary and tagged Amos, Jonny, Sylvia & Bee Kim along for lunch. I'm entitled to get 50% discount 7 days before or after of my birthday and with limit of 6 pax only.

Everything 50% eh!!!!!! Of course order gao gao. XD

This is what we have ordered;

A must order when I dine-in. You can request for extra honey if you are honey-lover :)

If you don't know? Every month there are free meal given to member. Cheese Baked Potato is the free meal of the month.

YY ordered this

Got abalone and scallop.

Bee Kim ordered this

Look tasty can?

I've ordered Chicken Chop.

Must cam-ho abit lor

The total bill came was only RM77 for 6 person. Dirt cheap can? lol! BTW thank you to Amos & Jonny for treating me. Had a great chit chat with you guys during the lunch.

Any of you have Kim Gary member?

Jul 21, 2010

K2 988 RM100 Vouchers | The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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2 days ago if you did follow me on Twitter, I've won a RM100 vouchers from 988 Chinese Radio Station.

The voucher that I've won was from K2 segment that used to be K6 that now replaced Luke to Sin Yee.

The call-in contest was just need us to share what is our favourite chinese cuisine and I was lucky enough to be the 2nd to called in.

My answer for that was "Salt Fish Pork Claypot" / "Ham Yu Fa Lam Pou"

I was that hungry that time while I'm on my way home for dinner. Groaning all the way home -.-"

Any of you heard my voice on air? Hehehe!

My 20th winning!!!!! Woots!

-Meet The Spartan Movie Passes by 988
-Superheroes Movie Passes by 988
-RM150 Neway Voucher by MyFM
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Movie Passes by MixFM
-Dragon Evolution Movie Passes by 988
-The Uninvited Movie Passes by 988
-Make It Happen Movie Passes by OneFM
-Fighting Movie Passes by 988
-Ice Age 3 Movie Passes by OneFM
-RM199 TrichoKare Vouchers by MyFM
-Coweb Movie Passes by OneFM
-Murderer Movie Passes by 988
-Avatar Movie Passes by 988
-The Bodyguards & Assassins by MixFM
-Ju-on 2 by 988
-The Spy Next Door by 988
-Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief by MixFM
-Beauty On Duty by 988
-HOJB by 988


Yesterday I've watched Special Screening of The Sorcerer's Apprentice at 1U, thank you to NuffnangMY for the tickets.

Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) is a master sorcerer in modern-day Manhattan trying to defend the city from his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina). Balthazar can't do it alone, so he recruits Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel), a seemingly average guy who demonstrates hidden potential, as his reluctant protégé. The sorcerer gives his unwilling accomplice a crash course in the art and science of magic, and together, these unlikely partners work to stop the forces of darkness. It'll take all the courage Dave can muster to survive his training, save the city and get the girl as he becomes The Sorcerer's Apprentice. source http://www.imdb.com/

Rate 6.5/10 Found the story is a bit lame especially the part they do the dragonball kamehameha, super old skool.

Jul 19, 2010

Good News To TM iTalkWhoa!

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Great news to all TM iTalkWhoa users!

15th July 2010 till 31st Dec 2010, there gonna be a special rates promotion of super low call rate started from 7 sen per minute to some popular destination like US, UK, Australia, China & Canada.

You can chat with all your friends anywhere in the world and as well update your Twitter page with iTalkWhoa.

Not yet a iTalkWhoa user? Login now to www.iTalkWhoa.com register.

Jul 18, 2010

Motorsport Division Soft Launch

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Last Saturday I've attended a soft launch of Motorsport Division at Sunway. Thanks to BlupBlup for the invitation allowed me to get close in person with a lot "Sport Car" that normally I only can see from far far away. :P

Motorsport Division is the place from sport car enthusiast to find performance parts for their cars. From engine components, interior and exterior accessories.

I was greeted by 300, a yellow GT3 Porsche.

The black horsy. Dun know this plate can put on my blackie or not?

I used to have such big rim on my blackie. You don't believe? Click New Shoe For My Ride.

Met 30 over bloggers there.

At outside parked few monsters. How I wish I'm one of the owner of the car.

Signature of Porsche

Took of the from Rames, a small group photo of us.

Rames, me, Xiang, Ryan, Tian Chad, Bryan & Simon.

Check out their showroom at;
Motorsport Division Sdn Bhd
No.38, Jalan PJS 11/7,
46150, Bandar Sunway,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel : 603-56358860
Fax : 603-56378860
Website : http://www.motorsportdivision.com/

Jul 17, 2010


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Yesterday I've watched "Inception" with siao gang at Mid Valley.

One word to describe this movie, "AWESOMENESS". This movie is about an extraction who actually can go into people's dream to seed what he would thought.

The journey to the dream is simply amazing, the architect that designed the maze in dream is so breathtaking and as well the layers of dreams that they have entered. May found confused of which dreams is real and which is the 1st one. lol!

Check out the trailer below;

Rate 9.5 Super CG, great storyline, good actor and actress. The -0.5 gone to the unhappy ending oops! Worth to pay to watch in Gold Class.

P/S It's a 2 1/2 hours of movie, settle all your businesses before the movie :)

Jul 15, 2010

Fruit Fiesta! The Highlight "Musang King"

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Just got back from office after a wonderFULL Fruit Fiesta organised by my current company where I work, Teledynamics.

It's a kind of all you can eat Durian + Rambutan + Mangosteen until you want to vomit. Hahah! Of course no one vomit lar.

I reached there a bit late as they all already start and hear the finger lickin sound. lol! The word seem more suitable to apply for durian than KFC. XD

Let me show you the man behind of this event, TY Chow, President of the Sport Club for the company.

Please don't get confused and thought he is the durian seller.

We don't talk how many KG here, we talk how many baskets.

What I heard that all the fruits here was freshly picked from orchards in the morning and send it to here directly, thus it taste fresh and nice.

Eating during is nice but ripped open a durian is not easy.

See how happy he was after he manage to rip open the durian. Hehehe!

The sport club President said, if we want to eat durian of course must eat the AAAAAAAAA grade one. So most of the durians there was the Musang King. It taste like XO durian with a bit bitter.

Got drooling see the meat of Musang King? lol!

Here's my fellow colleagues. You must be asking why theirs expression like that? I also don't know why. lol!

This could be the answer why;
- Got some durian stick on my face
- I can perform eat durian + take picha at the same time
- I ate a lot durians till they think I have not ate durian before in my life
- I really look so HOT. I guess this is the closest answer lol!

Have you eaten durian this year? Any of you don't like durian?

Got Twitter account? Do follow me on Twitter yo! Peace!

Jul 13, 2010

The Twilight Saga Eclipse | Fring

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Last Sunday I've watch The Twilight Saga Eclipse at Pavilion.

Love battle between Vampire (Edward) & Werewolf (Jacob) for a human (Bella). To be honest I don't really like Bella, she just too greedy wanted to have both man. Maybe western peoples thinking is different, kissing and hugging my other's man right if front of the boy friend? WTF! Probably it because I did not watch the previous episode, why she is so attracted by this 2 fella? She look so ordinary only.

I love the jokes tweeted about Twilight Eclipse by BadCeddy on Twitter "People still discuss why didn't Edward fuck Bella, come on that dude has no blood, how is he gonna get erected down there?" I laughed like crazy.

Rate 7/10 The storyline is not bad and the CG so so only. Very dramatic watching this movie, kept asking my why she like that one? Why he don't do it? Why she so biatch? lol!

I've participated a contest held by fring "Football lovers – Snap it, post it, share it, like it – WIN BIG"

The contest is very simple, just download the image below.

Snap a photo of you and paste the hardhat that you have downloaded with photo editing software as per sample below.

Upload the fring-a-fied picture to fring's facebook wall and get your friends or family or colleagues to like your pictures. That's simple!

You maybe be the winner of a brand new Nokia N97 mini which I'm crossing finger now.

Care to like my photo for this contest? Just click HERE, like the fring's page and then you can click like on my photo. Heheh! Thank you so much! :)

Jul 12, 2010

Toshiba Notebook 25th Birthday Bash, Rootz Club KL

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Last Wednesday I've attended an event, celebrated Toshiba Notebook 25th Anniversary birthday bash at Rootz Club, Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur.

Toshiba celebrated its 25 years legacy of innovation and introduced 2 new models onto Toshiba's family, The World 1st Dual-Touch screen mini notebook Toshiba libretto W100 and the lightest & thinnest 13" full -performance notebook Portege R700.

There was 2 sessions carried out, the 1st session is for the press and the media. The 2nd session was thrown out casually in way of party for the partners, dealers and corporate customers to shown thank you and gratitude of theirs supports.

The lineup of the Toshiba Notebooks.

Spotted few World 1st Notebooks.

World 1st Industrial Notebook T1100, World 1st Colour Notebook T5200 & World 1st Mini Notebook/Netbook Libretto 50CT.

Owen Yap, emcee of the day as well Toshiba's Celebrity Friend.

The Toshiba Libretto W100 & Toshiba Portege R700

The dual-touch screen mini notebook look so tempting and as well the light and slim R700 will Intel i3 processor.

It because Toshiba Notebook celebrated theirs remarkable 25th year, they have actually hold a contest few months back where a winner gonna walk away RM25,000 hard cash for those who purchased a new Toshiba notebook.

And they have announced the winner and congraz of getting herself RM25k richer.

Birthday song was sang accompanied with a big cake with 2 replica notebooks of libretto W100 & Portege R700.

Lucky draw carried out and few Toshiba HDD & Toshiba Notebooks given out.

Congraz to Chief Chapree from LowYat.net of winning himself a Toshiba Portege T230.

Portege R700 was given out as the Grand Prize.

The next session started late in the evening, gathered all the partners, dealers and corporate customers to witness Toshiba Notebook's 25th Anniversary Birthday Bash. There was 300 over peoples crowded inside Rootz Club.

As usual, speeches by the VVIP, performance (magic show & live band) performed. Cutting birthday cake session carried out as well.

25 Years Old, 25 Years Young.

The event was so high, they sprinkled the champagne by Teledynamics's CEO and special guest from Japan. My camera almost kena -.-" luckily my reflection is good enough. tak tahu malu

Live band performance

There was a lot luxury prizes given out on that day, from Toshiba HDDs to Hard Cash RM500~800 and also 15 Toshiba Notebooks given out.

Before the event ended, I manage to camho-ed with Owen Yap. He is a super friendly person and do enjoying his work.

There is a contest still opened until 31st July for all Twitterers by just send a Birthday Tweet and you could win a Camileo S20 Full HD Camcorder. For more info http://pc.toshiba-asia.com/twitter/

Check out Toshiba Notebook Malaysia Facebook Page for the latest info, news, updates & as well latest promo of Toshiba Notebook.