Jul 30, 2007

Steamboat at Queen’s Park

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Yesterday I had dinner with my frens at Queen’s Park. We have steamboat for the day, where this shop famous with their pumpkin for steamboat soup. Other than that they also famous with salty egg crab too.

Here some photos taken with my phone.

We got Chooi Mei, Ronan,

Kristy, Sandy, Yoke Yee,

and Tallboyz of course!

Let's begin with Tallboyz favourites..... is Foooooodssss!

We got Tom Yam soup and its famouse Pumpkin soup.

Salted Egg Crabs!

Very juicy ler! Drooling!!

After the dinner we went to Jalan Imbi to have some Tong Shui.
These wat we has ordered.

Mat Toh Lou! Mixed everything!!! Haha

The phone being naughty! Didn't do it job well.

Jul 29, 2007


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I just reached home after yum char with my frens. When I lifted my head I saw a bright moon glittering the dark and cozy atmosphere, outstand the view of the sky. Hence I when into my room and grasped my camera to take a picture. Unfortunately I dun have any telelens so I used my kit lens to snap instead. Haha with limitation of 55mm focal, I have to crop it extremely and the outcome is as below.
55mm with xCrop! Hehe!
For bigger view plz click on the photo.

Jul 28, 2007

Tallboyz's Baby is Back!

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Finally Tallboyz’s baby is back after leaving my baby at workshop for 2days. Tallboyz life is miserable without it as it brings Tallboyz to work and to wherever Tallboyz wanted to go.

I received it yesterday nite and brought it back to the workshop for polishing as some of the paint is over splashed. After that Tallboyz bring it to Tallboyz’s regular tyre shop that do splendid job, clean, fast and no complain.

Now all stock, no more skirts.

This shop located at Kampung Pandan Dalam.

Covering the seat, that wat impress me. The cleanness they practise.
Alignment checking.

Tallboyz just sent mum to Airport because Tallboyz’s sister who stay in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah going to deliver baby soon. Yuhuuu! I’m going to be Uncle soon! Haha!

Jul 27, 2007

Perfect Nokia N95

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Apple iPhone! Famous with it contemporary touch screen IU that easily to comprehend. Imagine this, N95 with it existing features that is almost perfect and season it up with iPhone touch screen UI.

Watch at the video below. Albeit it’s an edited video, it brought up the imagination on what Nokia can do on their upcoming model.

Jul 26, 2007

Count Down

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My baby will be released out by 2moro nite. Hope everything will be fine.

Stop the poignant! Here something to cheer me up!
Yuhuuuu! 15 more days to go! I'll be on plane fly up high with Air Asia head to Cambodia.

Here I wan to take the prospect to thanks to everyone on the apprehensive bout the Tallboyz car accident recently. Thank you very much!

Jul 24, 2007

Bad Weather, Bad Luck

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Tallboyz had an accident when Tallboyz on his way to home. The incident happened around 2017 hours at MRRII after Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT. It was raining that time and I was cruising about 50km/h only as the rain slumped heavily and the roads are barely to see due to nite time. Out of sudden a Black color Kenari have an unexpected brake and knocked the car in front. I slap the brake and I able to feel the ABS kicking off and I was able to slot to the side and stopped. I was almost hit the Kenari, luckily just some scratches of the fender. But the car behind (Silver - Toyota Unser) was unable to stop and hit my baby back side.

We all went down and gaze how dreadful of the damages. It was cause by a stupid Volvo owner who jammed brake in the middle of the road. The Kenari in front of me front bumper was dented.

My side taillight broken, rear bumper ripped, back boot door dented and the mud guard ripped off. The Unser behind me side headlamp broken. Hence we went to the nearest police station at Pandan Indah since our cars still can be driven. When we reached to the police station the Unser driver approached me and told me that the car belong to the company and his superior willing to pay the compensate of the damage and wouldn’t want to involve the enforcement so he can keep his NCB.

Now I need to wait 2moro to check what the cost of repairing. My poor baby in pain now! :(

Jul 23, 2007

Queen’s Park

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Yesterday I had a dinner with my fellow secondary fren. We had our feast at Queen’s Park at Jalan Peel. The area is surrounded with some famous branding shops like Nike, MNG, Esprite and a lot more.

This is some virgin photos taken with my phone. Hehe! Need to test drive abit mah since I bought the phone.

We got Sandy and Helena.

Andy and Ronan.



Fried rip.

Tom Yum Fish.

After dinner went for dessert, wretchedly we attained there late and most of the desserts were sold out.

Jul 20, 2007

Tallboyz going to Cambodia

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Yes! Tallboyz going to Cambodia soon! Yeepeee! Douglas, Steve the Stevie Wonder and Vincent aka WHY will be mingling along.

Can I fast forward the time?

Patiently wait! 21 more days to go!

Jul 17, 2007

Coconut House at Jalan Pudu Lama

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Now the place Tallboyz and the “other” have their lunch after a journey at Petaling street. This is the restaurant Tallboyz wanted to share, it’s an Italians restaurant.
The environment look odd and vintage as the building look old and paint tainted but it given the feel of classic.

Douglas and The Stevie Wonder.

The "Others"

From front left;
Sean and Angi (Sean Sean's GF).
Steve, Mei Lin and Amanda.

Not to forget we got Douglas behind the camera. Say cheese!

Foods time! As u know Coconut House is an Italians Restaurant, so we ordered pasta, pizza, pizza, pizza and pizza.

Tallboyz love the pizza alot.

This restaurant has alot classical collection and dun pray pray, they use iMac.

The enviroment of this restaurant.

At behind of the restaurant there's a botanical garden

FYI, there are some couples would come here to have theirs pre-wedding photoshot.

Curious on wat does Douglas's LOMO can capture?
This is the sample with green mode in his colour splash speedlight.

and yes! That is tallboyz and steve locked up.

Feel free to logon to Douglas gallery as he has alot abstract & superb photos uploaded.