Sep 27, 2007


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Yesterday I left office sharp 6pm, I drove my car head back home and my I was asking myself Should I drop by YL camera shop to check the availability of the lens since I’m also passing by there? The owner’s of YL Desmond told me before if I wan this lens I might need to wait for few months coz this month has very high demand.

I reached Pudu Plaza at 6.45pm and I walk toward the shop. Suddenly a strong feel grasped me to glance at the windows where they place all the lenses and I saw 2 18-135mm waving at me. I’m contented, walked in with a smile and I pointed the lens and ask them to show to me. They said the lens just available this evening, there are 2 people just bought D80 body only. Woots! Without price negotiation I said I want this and SB-600 (wat a lousy buyer) but this shop is well known with fair price and genuine. Less than 10 minutes closed deal. That was fast! Haha!

So conclusion is “Finally I bought Speedlight SB600 and 18-135mm Kit Lens” =)

Sep 25, 2007

Pimpin Tallboyz's D-SLR

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I own a Nikon D70s and it has served me like a charm for 1 year+. Now is the time I shall pimp by baby. It has been a year I didn’t add or changes any parts of the camera even filters. Hehe!

Now I’m going to upgrade my kit lens from Nikon DX AF-S 18-55mm to Nikon DX AF-S 18-135mm. A longer focal yet still retained the 18mm wide. A lot people would advise me go for the 18-200mm with VR, where the VR is a crucial for a lengthy end focal. But the prices were doubled up. I guess 18-135mm should be sufficient for me to play for few years.

Focal length : 18 - 135 mm
Equiv. FOV : 27 - 202.5 mm equiv. FOV on a DX format digital SLR
Maximum aperture : F3.5 (W) - F5.6 (T)
Minimum aperture : F22 (W) - F38 (T)
Lens construction : • 15 elements in 13 groups • 2 ED glass elements• 2 aspherical elements
Picture angle,: 76° - 12°
Minimum focus range : 45 cm (1.5 ft) throughout the zoom range
Attachment size : 67 mm
Dimensions : 73.5 x 86.5mm (2.9 x 3.4 in)
Weight : 385 g (13.6 oz)

2nd upgrade would be speedlight/flash. I was recommended by Douglas to get Nikon Speedlight SB600. There’s a lot good review bout this speedlight although there’s a higher end of speedlight SB800.
Speedlight is very crucial for indoor shooting hence I’m depressed to get one as a lot of my indoor photos shooting sux.

Flash Type : Hot-shoe Clip-on Flash
Guide Number (m / ISO 100) : 30
Zoom : Automatic, Manual
Flash Features : AF illuminator, Illuminated LCD display, Flash +/- compensation, Wireless off-camera control
Lens Coverage : 24mm - 85mm
Recycling Time : 3.5 sec
Max Shooting Distance : 20 m
Min Shooting Distance : 2 ft
Supported Exposure Control : I-TTL, D-TTL, TTL
Shut Off Feature : Yes
Form Factor : AA
Battery Qty : 4
Battery Technology : Alkaline
Case Type : Soft Case
Weight: 10.6 oz (300g)
Dimension: 4.9 in x 2.7 in x 3.5 in (HxWxD)

I guess I'll be joining the Muslim members fasting and I would have to be few months. Hehe!

Sep 22, 2007

Tallboyz Watched a Gay Movie

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Yesterday nite I went for a movie with Philip and Ian at MBO Galaxy Ampang. We have no idea wat sore of movie will be played so we tried our luck and only decide when we reached there.

On the movie list we saw a special sneak preview movie will be played “I Pronounce You Larry & Chuck”. The title of the movie were sound a bit gay and Adam Sandler & Kevin James are the main actors. I believe this would be an interesting and funny comedian movie that can make us laugh out loud. Actually I’m a big fan of Adam Sandler with his hilarious acting.

This movie has shown what a true friend willing to sacrifice for his buddy and true love doesn’t only apply on specific genders.

It triggered laughter all of the audiences in the cinema from the start till the end of the movie.

I dun wan to be a spoiler, maybe u can watch the trailer here;

I would rate this movie 9/10. It’s a must watch movie.

Sep 20, 2007

Moon Cake Festival

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Wah! Time past very fast, moon cake festival is around the corner. I already work in Micro-D for 2 years!
Moon Cake! I almost have forgotten that moon cake festive ever existed. Haha! In early days, I will lite up a lot candles outside of my house with my sister. I used to play with the candle and cubed a lot of ant with wax.
OMG! I’m a bad boy! U know lar kampong mah, anything also can be played.
Here's some photos of Moon Cakes.

Sep 18, 2007

Tallboyz at Genting

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Tallboyz doing wat at Genting?
Actually it was my buddy’s last day being bachelor (Bachelor Night) thus few of us suggest to go to Genting with him (Jackson) go to casino. This is my 1st time visit Uncle’s Lim casino. My 1st casino visit was at Hanoi.
All of my fren camera shy, all dun wan to take photo de. Sigh!

p/s all the photo below were taken by camera phone. All were spy shot with flashlight turned off. So very low quality! I might get imprison if they caught. I’m doing it for god sake of blogging! Muakaka! Sound sarcastic!
My RM50.

My fren won the 1st bet! RM5 become RM100. They all won about RM50-RM170 only me donated RM60 to Uncle's Lim. :(
The longer I stayed there a lot questions flying around, questioning me!
How come got so many ppl willing to travel to Genting just for gambling and the rate of road accident are quite high due to high hill and wet road?
Does the word "money" really heart tempting that can sell our soul?
Why all ppl would not satisfy with what they posses right now?
Does everyone also would have the same greediness of hunger for wealth?

We stayed there until 0630 hours! When I drove back the fogs were so thick and the visiblity were extremely low. Barely see the road, only can drive 10-30km/h.

When we reach half way I stopped by at aside to wait the 2nd car. I wind down my windows and wrote my nickname on my side mirror! wooots!!!!

We stopped by at Gotong Jaya for supper+breakfast Haha! They got hot prawn's mee and Dim Sum.

Next I head back to home to get prepared for my buddy wedding's ceremony photos shoot. Don't have time to rest as I reach home around 0740 and need to go to the bridge's house at 0830. Very tired de!

Sep 12, 2007

Tallboyz visited Pulau Ketam

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Last week Douglas suggested going to Pulau Ketam for his assignment of portrait photo shooting along get ourselves away from hectic city. We had a 2 day 1 nite there.

We took KTM from KL Sentral to Pelabuhan Klang only then we took ferry to Pulau Ketam.

This is Douglas.

This is Zach aka EnigmaZ and joined us after he finished his work. Saturday mah! 1/2 day!

And the pink colour shirt is Khong Wei! Hehe! I remember your name!

The houses there were so colorful and the weather that day was damn nice.

We walked around and suddenly we saw a fish eye look alike and with no hesitation we took a photo with it. Hehe!

Late evening photo, where the sun going to settle down.

Dinner we had Seafood again! Hehe!

After we had the superb dinner we decided to walk around the jetty there.

In the morning, we woke up and saw Mr. Sun and we asked him to pose. Sadly he’s too shy and hides behind his blanket (clouds).

That's all our 2 days 1 nite a Pulau Ketam! :)

Sep 10, 2007

Tallboyz went to…….

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The setting took place were renowned with their fresh and cheap seafood galore.

It is a peaceful and harmony fishing village. There’s neither car nor motorbike. Bicycles were theirs’ only transportation in the town.

I guess u all already know where the location right? Hehe! More photos will be uploaded soon.

Sep 9, 2007

Robert the Teddy

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Finally Tallboyz received back his car. When I get on car I saw Robert sat on the dashboard patiently waited for me to bring him home. Actually it’s a souvenir from PanGlobal Insurance. It has been a tough 2 weeks, I have to take public transports, from Pandan Indah to Tropicana to work. Star LRT – Putra – Rapid Bus.

Sigh! 1 month changed bumper twice! Hope this will be the only and the last.

Tallboyz just came back from somewhere; hehe! Try and guess where did I do such crazy poses?
Some photos to guess!

Got Padini Advertisment feel? Haha

Photos of me were taken by Douglas Ho. A special thanks to him! Feel free to login to his blog, a lot interesting photos can be found there.

Sep 5, 2007

Mamula Moon

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“Mamula Moon” and “Negaraku”. I guess this not a new story, maybe I too outdated I only realize this song lately.
This “Mamula Moon” by Felix Mendelssohn & His Hawaiian Serenaders was recorded 10 years before our country get independence and has the similarity/same melody with our national anthem “Negaraku”

According to Wikipedia this tune was originally used as the state anthem of Perak. The tune also was used for a popular song of that time “Terang Bulan”. Only then this tune used on our National anthem song “Negaraku” in 1957.

Lyric of Mamula Moon;

One Day I Walked Along
A Moonlit Island Shore
And Soon I Heard A Song
I Never Heard Before

I Said Who Can It Be
To Sing So Tenderly
And Saw A Dust He Made
With Lonely Serenade

Mamula Moon
Shine High Above The Southern Sea
And Like My Love
Say Form Again To Me

We Said Goodbye
Beside The Blue Lagoon
Alone Am I
With You Mamula Moon

I Waved My Hand
The Grey Ship Sailed Across The Bay
On Golden Sand
That Might I Melt To Pray

That I Might See
My Love Returning Soon
Still True To Me
And You Mamula Moon

IMHO there’s no plagiarism between these two song as the song “Mamula Moon” doesn’t copyrighted and there’s not such things as copyright during that time. “Negaraku” only can describe as an adaption and not plagiarism.