Jan 31, 2008

Colourful & Vivid

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I believe most of u guys notice that I’m being inactive lately. Something unwanted occurred. So I would not frequent update or have outing for this coming few months.

Ok! Let’s move to something colourful and vivid. Need to dig out old photos to update my post. =P

Here are some photos of flowers that I took when I have my visit at Cameron Highland.

Sunflower deserved the title.

This is my favorite flower shot. Got snowy feel.

Jan 28, 2008

Douglas's Photo Exhibition

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Yes, I know! It was past more than a week and I should have post this earlier.

Dun care lar, as long I can update. =P

Ok! Last week Douglas held a Photo Exhibition and conducted a short talk bout his photographing at Petaling Street in Popular building.

Here's some of his collection/gallery.

There's a slide of wood where we can sign and write some comments.

Presentation begin.....

Alot ppl tho.... and some came all the way from JB to support him =)

This is his LCA-Lomo. Wanna know wat's the outcome of the lomo? Click here LOMO.

I would said it was a successful exhibition and attracted a lot photographing enthusiasm to know more bout photographing.

This gonna be his 1st photo exhibition and I believe there will be more coming after he's back from Australia.

Good Luck and All The Best bro!

Jan 26, 2008

How's Your Saturday?

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By right I only work 5 days week, sadly 2day I need to work and yes I update my blog in my office =P

Lately lot laptops lodged in for repair and a lot was pending, thus 2day we decided to come back to office.

Repairing few laptops on my table.

This is my supervisor Micheal, he look very "yeh" right? He just permed and coloured his hair =P

We got a special guest, new colleague I would say.

Padraig, Celine's son.

Y no Celine face? She threaten me, if I took picture of her she will kick my ass. Hahaha!

As for lunch, we ordered McD.

There goes my Saturday. How's about you guys?

Jan 25, 2008


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Lately I didn't go out for photo outing thus not much update can be made. A simple post for 2day, can?

My colleague just came back from Japan, he had his HoneyMoon over there.

OMG! Japan! My dream holiday destination.

So kind of him, he bought me a can of "Coca Cola" (Actually I requested him to buy one).

He also bought assorted junk foods from Japan. Got Kit Kats, Menthos, Green Tea Chocolate and more. Dun play play! Imported one ok? Haha!

The one I like the most is the Strawberry Milk Chocolate and Scallop. Yes! Scallop in a vaccum pack. Damn nice!

Jan 22, 2008

I was on Radio

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Yesterday I leave the office about 6:45pm. I used to listen to 988 while I’m driving back home. I like the segment of “Kah Sai Yu Fai” hosted by Wong KK and Monar. They are damn funny and Siao.

Then I heard “Meet the Spartans” tele-contest. Meet the Spartans is an epic movie based on 300. This game required us to imagine “If you are the director of this movie, who Hollywood’s star you would hire for this movie.

So I try my luck and called in. I was shocked, after few failed attempts I was able to get thru and somebody answered my call. I was the 2nd lucky caller.

OMG!!! I was damn nervous.

Anyone got listen to 988 around 7pm yesterday? =P

This is my answer after 1 minutes of thinking;
If I were the director, I would like to hire Arnold Schwarzenegger coz he got a coarse and funny voice, beside that he need to wear skirt. Imagine a big muscular guys wearing skirt acting in the movie.

As simple as that, I won 4 premier tickets of "Meet the Spartans". Woots!


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As promised! Bring you Youth08. Actually I was there about an hour only then leave to Petaling Street to attend Douglas’s Photo Exhibition.

Reached PWTC about 1pm, then meet with SmashpOp, Rames and Jenifer.

I saw a lot desktops has setup up and showing few blogs that I regularly read.


Bollywood Star, Rames.

The African Boy that cover with a leaf. Kimfei

I also took a short video Rames and SmashpOp promoting their's blog.

Youth08 from Joshua on Vimeo.
There's alot activities but I didn't stay there for long. So only cam whore a bit with Jason, Jen & Rames,

Credit to SmashpOp and Rames for the last 2 photos.

Sorry for having a short update on Youth08.

Jan 20, 2008

Twilight Moon

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Have u guys imagined how moon really look like?
Is there any creatures living there?
Have u ever though of going there?
The surface look like my acne face =P

How I wish I had a 600mm zoom like Albert has.

Next gonna be Youth08@PWTC

Jan 19, 2008

Youth08 & Douglas's Exhibition

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Yeah! Just back from Youth08 at PWTC and Douglas's Photo Exhibition.

More photos will be uploaded soon. =)

Jan 16, 2008

My Very First Model Shot

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Woots! Model shot! Muakakka

This photo was taken by my nanny’s husband when I was only few months old.

This photo already 22 years old already same goes with the decayed wooden frame.

My mum did tell me that I was weighted 10 pounds plus when I was born and also the heaviest baby ever born in the hospital.

OMG! I was a fat boy.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

Yesterday was Fattien's Birthday and celebrated at Wong Kok Leisure Mall.

Credit to NKWai for the photo.

Happy Belated Birthday man!

Photo Exhibition!

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An interesting photo exhibition will be held at Popular building of Petaling Street on 15th of January 2008 till 24th of February 2008 and the admission are free.

The theme for this exhibition is "找回忆" or “Those Day”

There will be a talk show (in mandarin) on the 19th of January 2008 at 3pm conducted by the photographer himself, Douglas Ho.

He is an excellent yet a humble photographer. You can view some of his artwork in his photo journal; http://www.douglasho.com/

For those who interested on photographing feel free to drop by at Popular for Petaling Street.

p/s I will be around on the 19th. =) C u guys!

Jan 14, 2008

Wai Sek Kai

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Sorry for no update for a week, been bz lately.

Ok! Let's start with Breakfast at Wai Sek Kai @ Glutton Street(Dun know correct or not).

I believe most of KL peoples had their supper before in Wai Sek Kai.
Had breakfast there b4?

There's a shop sell "Tai Bou Mee" not bad. Would recommend if you a big fans of Hakka Mee.

Jan 8, 2008

Triple XL, KFC

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Yesterday I went to KFC with my sister and my younger brother.

So I queued for ordering.

KFC’s staff: Good afternoon! What would you like to have? Dine in or take away?

Tallboyz: Having here and I would like to have KFC all new Triple XL burger for big appetizer.

KFC’s staff: Are you sure sir? (Giving me the look like I cannot finish it, maybe look skinny)

Tallboyz: Absolutely sure and I would like to add chezzy wedges.

KFC’s staff: Silent a while…….. Ok sir and wait a minutes.

KFC’s staff: Here you are and enjoy ur meal.

Tallboyz: Thank you.

Hahahhahahaha! Ok Ok! I make this up.

If you guys notice, the advertisement of the “Triple XL” burger quite “Kuah Jiong” sound like challenging me. =P

So have you guys tried one?

For Big Appetites! 7" long!

Huge tomato slides, I love tomato.

Eat first lor.

Seriously, It wasn't that big. I still can have a piece of chicken and chezzy wedges.

ala carte is RM6.80 and set RM8.90. Worthy tho!

Jan 5, 2008

New Year, New Layout

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Since Christmas ended so I decided to altered my blog skin.

What do u guys think?

Jan 3, 2008

Baby Ethan Smiled!

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A simple update 2day.

For those who dun know who is Ethan, he is my nephew.

My sister recorded this clip when he is just 2 months old. He got a big pair of eye and love to smile!

Ethan 2 months from Joshua on Vimeo.

He look cute doesn't he?

Jan 2, 2008

Makan at Penang Street

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Last week me and my colleagues went for lunch at Kota Damansara.

We eat at Penang Street.

All those foods that famous in Penang can be found here.

Here got Prawn Mee.
This is mine! Taste not bad. Not that spicy, just nice.

Then got Fried Kuey Teow.

Asam Laksa.

and Curry Mee.

I also ordered Dessert.

Hungry? =P