Mar 28, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

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Woots! Finally I've watched "How To Train Your Dragon" yesterday at Berjaya Times Square.

Watched 35mm format as my gf ain't fans of 3D animation that could made her dizzy. No more 3D movies for me =(

This movie is about a young Viking who wanted to be a part with the tribe's Hazard Occupation of killing dragons. Everything has changed when he met a dragon "Night Fury" and found the reasons why the dragons attacked Viking's village.

Found the story is quite interesting and the animation look great although not in 3D format. I believe it would be better in 3D.

Rate 9/10 Wish to own a Night Fury XD

Mar 27, 2010

My Date Night

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Hey Nuffnangers!

Nuffnang is giving away movie tickets again and this time is Date Night starred Steve Carell & Tina Fey.


Claire and Phil Foster (Tina Fey and Steve Carell) are a typical suburban couple whose lives – including their weekly date nights of dinner and a movie – have become routine. To reignite the marital spark, they visit a trendy Manhattan bistro where a case of mistaken identity turns their evening into the ultimate date night-gone-awry. But as Claire and Phil take their unexpected walk on the wild side, they begin to remember what made them so special together.

Check out the trailer;

To win this movie you are required to write a blog post titled "My Date Night" and share with your most memorable date.

Here you go;

My most memorable date was the 1st time I dated out my girl friend for a date dinner and it was on Valentine's day. I bought her a bouquet of flowers, sent to her office and at night we went for a dinner, bought her a present. That night was the 1st time I got hold her hand and my palm sweat-ed like crazy.


Mar 26, 2010

Nokia N900 Launched!!

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Just came back from Nokia N900 Workshop at Royale Bintang Hotel, Damansara.

I was honoured to be invited as one of the Social Network Bloggers witness the ALL NEW Flagship Nokia Nseries phone powered by Maemo 5 based Linux OS platform.

The Nokia N900 has takes its cues from the world of desktop computing delivering a PC-like experience on a hand-held device.

There are 3 spokespeople from Nokia shared informations about the new Nokia N900.

Mr. Vlasta Berka talked the Overview of Nokia's Mobile Computing Strategy.

Mr. Vlasta Berka shared with that The new Nokia N900 represents a whole new era of mobile computing that fuses the power of the PC, the internet and the mobile phone.

Mr. Glen Cha shown in-depth demonstration of the Nokia N900.

and Mr. Gary Chan talked about Top-level view opportunities for developers.

The Nokia N900 output-ed to a big LCD screen with the Nokia's Spokespeople.

Every medias and social network bloggers who attended got themself a Nokia N900 each.

This is my new Nokia N900.

The Nokia N900 Sales Packages Contents;

  • Nokia N900
  • Nokia Battery (BL-5J)
  • Nokia High Efficiency Charger (AC-10)
  • Nokia Stereo Headset (WH-205)
  • Video out cable (CA-75U)
  • Cleaning cloth

Nokia N900 will go on sale in selected Nokia stores in Malaysia from 27th March 2010 (which mean tomorrow) at the price of RM2,280.

For those who have pre-ordered before the launch date are entitle to get a Nokia Extra Power DC-11 worth RM278.

A summarised feature that Nokia N900 has;
  • Maemo 5 OS platform
  • TI OMAP 3430, ARM Cortex-A8 600MHz Processor
  • 256MB of RAM (extendable with virtual memory up to 1GB)
  • 3.5" Widescreen Touch Display with 800 x 480 resolution
  • 5MP Carl Zeiss Tessar Optic with Dual LED
  • A-GPS with Nokia Ovi Maps
  • FM Transmitter
  • HSPA 10/2.0 Mbps
  • 3.5mm AV connector
  • Micro-USB connector for highspeed transfer and charing

For full specification of the new Nokia N900.

Gonna have small write out of my thought and experience with the Nokia N900 on my Nokia's blog DoYouNokia very soon.

Mar 25, 2010

Be Berryfied With DiGi Contest's Result Is Out!

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Do you still remember the contest Be Berryfied with DiGi contest that I posted a month ago.

The result has come out and you can check it out HERE!

I didn't win the BlackBerry Curve 8520 *sad face* but I'm lucky enough to win the DG Smart Plan.

It is a Free 3 months BlackBerry unlimited subscription. Hahaha! Yeah you must be wonder how I'm going to use it as I'm not a BB owner. XD Don't whether can change to DiGi 58 Internet Plan or not XD

Do check out my photo submission contest on Facebook.

BTW Thank you to DiGi team, I had a great time.

Mar 24, 2010

Dinner With Colleagues & Frens

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Last Friday I had a great dinner with my fellows colleagues, ex-colleagues and frens at 9888 Restaurant. (located nearby Taman Maluri) Didn't know there are this restaurant till Robert suggested.

Let's get craving with what we've ordered.

This seafoods paste is just like having shark fin in wedding dinner, it taste not bad and must finish it while it's hot.

some non-halal dish, nothing much to shout about.

This deep fried fish taste good.

Eggs clams

*sorry for the wrong description*

This is my fellows colleagues, ex-colleagues & frens. Soon I'll be in the "ex-colleague" category. lol!

Had a great day and not to be forgotten I had a lot of rices too. XD

BTW can you guess how much would this dinner rounded up?

It really surprised me when the bill came. It's less than RM270, not bad right with so many good dishes.

Be ready for the whole new Tallboyz V 3.0

Be expecting Blue, Green & Giant. XD

Mar 22, 2010

Just Another Pandora's Box | 988 - Beauty On Duty

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Yesterday I've watched a Hongkies movie "Just Another Pandora's Box" starred by Ronald Cheng as the main actors supported with a lot high class Hongkie actors & actress like Eric Tsang, Gigi Leung, Kenny Bee, Athena Chu, Sandra Ng, Lam Tze Chung, Edmun Leung, Stephy Tang, Gillian Chung, Wong Jo Lam and a lot more. This movie is directed by Jeff Lau

This movie is super, ultra, nonsensical movie that I've watched this year.

Started with a opening credit of introducing big-name stars like Stephen Chow, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and even Angeline Jolie but in asterisk *they refused to be in the movie* Totally WTF!

It's a total medley movie with mixed a lot epic movies of the year such as Kung Fu Panda, CJ7, Kung Fu Hustle, Titanic and even Red Cliff. A totally parody movie I would say.

Rate 4/10 Jokes that told for the 2nd times ain't really that funny IMHO.

BTW, any of you listen to 988 during K6 segment at 6~8pm?

Heheh! I've won another movie tickets and this time is "Beauty On Duty" starred by Charlie Choi

Watched the trailer once in the cinema, look not bad and it's Wong Jing production, so will be expecting a lot, hot, less clothes, sexy girl. aaaawhoooooooo XD

Do check out the movie trailer here;

This has made up 18th victory. Woots!

-Meet The Spartan Movie Passes by 988
-Superheroes Movie Passes by 988
-RM150 Neway Voucher by MyFM
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Movie Passes by MixFM
-Dragon Evolution Movie Passes by 988
-The Uninvited Movie Passes by 988
-Make It Happen Movie Passes by OneFM
-Fighting Movie Passes by 988
-Ice Age 3 Movie Passes by OneFM
-RM199 TrichoKare Vouchers by MyFM
-Coweb Movie Passes by OneFM
-Murderer Movie Passes by 988
-Avatar Movie Passes by 988
-The Bodyguards & Assassins by MixFM
-Ju-on 2 by 988
-The Spy Next Door by 988
-Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief by MixFM

Follow me on Twitter can? XD

Mar 21, 2010


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Yesterday night went to 3P event at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. Hahaha! Don't get me wrong, it's actually Purple, Pink & pOp's day at Full House celebrate Jason aka smashpOp birthday with the Siao Gang (too bad, the leader (as according to rames) Jeniffer couldn't come as she's at Australia, heheheh!).

credit to Rames for this photo

I ordered this Chicken Spaghetti something (damn I'm so forgetful lately, I guess I'm getting old liao)

This spaghetti is nice tho but the portion are just too small for me, that why at night I have tapao Ramly Burger. lol!

YY had this, it's very nice...... the decoration but taste so so only.

The Siao Gang bought pOp a T-Shirt from TopShop.

nice kan?

Here's the Siao Gang group photo, hahahah it look like Jaclyn's Birthday more tho standing in the center :P Damn! my leg look super long (UWA lens effect)

credit to Rames for this photo

Here I would like to wish Jason, Happy Birthday again and get more HANDSOME. XD

Mar 19, 2010

I’m going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

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Gatsby, what would you could thought of?

Yeah! The Japan's Superstar, Takuya Kimura dancing and twisting his hair with Gatsby Moving Rubber with the song I....... can give you Gatsby........ Gatsby.... Gatsby....

I remember there was a time I have my phone ringtone with this song. lol!

But do you aware Gatsby does carry a lot others products beside hair wax/clay? They do have facial cleansing, facial cleansing paper, oil clear paper, deodorant perfume, deodorant roll-on, hair bleach & colour and more.

FYI Gatsby Malaysia has actually held a GATSBY Deodorant Street Fair.

Where and when?

Date : 17th April 2010
Time : 10am - 5am
Venue : Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Time Square, Kuala Lumpur.

There are going to be lucky draws, given various cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000 up for grabs.

Not that's all, alot exciting fun-fair games run on that day such as Sumo Wrestling (in air bag suit!), gladiator battle and other amusing and addictive games.

So What you waiting for? Bookmark the date 17th April 2010 and come to Berjaya Times Square and have some kick-asses fun.

For more info click to

Do check out  the Gatsby Deodorant Ads;

Will I be meeting you guys there?

Mar 18, 2010

Sandy's Birthday at Pantai Seafood

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Sorry for the slow update, recently has been busy working out with my freelance and as well having my Tallboyz V3.0 project to work out. Heheheh!

Last Sunday me with my ex-secondary friends celebrated Sandy's Birthday at Pantai Seafood, Kayu Ara.

It was a last minutes decision as we are supposedly to try out Steamboat nearby the places.

They have this super big aquarium with all the seafoods displayed and you can actually pick which one you one.

Let's the foods roll;

This is one for their's famous vege.

The soup of this is superb.

This is the most expensive dish that we've ordered but it taste very good although I don't really like garlic and I found it taste very well.

Sweet and sour + abit spicy. Damn nice!

Not to miss the salted egg squid.

Missed the famous salted crap crab as we did not book and it was quite late we reached.

After the wonderful meal, it candle blowing time.

25 already jor lar! Must guai guai and sang sang seng seng ya. Wish you to find your life partner very soon.*Hint* Yeah! She's SINGLE and AVAILABLE. Muakakaka!

Some group photos.

Tat's us! :)

Mar 15, 2010

Edge of Darkness

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Last Friday I've watched Edge of Darkness starred by Mel Gibson at 1 Utama.

From the poster itself, it doesn't really attract me to buy tickets, it just look like some cheap and lame police officer storyline but I was wrong.

This movie is about homicide detective's daughter who's got murdered in front of his own eyes. Fueled by his anger revenge, he investigate further and he only discover it was from a big giant government cover-up. What he could do? Find it out it at the nearest cinema. lol!

Rate 7/10 The storyline is quite lengthy but the investigation was exciting.

Mar 14, 2010

Rames Birthday at Garden Cafe

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I just got back from Rames's Birthday dinner at Garden Cafe, The Curve with the Siao gang.

I've actually ordered Spaghetti Aglio, it taste not bad tho but the portion are just too small for a heavy eater like me. lol!

The Siao Gang, credit to Jed for helping us to take the group photo. =)

The Birthday boy. Check out his cake.

Happy Belated Birthday you tanned Chinese. lol!

Mar 11, 2010

Mr. Tom Yam

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Last month I've actually visited Giza Sunway that opened lately at Kota Damansara.

Most of the shops there yet to open but there are a number of restaurants started operate. Thus we decided to have our lunch there as my office is just nearby. Sometimes it's quite hard to think what and where to have lunch. Do you guys have this problem?

FYI, I'm not a fan of spicy foods and don't expect me to review how good are the foods there. I only know I think. The Foods is FREAKING HOT!

My colleagues, Chris and Kit

Michael & St. Bernard

I've actually ordered set meal for lunch. I had Green Curry Prawns (only got 2 prawns. WTF!) Was thought it would be save to have curry but I'm wrong, it's spicy as well.

a Clear Tom Yam soup were come along, don't be fooled with the clear soup. Seriously, it's freaking HOT & SPICY, even my colleagues claimed it's hot. lol!

This is my life Saviour. Luckily I ordered this to kill the pain. lol!

Had a great sweats instead of enjoying the foods. lol! So do you like spicy/hot foods?

Mar 9, 2010

I've Won A LG Chocolate BL40

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About a month ago, I've actually participated a contest "Why I Like It Longer" organised by LG Malaysia in partner with Nuffnang Malaysia in collaboration of the new LG Chocolate BL40.

This morning I've received an e mail from Nuffnang and the subject was Results of the "Why I Like It Longer" blogging contest are out!

Yeah! It was the results that's what I've been waiting for and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners to own a brand new LG Chocolate BL40. Thank you LG Malaysia & Nuffnang Malaysia.

Do read my winning blogpost Why I Like It Longer wor. Heheh!

Do you have Twitter account? Do Follow Me On Twitter.

Life's Good with LG.