Nov 30, 2007

Sup Pedas

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Yes! I'm going to Penang 2nite! Woots!

Will rocks Penang with Jason aka SmashpOp, Douglas and a fren of Jason.

As u guys know Penang is a cuisine paradise and I'm a food lover, so it is a good combination. Haha!

So we will go there makan, makan & makan! =)

2 weeks ago, Me, Steve aka Alien, Douglas and Bear Bear went for lunch at Serdang.

Actually this is my 2nd times makan here. This restaurant famous with Spicy Soup/Sup Pedas and Fah Dew Chicken.

This is the restaurant's name. This restaurant located at Pasar Seri Kembangan, behind POS Malaysia Seri Kembangan.

Sup Pedas. U will sweat after eating this albeit u r in an air cond room.

This is nice!

Stay tune for my Penang's trip!

Nov 28, 2007

New Firmware for Nokia N95-1

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Finally Nokia wrote a new firmware for N95. I was thought Nokia will abandon the N95 after a new launch of Nokia N95 8GB.

They released V20.0.0.15 with has fixed a lot bugs that the previous version of V12 have.

I updated it and have been using it for 2 days. There’s a lot enchantment applied on the new firmware.

1. New icon structure with addition of the N-Gage application and one free demo of Fifa which can be played 10 times. (Stingy them)
2. Search app has its own place in the active standby (That’s is cool and convenience to use)
3. Phone is much faster to operate and the real difference is seen in the boot time.
4. Multimedia menu still the same but does not pop up on opening the slider in the opposite direction.
5. Free memory between 22-30 mb during normal usage.
6. Camera has NEW gentlemen auto focus sound.
7. Viewfinder grid added in the camera menu
8. VIDEO ringtones. Native support for video ringtones finally added.
9. Radio has a new icon.
10. Music player has a new icon for Podcasts, alongwith a new Visualization called Circles, and also new buttons on the Screen for the audio controls.
11. Gallery opens really quick and it has a new animation in flipping pictures.
12. New Real Player.1
3. Same old flash lite 2.0, no Youtube support.
14. New Maps software applied where the tracking feature removed. (Time to change to Mapking 2007)
15. Browser has slight changes.
16. Keypress bug GONE!
17. No out of memory messages yet.
18. Wi Fi somewhat cleverer in detecting connections around!
19. New menu added in videos, SET AS TONE
20. Fast switching between landscape and portrait mode.
21. Camera switched on very fast. In 2 seconds. (Something good for people like take photo)
24. New version of quickoffice.
25. No more distorted sound during voice call.
26. Better photo quality and no more green fine lines when take picture that has low light lighting.

Updated photos of my nephew;
Baby Ethan (3months 29 days)

He look handsome doesn't he?

Cute ler!

Nov 27, 2007

What's ur Breakfast?

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I’m already done with lunch and dinner.

Now gonna be Breakfast.

Not sure u guys tried before Nasi Lemak that sells in front of Steven’s Corner, Pandan Indah.
Not sold by Steven’s Corner, it’s a van that only opened for few hours in the morning.

Heard that, in less than 2 hours all the foods would be cleared off. OMG!

So last week I went there early early about 7:30am, my mum asked to go early as a lot ppl might already lining up there.
It was true, got ppl queuing before the van was there.

The van arrived at around 8:00am.

Suddenly I heard some voice.

Macam biasa 40 bungkus!!
Saya mahu 15 bungkus!
20 thank you!

WTF! U wan to buy and sell meh? No kidding man!

This is the stall, getting ready for business.

Can u c steven's corner?

Macam macam ada.

This is the special sambal! It look spicy but it doesn't. Taste very sweet. U know lar me cannot eat spicy mah!

4 big buckets of rice man!

All waited patiently.

A picture before I leave.

This is my Nasi Lemak. Sorry the picture abit shaky, too hungry so my hand get a bit shaky. :P

So what u had for ur breakfast?

Nov 25, 2007

Ronan & Mun Lay B'day

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Last week was Ronan & Mun Lay's birthday and we celebrate their's birthday at iZZi, an Italianise restaurant located at Kuala Lumpur.

Here some fotos I took that day.

Cheezy Balls Bread.

Tom Yam Kung. This is recommended!

This is mine!


and pizza

The we started to pose.

Yoke Yee, Ronan & Sandy.

Ronan and Chooi Mei.

Andy & Ronan.

Group foto.
From left bottom; Chooi Mei, Ronan, Aaron, Zhenya & Brendan.
From right bottom; Joshua aka Tallboyz aka Me!, Mun Lay, Andy, Sandy & Yoke Yee.

After that we went to Hulu Langat for round 2.

Happy Birthday Nan Nan & Lay Lay!

The birthday boy and birthday gal being Siao!

My Saturday

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Do u guys still remember I attended a Samsung Mobile event last month and I brought home a Samsung phone?

Yesterday was the day we return the phone. They did hold a contest and the winner would won the phone n a bluetooth handfree.

Who won the phone? It was Jason aka SmashpOp. Congraz to him! Beside that, there’s top 7 and I’m one of them same go with Rames and Cherrie. Got 70% discount off for the phone. Damn happy gila can?

This photo took from Rames’s blog.

Thanks to SmashpOp for sending me this foto.

At nite I went for a movie with my buddies at Times Square;

We watched Kingdom

Movie propaganda

Under fire. Under pressure. Out of time.

No training could prepare Ronald Fleury (Jamie Foxx) and his team for the disorienting culture shock they face once inside this scorching foreign land, Byzantine maze of politicians, shop-front terrorists and double-crossing businessmen who traffic in profiteering and exploit any opportunity to grow ever richer, no matter the human cost. Bound by handlers who refuse to play ball with the US, the agents quickly find the local law enforcement more hindrance than help and soon grow uncertain of anybody's allegiance.
But when a sympathetic Saudi police captain helps them navigate Riyadh politics and investigate the true cause of the attack, Fleury finds an unexpected comrade-in-arms. In their lightning fast attempt to crack the case, the partners search leads them straight to the killer's front door. Now in a fight for their own lives, two teams on opposite sides of the war on terror won't stop until vengeance is found in The kingdom.

Nov 23, 2007

Wanton Mee

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Been sometime I didn’t talk about foods. Let me start a place where I went for lunch.

It’s wasn't a fancy or high class restaurant, it just one of a food stalls in a kopitiam. I would say almost 70% of the people have their lunch would order wanton mee.

What so special about this wanton mee?
Homemade noodles and big wanton. They also got curry wanton mee too, the curry also homemade, didn't use any curry powders. Too bad I cannot take spicy or hot foods. Hot gals can lar!

This stall located at Sunway Mas.

Outside of the kopitiam. 747!! Airbus!! :p

Need to queue one. Dun play play!

The Menu.

My wanton mee!

Big wanton.

Must try lor if u in happen nearby the place.

Nov 22, 2007

A Day Trip to Bukit Cahaya

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Yeah! I went to Bukit Cahaya for the 2nd time. The 1st time was celebrating MyviC 2nd Years Anniversary.

This time is with my fellow buddies. The weather that wasn’t that good and rain started to took place once we reached there, luckily the rain ended in a short time.

We rented bicycles coz that area is immense and there are a lot slopes and hills need to climb. Those like us that never don’t often exercise will feel painful cycling around and the bicycle become our burden. Haha!

Yoke Yee exclaimed incessantly from the very 1st time she pedaled on the bicycle. Whole hill filled with her noise.

There are no more cloudy and blue skies after the rain, so most of the photos were taken closed up. I also used my phone to take photos coz I was on bicycle and lazy to take out my camera.

Some photos took that day.

taken with N95

Camwhore 1st can?

taken with N95

Look at the horses. They are more skinny than me. Poor thing! There's no grasses or wheats around them.

Parked our bikes nicely!

Mun Lay posed! :P

My buddies.

Camwhoring is very dangerous and infectiously.

The only couple (Meaning I'm still Single) They are a sweet couple.

To end this, we all peace together-gether. PEACE!

BTW this is my 100th posts of my blogspot.

Yes, it wasn’t a big deal, but who care? It is my 100th posts. Hehe!

A special thanks to those who being so supportive to my blog! Thank You