Mar 31, 2009

Nokia Photo Browser For Nokia 5800 & N97

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Nokia BetaLabs has released a new application of photo browser for Nokia Touch Screen UI like Nokia 5800 and N97.

The attention-grabbing of this application is;

-Pleasing visual effects
-Intuitive touch UI
-Magnifying glass
-Face browsing

Example of face browsing / face detection.

Check out the video to know how the application works.

What do you think? Got iphone feel?

These are only beta application, soon or later it might be implemented in Nokia phone as default gallery viewer.

The bug I found of this application is, there are no exit button tab to exit the program.

For more info or download please click Nokia BetaLabs

credit to of the update.

Mar 30, 2009

Rames & SmashpOp B’day

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Few weeks back I was invited by Jason and Rames for their birthday dinner at The Garden, Mid Valley.

The B’day celebration was held at Flying Chillies and ought to wear stripes as dress code.

Didn’t took much photos that day, credit to Jason for sharing me the photos.

These what I ordered;

Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice

and share tom yum together-gather.

After dinner we all……..


Then the B’day cake came in

You guys know lar bloggers love camera, love camwhore. Somemore almost all own a dSLR, feel like some celebs dine in with the flashlight flashing around the restaurant. XD

Before we leave we all have a group photo in front of Flying Chillies.

Nice can?

All photos were taken by Jason's @700 and the foods was taken with my Nikon D70s

Mar 27, 2009

March Movies

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Marley & Me

This movie was free tickets by my gf’s company. The story is about heartwarming and unforgettable story of a family in the making and wondrously neurotic dog fallen in theirs’ life.

The ending was kinna sad, my gf cried like baby in the cinema, what to do? realities are cruel.

Rate 8/10

Dragon Ball Evolution

Won these 4 movies ticket passes from 988, if you have read my previous post Tallboyz On 988.

One word to describe the movie. Trying too hard to be like in the comic, had me giggle with some scenes.

If you really want to watch this movie. Be prepare yourself not to expect the movie is the same with the comic/cartoon.

Rate 5/10 (no spiky hair, where is the turtle shell?, when summons the dragon how come the sky didn't change to dawn? and a lot more question)

Sex Drive

Hmmmm the title of this movie is abit too...... you think lar.

Didn't watch this in cinema, feel kinna stupid this watch with censor this censor that and had the movie from 2 hours become 45 minutes. Okok! I'm over exaggerated.

The movie is about a young boy drive his fury brother's GTO travelled half of the state to lost his virgin and alot funny parts happened.

Rate 7.5/10 (remember to watch the unrated one, k?)

Race to Witch Mountain

Heard this movie was a remake of a movie back in 1975, Escape to Witch Mountain.

This sci-fi movie is about 2 aliens human alike landed to earth with a mission to save the earth and it was bunged by the country security goverment. Then Dwayne Johnson of better known as The Rock in WWF helped the aliens in adventure and saved the day.

Rate 7/10

Mar 26, 2009

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

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There's a new fast food restaurant available in Taman Tun. Anyone tried Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen at Taman Tun?

Few weeks back I had my dinner there. Heard from my colleague, this restaurant was already around few years/a decade before they closed down and now they reopen again.

The restaurant.

Variety selection to choose from. The menu is a bit same like Wendy's.

Any KFC fans out there? You can try this out. The meats are more fresh compare with KFC and the mash potatoes and cole slaw very nice oh. (Maybe being new and special for me)

There's also a biscuit aka fluffy biscuit, taste not bad.

Next time will try out their's burgers.

Price wise is about same the same with those fast food available out there.

The address if you are interest to try it out or happened to be around there.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 - 7710 1198

Mar 25, 2009

Introducing Gallery

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I saw few of you did notice with my test page that I did last few days. Yeah! I'm on testing some java script and......

finally I successfully embedded multibox script in my blog and it allowed me to enable my 3rd navi buttons for gallery usage.

This how multibox effect.

The photos in the gallery temporary abit messy, allow me to reorganise those photos when I'm free.

So feel free to visit my humble gallery =)

p/s Special thanks to smashpOp and Jen for some html guidance. I'm totally 0 with this.

Mar 16, 2009

Water Droplet

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I was looking for something abstract to shot so I had a little experiment yesterday night. Trying out water droplet!

The setup for this shot are camera, tripod, a speedlight that support wireless, camera remote, a semi transparent plastic bowl and a water drop source (it can be created by pipe or a plastic bottle with a hole)

Here's the output;

F18 1/200sec 135mm ISO200 Flash On

The impact of the water was not that gratify. Will attempt again.

Mar 12, 2009

Garmin XT Installation for Nokia XpressMusic 5800

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Nokia did it again. Since the XpressMusic 5800 launched with an affordable price for it features, seem that everyone also can own a XpressMusic 5800. It’s like Nokia XpressMusic 5800 fever!

Ok! Lately I have received a lot emails, comments and even a lot ppl added me in MSN asking me the installation of Garmin XT that recently released a version that supported touch screen IU for Symbian S60 that fit really well for Nokia XM5800.

Here I’m gonna guide you guys on the installation of this application.

First download on the needed files;

- Download Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 3rd, current version 5.00.30 link
- Download Garmin Mobile XT Free Basemap and Garmin XT Support Files link
- Download GM-MySinMXT from malsingmaps link
(This is Malaysia and Singapore maps and you are required to register in order to download the map file)

- Connect your XM 5800 to the computer via USB and select Mass Storage or you also can remove your memory and connect it to your computer.

- Execute the files that you have downloaded in your computer, one after another;
1. Garmin Mobile XT Free Basemap
2. Garmin Mobile XT Support Files
3. Garmin Mobile XT V 5.00.30

- Disconnect your XM5800 or your memory from your computer. Go to your phone application and run your Garmin XT program.
(Note : If you unable to find the Garmin Application, search for GarminXT.sis file on the root of your memory card and install)

- For time been, you won’t be able to detect the in-built GPS unit of your XM5800 and it will search for Bluetooth GPS.

- Now you are required for ahemmm program. I won’t be able to provide you any link or program. You can try to google around.

- Next you go to Setting – System – About and jolt down the ID Card for the ahemmm code generator.

- Copy the generated code and paste it in a notepad and save the file as SW.UNL for software unit.

- Reconnect your XM5800 to computer and copy the SW.UNL file into \Garmin\ in your memory card.

- Then execute GM-MySinMXT.exe and select the directory to \Garmin\ in your memory card.
- Disconnect your XM5800 go to application and run Garmin XT. Next go to Setting > System > Remote GPS alter it to “Use Attached/Built-in GPS” and enable.

- Wa lah! You are ready to navigate with Garmin XT with voice navigation.

Now you can change your boring navigation arrow to some cool vehicle icons from here link
- Just download and create a folder name Vehicle in \Garmin\ in your memory card and paste it in.

That's all folk! Enjoy your sweet new Navigation program.

For more details installation please visit DoYouNokia

Mar 10, 2009

Inexpensive Macro Shot

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Interested to shot macro objects but have no budget to buy macro lens? Now there’s an inexpensive way to convert your kit lens or tele lens to macro-able. Macroable?? Tallboyz’s broken English. Hahaha!

Here recommend you +4 close up filter, you also can stalk it up to 2 filters to have more macro sense. This close up filter would only cost around RM30 to RM60 depend on the circular size.

Here are 2 test shots I made with a single +4 close up filter.

F5.6 1/1600 sec 135mm ISO200

F5.6 1/200 sec 135mm ISO200

Mar 5, 2009

Who is Who?

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Crappy update for 2day.

My second test of merging mutiple shots, the 1st attempt was during my visit to Malacca year 2007. HERE!

This photo was took 2 months back during CNY and I was too bored and nothing to do. XD

So guess which one is ME?

p/s please ignore my messy-just woke up hair

Mar 4, 2009


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Received a very cute Durex Ad from an email.

For those who is under 18, those plastic balloons was exercising.

As you all can see now, we are having world wide economic crisis, a lot peoples unwaged, pay cut and even some companies closed down.

It has given a very big impact to a lot companies and some started VSS and stop employing. Now 1 staffs might have to work for 2 persons tasks.

Not sure is mocked up or real.

I received a mail not long ago, Durex is hiring people and it’s urgently. 500 positions of condoms testers, no education qualification required, as long you have _____ or ______ you are in for interview but it only available in Thailand.

What you waiting for? Sign up now XD

Mar 3, 2009

Tallboyz On 988

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Woots! I'm on radio again.

If not mistaken this is the 5th time I won movie tickets from radio station. Damn proud giler added hidung kembang. XD

I used to listen to 988 during the time I head back home (K6 segment), and then I heard there are movie passes to win to watch Dragon Ball Evolution. So I tried out my luck and so lucky I got thru and won 4 movie passes. Woots!

Yeah, the Dragon Ball that was origin from a Japanese comic and now played with some ah moh actor that has no spiky hair. I guess Gatsby has pulled off their sponsor on this movie. lolz.

Do love to watch the animated of this movie, dun know this movie nice or not ler? Curious…

so any of you heard my sexy voice me on Radio yesterday?

Mar 2, 2009

Garmin for Nokia XpressMusic 5800

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Finally Garmin has made available Garmin XT for Nokia XpressMusic 5800 with touch screen UI. Now we can ditched the virtual key and have it fully run with touch screen.

The latest version that supported touch screen UI is V 5.00.30

Some screen shots of the garmin xt.

Garmin always has the fastest satellite lock with the help of A-GPS. Able to lock less than 1 minutes *vary on surrounding

Woots! I'm ready to get navigated to home with hot sexy voice.

For Garmin XT V 5.00.30 download click HERE!

February Movies

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Look For A Star

“There are no boundaries in LOVE” This movie is about a multimillionaire’s international company president (Andy Lau) fallen in love with night club dancer (Su Qi).

The storyline is quite predictable and it reminded me a movie that quite alike with this movie starring by Jackie Chan.

Rate 7/10

Bride Wars

This movie is about 2 best-est frens that very care and love each other fight over what that have dreamt together when they are young. The contra began when both of their’s bf proposed for marriage.

Rate 5/10 dun really like the rush ending.

Ong Bak 2

Have you guys watched the early Ong Bak? The stunt acts was out of this world. Tony Jaa was recognized as Jackie Chan Thailand Version.

This Ong Bak 2 was not related with the Ong Bak. As for this movie, Tony Jaa has performed numerous of martial arts. I super love the Chinese Kung Fu he executed, nice and perfect, can say better than a lot Kung Fu artistes.

The movie is abit a struggling life of a child to stay alive so he can have revenge for his dad.

The ending is abit sad but then it shown the different between Tony Jaa and Jackie Chan. Hero would not always win and can’t be defeated.

No one can escape from Karma.

Rate 8.5/10

Eden Lake

A very romantic plan of a couple spending holiday at Eden Lake changed to tragic when they bumped up with some problematic adolescents.

It started when the couple accidently killed one of the trouble kid’s dog during an argument. The anger and irrational acts led to killing. The chase being when they killed the guy and the gal run for survival. Quite kan jiong. But then the ending was a bit sad and disappointed.

Rate 6/10 feel like a low cost movie.

Slumdogs Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire, the big winner of Oscar 2009. Nominated for 10 awards and received 8 awards, including Best Picture and has billed as the most entertaining film 2008.

Doesn’t need to elaborate much bout this movie, one word to describe this movie “The Best-est Movie” and it’s a much watch movie.

This movie has proven to people, a good movie does not required sky high budget and super famous superstar to be played in the movie.

Rate 10/10 perfect score

The Punisher WarZone

This movie probably the bloodiest movie of 2009 although some of it was censored but then we still can see brutal and blood-spattered. There’s no mercy by “The Punisher” even a small potate robber also have to be killed.

Rate 5/10 a bit not logic and doesn't look like a hero.