Jun 27, 2012

Honda CRZ Available in Auto, CVT 7-speed Paddle Shift

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Good news to all 2 doors hatchback sport car lover.

Honda Malaysia announced that the award-winning hot-hatch hybrid, the CR-Z is now available with Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) with 7-Speed Paddle Shift in Malaysia.

The CR-Z CVT with 7-Speed Paddle Shift extends the offering option of the sleek hybrid vehicle to a wider audience of car enthusiasts. This new version of the CR-Z will captivate independent young professionals who recognise the value of advanced green technology, yet enjoy fun driving elements that cater to their active lifestyle. This hot-hatch hybrid will also appeal to ladies who are looking for a stylish hybrid car that is easy to handle.

The introduction of the CR-Z CVT adds another variant to the Honda Hybrid Family in Malaysia which has Insight, Jazz Hybrid and the 6-Speed manual CR-Z.

The three values of EMOTION look and feel; EXCITEMENT and joy of ownership, and SMART driving remain the core propositions of the CR-Z. These core values can be further enjoyed through the 7-Speed Paddle Shift that increases the fun-to-drive factor while at the same time retaining the joy of a performance hybrid. With the paddle shift, it increases the enjoyment of sporty driving with fingertip gearshift control on the steering. The Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) also provides a smoother drive with high torque for rapid performance, better engine braking and quieter ride.

Powering the CR-Z CVT is a 1.5L i-VTEC engine coupled with Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) Hybrid System that gives a combined power of 123 PS. This efficient combination enables drivers to have a responsive and exciting driving experience. The overall engine performance provides exceptional fuel economy and a fun-to-drive performance.

The CR-Z CVT retains the versatile 3-Mode Drive System, which allows the driver to switch the mode to SPORT, NORMAL and ECON depending their driving style and road conditions. This makes the CR-Z CVT an ideal hybrid vehicle for car enthusiasts who not only seek a performance responsive driving experience but would like to be environmental friendly at the same time.

Honda Malaysia targets to sell 1,800 units of the CR-Z CVT by the end of 2012. To-date, Honda Malaysia has received 1,500 bookings for the 6-speed manual and CVT versions of the CR-Z.

CR-Z CVT customers can enjoy a 5-year or 140,000km warranty, whichever comes first, for the IMA battery.

The CR-Z CVT is available in four stylish colours of Premium White Pearl, Storm Silver Metallic, Milano Red, and Crystal Black Pearl. The on-the-road price tag of the latest CR-Z CVT with 7-Speed Paddle Shift is RM 119,000.

More info on the new Honda CR-Z http://honda.com.my/model/overview/crz/

Jun 25, 2012

Standard Chartered Marathon Run 2012

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Had a leg-pain run yesterday at Standard Chartered Run Marathon 2012 with buddies.

We took 10km leisure run which starts at 8am and the starting point is at Dataran Merdeka.

Since major of the roads are closed in Kuala Lumpur, so we decided to take LRT to the nearest station, Masjid Jamek.

Woke up at 6am to get ready and head to my house nearest LRT station.

Sun also yet wake up.

Train is here!!!

Meet up with the others at the mid of the journey. Cam-ho with them on the new Nokia Lumia 900 and it's taken with the front camera. It's wide enough to cam-ho tho :)

All look hyper before the run start. Check out the crowd at behind! According to the organiser, this marathon has 28,000 participates and this 10km run alone already has 4,XXX people take part.

Andy, Mei, Abby, Jerry, Kenny & Me.

Let's start!!!!!

While running, bumped few friends Emeryn, Steve, Carmen, Jenifer, Hikaru and ex-colleague. What a small world?

Smurfs run! run!

Check out the the runner in the center, he actually pushing a stroller and his kid is joined along. What an awesome parent, have their kids start to run since young.

5km done! Another 5km more to go!

Finally! Last point!

Completed 10km run and received my medal :)

Bumped with Winston, he ran 21km/half marathon that started since 6am.

All of us after completed the run

All look good and fine before the muscle-pain triggered. lol!

Completed 10km run in 1:30:51. Ok! I'm a slowpoke. Lack of stamina!

If you did took part, you can check your time here http://www.kl-marathon.com/Contents/view/1051

Met my brother there before we left. Damn! He is taller than me! :P

I even planked infront of Dataran Merdeka

and as well infront of Masjid Jamek's LRT. Too tempted not to miss to plank middle of the road. See the uncle behind also snap a photo of me planking. Hahahahahah! Wonder he blog or share on Facebook? :P

the others buddies Sleep on the road instead.

It's duper super crowded at the train station buying ticket. So lesson learnt! Do bring Touch'n Go next time.

Did you guys took part on the run? Do you have muscle pain on your leg? I'm walking like a zombie now! Muakakaka!

*all photo taken with Nokia Lumia 900 front & rear camera.

Jun 10, 2012

WWW 1 Number Plate On Proton Satria Neo?

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2 months back ago, there was a big hype of the "WWW" number plate registration. The "WWW" tender was open as early as 1st of April.

It was revealed that "WWW 1" has set a new record as the country's most expensive vehicle registration number with the bid for the plate registered at RM520,000 (Approx US $160k)

As you can see below, the WWW 1 was won by our Sultan Johor.

Everyone was wonder which vehicle would wore this expensive "WWW 1" number plate?

It was answered yesterday over the social networks, Twitter & Facebook.

The "WWW 1" will sat on a Proton Satria Neo.

Picture of Sultan Johor and Datuk Razak Dawood (Proton Motorsport)

RM520k on a RM50k car? It's very hard to justify.

I strongly believe this is just a temporary car before his "BIG TOY" is coming out.

What do you guys think? Manage to get yourself "WWW" number plate?

Jun 6, 2012

Honda Civic 2012

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Wonder how's does the upcoming Honda Civic 2012?

Our neighbour Honda Thailand has actually selling the all new Honda Civic 2012.

Will be expected almost the same design and specifications for us here in Malaysia.

Currently there are 3 variants of Honda Civic available for Thailand which are 1.8S, 1.8E and 2.0EL. It comes with manual tranny for 1.8S and the rest of the models are paired with 5 speeds Auto Gear (Grade Logic Control with Shift Hold System) and paddle shift as standard.

1.8 i-VTEC produce a decent 141 horsepower whereas the 2.0 i-VTEC has 155 horsepower.

Honda City look alike front?

Older Camry backside?

Here are some features that will be found on the all-new Honda Civic 2012.

  • One Push Ignition System & Honda Smart Key System
  • Intelligent Multi-information Display (i-MID)
  • Hand Free Telephone with Bluetooth Voice
  • Eco Assist
  • Navigation System & DVD Player with Reverse Camera
  • 8-ways seat Electronic Control
Check out the TVC All New Honda Civic (Thailand Language)

There are some Honda showroom started  taking booking, I strongly believe it's coming to Malaysia very very soon.

What do you think about the new Honda Civic 2012? Impressive? Beautiful? Ugly? Great competitors by Korean cars?

Jun 4, 2012

Day Trip To Sekinchan With Buddies

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Had a short rather a fun trip to Sekinchan at Kuala Selangor yesterday with buddies. Although it was a last minutes plan, thanks god for the blessing weather and everyone received a gift before back to KL. What gift? SUNBURN! lol!

The timing was good as the paddy fields are still brownish green. Took a lot photos on that day tho.

Start off with the traffic light colours, Go, Ready & Stop

We visited a paddy factory.

We even rent bicycles, ride like some orang kampung. RM10/hrs. The bicycle shop is located nearby the wet market.


Harlo Ah Wong!

Yellow women is following!

Ceh! I also can lar! lol!

Tomato and Mustard blends well together :)

Me and my Princess.

GiGi Sakit. Gigi Tong. Get it? Get it? *lame*

Abby & Mei

Group picha!!!!!! Wait.......... I'm not inside :(

After the tiring cycling, laughing and taking picha, we all went for seafood dinner nearby. Chai Lee, sound like Charlie to me. Foods was so so but it's quite reasonable.

That's wrapped out of my day trip to Sekinchan. I think my