Apr 26, 2011

The Lost Bladesman

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Just got back from premier screening of "The Lost Bladesman" at Pavilion. The movie will be on cinema tomorrow, 28th April 2011.

Another great movie starred by Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, Chin Siu Ho and more.

Basically this movie is about Chinese biographical martial art film based on the life story of general Guan Yu aka Guan Yunchang.

Yes the Guan Yu where the Chinese people prays especially the Police & Gangster in Hong Kong. Guan Yu represent righteous & peace.

Do you know the "Peace" sign was actually invented by Guan Yu? lol!

Basically it tells the story of Guan Yu tries to leave from the warlord Cao Cao's territory to rejoin his god brother Liu Bei which another powerful warlord in the Three Kingdom period.

He have to fight his way through few passes and engage in combat with military skillful generals.

Another nice premiere ticket for my collection.

Check out the trailer of this movie. BTW the movie is in Cantonese not mandarin as shown on the video below.

Rate 8/10 Great fighting actions and scenes, it's not as serious as you thought. Overall worth to watch :)

Apr 22, 2011

iPhone 4 White from DiGi

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Bored to have same iPhone 4 with others?

Want to be unique? DiGi has confirmed incoming iPhone 4 White. You read it right! It's WHITE baby!

DiGi Telecommunication on Facebook has a teaser "google "kambing" soon for more information"

and it's ready for registration.


Would you get one? 16GB or 32GB? Or you would want to wait for iPhone 5 which rumours will be announced this year September?

Apr 20, 2011

The Roommate

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On Monday I've catched premiere screening "The Roommate" with my evil twin Joshua Ong & my colleagues.

The Roommate is about a physco roommate in college who are totally obsessed with her new roommate. Everything turned to violent when she feel her roommate gained more new friends and losing confidence on their friendship.

This movie reminded of the movie "Obsessed" where the mentalist would do anything to keep the person even killing people.

Rate 6/10 Too predictable storyline.

Check out the movie trailer;

Apr 18, 2011

Show Luo 3D Encore World Live Tour Concert in Malaysia

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Last Saturday, Show Luo (羅志祥) held a 3D Encore World Live Tour Concert at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil and I was lucky to receive an invitation to catch the show. Bumped with few bloggers there joshuaongys, weiw aka sweetestapplepie, jfook & kianfai. Nice to see you guys!

It's VVIP yo! 2nd rows seat from the stage and a VIP parking which are very close to the stadium. Woots! Feel like VIP lor! :P

I was suppose to have this blogpost up yesterday, due to slow internet connection at home I have to find an alternative place to uploads videos I've recorded during the concert.

Ya ya ya! I know recording are prohibited but I can't help myself. BTW all the photos & videos are taken with iPhone 4, no camera allowed in the hall -.-"

sorry for the bad quality images

I can't believe I'm holding this glow stick which look so wrong and act like I'm a super big fans of Show Luo 羅志祥. lol! What do you think this glow stick resemble?

Didn't really took any photos I only have a camera phone, so I record videos more.

Check out the opening of the show.

Couldn't really see the 3D effects as I'm sitting so near but it still look awesome.

Some photos taken

Great dance move

His fans kept yelled him to take off his outfit. lol! Crazy fans! Oh ya! Did I mentioned his hardcore big fans sat just behind of me? They yelled and cried when he's on the stage like he is going to die or something. Luckily I'm sitting in front of them and not behind cause they kept standing up and has been instructed to sit down like........ gazillion time.

Beside that I also need to be careful with my words when I talk about him, else I may be killed & smacked. Tweet also need to cover the screen. lol!

In this show, he previewed few of his movies and sang the theme. He kept mentioned he's handsome WTF! But then he indeed good looking. OMG! Do I sound gay?

Seriously, from far he do look like Aaron Kwok and sound like one too.

Heard from my colleague, he's a big fan of Aaron Kwok. Probably that's the reason he sing and style like one too.

The concert ended around 10pm

and wrapped up with a great interactions with all his fans by dancing together. Do check out the video below;

Overall it was a great show, great performance. Love the cool lighting effects and 3D scene backdrop. Interactions was a plus point to make the crowds want for more.

Before we leave the hall, there are actually some crazy fans want to take Show Luo's used towel which he left on the stage. My house got plenty of this colour towel and I can wiped my sweat and give to you. Hahaha!

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Apr 14, 2011

WeBUY Offers RM 203,000

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Have you guys checked out WeBUY.com.my?

I discovered this website offers some really awesome deals. We can purchase things with a lower price and even for free.

There will be different products offered on sale for a period of time.

How does it really works?

Here’s an example;

WeBUY community is have a giveaway project which giving out a total of RM203,000.

All you need to do is just click on BUY (which doesn’t cost you a single cent) on the item you interested and once the deal reaches to a 500 BUYs, the deal will be activated and everyone will gets RM3 e-wallet which can be treated as real cash to purchase BUYs from WeBUY. When it hits the 2nd tier which is 1500 BUYs, everyone would get RM5.

That’s mean the more BUYers, the higher money will be offers to all. Everyone plays and get rewards, as simple as that. Below is the rewards we can get when it hits the target.

Guess what? To make it more exciting, WeBUY has make this campaign more unbelievable as they will draws 10 lucky winners to WIN a RM300 extra to their WeBUY e-wallet if 10,000 is reached.

I guess you wouldn’t want to miss this great offers right? Sign up now as a member at http://WeBUY.com.my and LIKE theirs Facebook page http://facebook.com/webuynow/ for more latest updates.

Share it out with your friends and let’s hit the 10k BUYs and get pay RM20 or even RM320. Woots!

Damn I’ve missed out the iPad BUY for FREE!

The other side deals they have running concurrently would be;

RM 11 for a full set of high tea with pastry lunch as well as an RM 5 cash voucher for the next visit.

RM 80 for full hair services worth RM 250, along with RM 50 cash voucher to be used the next round

Apr 9, 2011

Carbon Fibre Roof | RIO

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A new silly add-on on my new ride after the DIY rear logo.

Can you spot what's the different?

Sorry for the bad quality picture.

Hahah! Yeah! A Carbon Fibre sticker roof on my Honda Insight. Had it installed few days back, found black roof look sportier on a white car. Although it not a sport car that can be driven very fast but the looks killed it lor. Hehehehe!

Beside it look sportier *IMHO* it also protect my car paint and reduce a little noise from the roof, probably a very mild one. The disadvantages it's very hard to maintain as it's tends to turn to with and hard to clean. Will need to use tyre protection glossy to apply it shine.

The Carbon Fibre sticker has the texture as it's real CF and can be feel with touch.

Now with the Carbon Fibre roof my car has increased10% horsepower. lol! Bullshitting XD

This afternoon I've catched Rio.

RIO is an animation feature from the makers of the "Ice Age" films. Set in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro and the lush rainforest of Brazil, the comedy-adventure centers on Blu, a rare macaw who thinks he is the last of his kind. When Blu discovers there's another - and that she's a she - he leaves the comforts of his cage in small town Minnesota and heads to Rio. But it's far from love at first sight between the domesticated and flight-challenged Blu and the fiercely independent, high-flying female, Jewel. Unexpectedly thrown together, they embark on an adventure of a lifetime, where they learn about friendship, love, courage, and being open to life's many wonders. RIO brings together a menagerie of vivid characters, a heart-warming story, colorful backdrops, energizing Latin and contemporary music, and family-friendly song and dance.

Rate 8/10 Has nice songs in the movie and great storyline. The characters in the movie reminded me of Angry Bird, the really look & shaped like one. Worth to watch with your friends & family.

Check out the trailer below

Apr 4, 2011

Honda Hybrid Badge

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Has been driving my new car for 1 month, finally I've made a small modification that I wanted to do it badly even before I got my car.

Probably some may found it fugly, but I find it's alright on this car. As you know Honda does comes with Honda Type R, a racing car that have Red background badge. Then why not Honda Hybrid to have a Blue background badge?

So I've decided to get my rear Honda badge to have illuminated blue background. Not sure there is any OEM Honda badge with blue background out there.

This is how I done it a cheapo way.

I bought a roll of 3M blue illuminated stickers which cost me RM12 and the roll of sticker is just too much that I barely used 5% of it.

Measure and cut the shape with a scissor, so I can get it fit in the blank background.

It does take a quite number of trials and errors for me to get the correct shape. Sweats and times was spent on this.

This is how it look like before I stick the stickers on.

and this is how it look's like after. Doesn't it match with the Hybrid emboss logo on the right?

Close up of the logo.

So how illuminated is this sticker?

A photo taken with my camera phone with flash on.

So what do you think? Does it look lala?

Apr 1, 2011

Google Gmail Motion

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It's a new way to communicate.

The mouse and keyboard were invented before the internet even existed. Since then, countless technological advancements have allowed for much more efficient human computer interaction.

Now Google has come out with Gmail motion which allows you to control Gmail with your body.

Check out how cool is this Gmail motion.

Try out the Gmail motion now.
*p/s check out the date today