Jan 31, 2011

Groove To The Colours of Music, Toshiba NB520

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Last week I've attended product launch of Toshiba and the theme was"Groove To The Colours of Music"

The event took place at Modest's Capsquare, KL.

There are 2 sessions and I was assigned to help out to be the photog for that day to cover the event.

The whole restaurant was closed for it.

The environment inside the restaurant.

The 1st session is for the media, press & bloggers.

The main highlight of the new product introduced was The First Netbook packed with 2 Harman/Kardon speakers, Toshiba NB520.

It comes with few outstanding colours; Warm Brown, Daring Sunlight Copper, Striking Lime Green, Sophisticated Turquoise and Joyful Blue.

Each colour of the Toshiba NB520 was walked/danced by model out onto the stage.

There were 3 more models reintroduced which are the Toshiba Satellite A665 3D, M645 & Qosmio X500 with new specifications and newer generation of processor.

The media & blogger was brought to a room to have a test drive on the new models.

The 2nd session was for the Toshiba dealers.

Chinese New Year is around the corner, thus there was a Yee Sang session arranged for the dealers. Everyone also HUAT AH!!!!


Get more prosperous & wealth from Choy San Yeah aka God of Prosperity.

Few special erformances prepared for the night including the everyone want to be icon;

Lady Gaga

and also The Wonder Girls, Nobody Nobody But Chu!

Mr. Roy Hew, Tele Dynamics Sdn Bhd PC Division General Manager & Mr. Glenn Batchelor, Senior Manager for Distributor Business of Toshiba South and South East Asia Regional Headquarters

So which colours you prefer?

For more photos check it out on my Facebook.

Do check out Toshiba PC Malaysia's Facebook Page for the latest information.

Jan 29, 2011

Kuching Trip Part 3 - Traditional Viagra?

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Back to my Kuching Trip!

The next day morning after we had an incredible supper, we are forced requested to have an exercise in the morning.

Only left 4 of us, the bloggers as the medias & artistes when to the local radio station, Cat FM in Kuching town.

Spinzer look so excited yo. Had about 30 minutes sweating is great supposingly 1 hour but we came late :P

After that we head for a heavy breakfast before the next activities.

Did try out the famous Sarawak laksa also, early in the morning somemore.

Ordered fruits juice to reduces spicy that we had.

We were treated as VIP guests and brought us loitering around the SVC. Shown and tell us the histories of each tribes.

The 1st visit is the Rumah Bidayuh.

The native people of Orang bidayuh are specialist in Bamboo, the can make everything with it including weapons.

Their houses built about 2 floors high and sealed with hard wood on the floor to prevent being attack by theirs enemies.

Check out the video below, he will explain the history of Orang Bidayuh.

2nd pit stop was the Rumah Iban where I stayed.

Orang Iban has the highest population among all the native people in Sarawak.

Next we visited Rumah Orang Ulu.

Orang Ulu mostly stay up hill of the jungle to avoid unnecessary attack by their enemies.

Met a naked man play guitar in the long house.......... -.-"

Hahah! Joking only lar, he did wore a sexy underwear or better known as cawat (if I spelled it correctly)

Rumah Melanau is the Sarawak 1st skyscraper or to be called as apartment.

There are 3 floors in this tall house and each windows has a room for 1 family. Mean in a house of this can have a very big family.

The house was built high to prevent being attack by enemies and they can splash hot water from their house if the enemy try to attack them.

To build such house would required 5 years to clean the land & another 5 years to build the house. Wahseh!

Then we went to the chinese house. The chinese there are mostly farmers and traders.

They planted pepper and also do trading such as rice & bird nest.

Saw this antique music box & radio.

Look cool right?

The 2nd last stop is the Rumah Orang Melayu.

The house nothing much different in Semenanjung Malaysia.

We did witness the making of Kuih Kapit and Kuih Bahulu

This is how they make Kuih Bahulu in traditional way, they used charcoal in the making.

The last house went is the Rumah Penan.

The Orang Penan live in the woods and never stay in the same place, the moved frequently so they would not have a permanent house.

Because they stayed in the woods, they expertise of course hunting lor.

We tried out the Sumpit, a weapon they use for hunting.

Look at Spinzer, he really got style eh kena or tak kena that is different story lar. Hahahah!

I spotted this so called medicine that they used for toothache and now they used for others purposes.

Their entertainment for the night. lol!

We attend a music class it's more likely a detention class as we need to learn hit the drum with hand by following the rhythm, damn pain & tired you know?

Then we go head for some traditional games.

Bowling with coconut. WTF!

This doesn't stop spinzer to be pro again although the bowling don't have the 3 holes on the coconut. lol!

We also had a something look quite wrong game.

Traditional Golf they claimed, check the video and you will know why. Hahahah!

Phew, what a long post. Do follow me on twitter @tallboyz and stay tune for my coming update on my Kuching trip. :)

Jan 27, 2011

PETRONAS Chinese New Year TVC 2011

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Every years Petronas would roll out a Chinese New Year TVC so does on this year of Rabbit.

All the TVC that produced by Petronas always been so meaningful. Simply love the way how Yasmin Ahmad carried out the message to all of us. Feel grieved that she's no longer with us.

Sad no more with another great TVC from Petronas.

Petronas did also created an apps on Facebook allowed you to send E-Greetings to you friends & family for FREE.


Send an e-card to your friends & family now or maybe you can share this out with your friends via Twitter/Facebook on the apps itself.

I'm here wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year in advance. Do send me your angpow, e-angpow also can I will email you my MBB acc. number. XD

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Jan 26, 2011

Alson & Abby Birthdays at MAIU

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Just got back from Alson & Abby birthdays celebration dinner at MAIU.

MAIU is a Japanese Buffet Restaurant located at Damansara Perdana and previously this restaurant was belong to Umai-ya which also a Japanese Restaurant.

Once I reached to the entrance I know this restaurant are racist.

Yeah! Racist but not skin colour racist but height racist.

Tall people have to pay more. It's unfair for a tall kid like me. lol!

Warning! There gonna be a lot mouth watering foods picha. I would not be responsible if you die because of too hungry/craving or got electrocuted for licking your monitor/LCD screen.

I've warned you! XD

Since it's buffet, we ordered super a lot foods and I totally forgotten what's the name. Nevermind lar, just show you guys the picha.

Love the bean.

Chicken Teriyaki.

Soft shell crab sushi

What the fish?

Fried chicken in soup???

There are a lot more where I didn't post it up.

The dinner was wrapped up with dessert lor.

They got Chocolate, Green Tea or Wasabi.

The birthday gal & boy. Please ignore the gal on the left, she always cut cake in people's birthday. Weird hobby huh? :P

That Sandy, Abby & Alson

Of course not to miss group picha of us.

The foods there overall was not bad and the price was a great deals. All eat full and raise white flag. Hahahah!

That's all for now, next will be continue my Kuching trip. Stay tune, do follow me on Twitter yo @tallboyz

Jan 24, 2011

Kuching Trip Part 2 - Kill Kenny?

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Back to my Kuching trip.

After we settled down at SCV, we all are invited for a Welcome Cocktail Party at Victoria Arms.

Victoria Arms is located at Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites in Kuching town.

I've mentioned before, our group was together with few local artistes. The artistes are from Wake The Baby which consist of Riz, Ilyka, Aisya Hasnaa & Sani .

Ilyka did performed that night.

She got a very powerful voice.

Did I mentioned anything about dinner? No right?

We didn't have any dinner how we can Kill Kenny? lol!

We were only give out some hand bites which is not enough for turbocharge stomach me.

Luckily we have savior from Kuching Bloggers to brought us for Jalan Jalan Cari Makan nearby the area.

Meet the bloggers & Li Fern from Firefly.

We all went to the open market which are walking distance from Merdeka Palace.

This is one of a hot spot for makan that recommended by Akira aka Jian.

Here's the makan gang who sneaked out from the Cocktail Party. Can recognize anyone inside the picha? Jerine sure gonna kill me for this, high five to Chris

Photo taken from Spinzer

We ordered a lot foods including

It's something like siu mai.

the beef noodle's soup was awesome.

The char siew bao taste very different compare in KL and the size is much more bigger.

We even tried Kolo Mee, Cha Kueh, ABC, Metahon & White Lady.

That's all for day 1 in Kuching, stay tune for more about my Kuching trip.