Jan 31, 2010

Case 39

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Finally watched Case 39. Been hearing some good feedback bout this movie and finally got the chance to watched as well added in my 2010 wishlist "Watch 100 movies in 2010"

Case 39 is a horror movie about a social worker (Emily Jenkins) who rescued a girl (Lilith) who almost got killed by her own's parent and the parents claimed Lilith is a demon.

I found the movie has a little like Orphan and The Ring.

Rate 7/10 A lot unpredictable things happened but the ending part a bit "Too Rush"

Jan 28, 2010

Alson & Abby Birthday at Rakuzen

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Last Sunday, I've visited Rakuzen attended Alson & Abby's Birthday. It was actually an advance celebration as Alson's B'day fall on the next day and Abby was the following day.

Ok! Let's move on with introduction of the MakanGang

Start with the ladies Yoke Yee, Sandy, Abby, Mun Lay & Cayven

Next the guys Andy, Ronan, Me & Alson.

Wokie! Foods time! Please DO NOT lick your monitor please. XD

So! Got feel a bit hungry now? Have the crave to eat Sushi now? lolz!

Here's the b'day boy and b'day gal with their's cake. I'm not going to tell u guys they are already 25 as it's a personal. WTF! XD

Happy Belated Birthday guys!

Before ended my post, a group shot of the MakanGang

p/s I look absolutely hideous. lol

Jan 27, 2010

Haunted Universities

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Just watched Haunted Universities at Pavilion with YY.

Thai peoples does come out with a quite number of good horror movies so does this. This movie based on various horror and ghost tales set in universities. Mostly are legends passed down from one class to another.

Rate 6.5/10 found not as horror as it's but did pumped my heart go faster. lol!

Coming next! Be prepare for Sushi craving!!!!!!

Jan 26, 2010

Tooth Fairy Screening

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Just got back from One Utama, watched The BadAss ToothFairy ToothFairy that hold by Nuffnang. Thanks Nuffnang for the invites.

This movie is about "A Was Famed Hockey Player" (Dwayne Johnson) who doesn't belief in fairy and also a dream & fantasy killers, received a summons from the Fairyland. He are required to be a Tooth Fairy and his job is to collect tooths from children and pay them with money for 2 weeks before he actually can be free/back to his normal life. A lot silly and stupid jokes in this movie that didn't failed to tickles us.

Rate 8.5/10 Had a great laugh in the cinema with the Nuffnangers and Nuffies. A quite worthy to watch movie.

Jan 23, 2010


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Just got back from 1 Utama. Watched Legion.

The story is quite biblical and reflected to us how cruel and stupidity humans are.

My thought of Angel was they are a chubby boy covered with white powder and half naked in a pair of white wings. Hahahah! Actually in this movie, the Angel are not much different with Devil. They would kill peoples for sake of accomplish assignment. Ok! No more spoiler.

Rate 6/10 does look a bit low cost budget movie.

BTW, I'm honor to know that my blogpost of Why I Like It Longer has made it way to the top most popular blogpost in innit.nuffnang.com in last 24 hours. Woots! This is the 1st time ever my blogpost to be appeared in this chart table. I've received a quite good respond and comments from you guys.

Thanks guys for the support. Cheers and Happy Weekend to everyone! =)

Jan 22, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

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Warning! This gonna be a quite Long post as you read from the title.

As you can see here my nickname in blogsphere is Tallboyz. Yes, I do consider tall as in Asian countries. Sometimes it’s quite hectic for a long legged people like me to buy pant.

As you can see here;

I’m quite tall and these pants are not long enough for me. I would always Like It Longer so I would look more fashionable.

There are a lot more reasons Why I Like It Longer;

I own a sedan car that could only occupy 5 or maybe 6 peoples and that’s the max in the car.

What if my sedan car transformed to a Longer limousine so that I can fetch a lot more girl friends & family members for a ride. It made me more versatile.

*credit to BOKM for the human tripod help*

Beside that I would always wanted to have a Longer Name

Why? Don’t you feel is cool to have longer name? It’s just the same like the name Ke$ha (a dollar sign in her name made her look cooler)

Never underestimate my eating intake with my body that dip in oil also won't fat. If you are close to me, you should have know I ate a lot. I can finish a big Pan Pizza all by myself.

During dinner, if the dishes are nice I can have 4 bowls of rice. Dun play play, next time invite me over to your house for dinner, remember to cook more rice. lol!

Everytime I had burger I would always imagine how I wish the burger can be Longer to fulfill my hunger.

Spending is easy, saving is hard. I would always wanted to see my saving account to have Longer digits number. Who don’t? Even the multimillionaire Bill Gate also want to earn more money.

I'm a chocolate freak, seriously! I love chocolate very much till I can be a thief because of chocolate.

There was a time in a mid night, I sneaked into the kitchen fridge and finish off the entire chocolates that have bought by my sister. The next morning my sister asked who took her chocolate and I did not admit until my sister saw some chocolate's stain left over on my face. Kantoi! lol!

I could do anything for a bite of chocolate and I may get crazy if my chocolate got longer

Oh ya! About Chocolate. LG has come out with new phone which are LONGER than the ordinary phone. LG Chocolate BL40. It's a designer phone that every Supermodel wanted to have. It has a lot similarity of a Supermodel that look seductive, glossy, sleek and thin. World-renowned fashion magazine like vogue, GQ, ELLE and Esquire have unanimously proclaimed the new LG Chocolate phone as a breathtaking sleek supermodel.

This LG new Chocolate features;
4" vivid yet sharp widescreen with 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display (345 x 800 px)
Superb 5.0 Mega Pixel Auto Focus camera with Super bright LED Flash
Fully Capacitive Touch Screen with Multi-touch input and  S-Class Touch UI.
Outstanding Dolby Mobile Sound Enhancement.
Scratch Resistant Surface.
A-GPS, WiFi, FM Radio, HSDPA.
and way Longer list
This Sexy, Stylish and Versatile LG Chocolate is Longer that have made me fallen deeply......very deep..... seriously, it's damn deep...... harlo* with echo*oooo in LOVE.

My Life's Good because I like everything in Longer including this LG Chocolate BL40.

Jan 20, 2010

Pimpky Has Won The DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge

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Do you guys still remember the DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge?

Guess what? I've received an e mail from Nuffnang that the result for top 3 DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge contest is out and surprisingly our team Pimpky has won the 1st prize. Woots!

Here I would like to thanks to DiGi, TimeOut Solutions & Nuffnang for organizing such cool event and honoured to be picked as the Grand Prize winner.

And also thank you so much to my team members Saimatkong, Pueh Tian & Emeryn. Pimpky has made it! Our tiredness, sweat and muscles pain has paid off! lol!

Do check out of our winning DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge video;

and our winning blogpost DiGiPimpMyDay

Pimpky! Pimpky! Pimp My Day!
Pimpky! Pimpky! All The Way!

Jan 19, 2010

Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid

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2 weeks ago, I had dinner with YY at Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid. Thought of visiting my brother who was working at there. He has been working there for quite some period, only this useless brother go and visit him. *slap back of my head*

*sorry for the low quality images, photos was taken with mobile phone*

These what we had;

It may look cruel but what the heck? I can eat this all day long, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. lol!

Some softshell crap crab roll

no caterpillar inside ok? It just look like catterpillar and I don't eat bugs.

YY ordered this, not a fans of unagi but still have to finish up for her.

I had this, super love cold soba. Dip and eat! Om nom nom

That is my younger brother.

not to miss, a photo of me and my princess. Doesn't she look cute with the crown? XD

That's all for now!

So, any of you craving for Sushi now? XD

Jan 17, 2010

Sherlock Holmes | Old Dogs

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Finally I've watched Sherlock Holmes after hearing so much of good feedbacks from those who have watched.

My early impression of the movie after watched the trailer was, it feel like a boring and less actions movie.

Actually the movie are totally different and the storyline was awesome. The way how he solve unusual cases is simply WOW!

Rate 9/10 I love how Robert Downey Jr. / Sherlock Holmes profiling peoples. Can't wait for Sherlock Holmes 2, if there are.

This afternoon I've watched Old Dogs with YY at Pavilion.

Old Dogs is a comedy movie about 2 best buddies as well as business partners have their lives turned upside down when they are unexpectedly charged with two 7 years old twin while on verge of their biggest business deal of their lives.

A lot funny stuffs happened while taking care 2 of the kids.

Rate 8/10 The early part was a bit dull after that I laughed like hell in the cinema.

Jan 16, 2010

Astro B.yond Blogger Night

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A very short blogpost of Astro B.yond Bloggers Night.

On Wednesday I've attended Astro B.yond Bloggers Night at Desa Sri Hartamas. Astro B.yond is the 1st ever High Definition (HD) TV broadcast in Malaysia and I was among the 200 bloggers to witness the 1st ever HD TVC that done by Malaysian.

The things you will get from Astro HD B.yond.

Currently there were only providing 5 HD channels which are HBO HD, ESPN HD, National Geographic HD, Astro Supersport HD & History HD.

The images output was truly sharp as it like cinema.

Mr. Henry COO of Astro caught in HD.

Apart the launch of Astro B.yond, there was a mystery murder case to solve whereby one blogger would win a 32" LG High Definition TV, Astro B.yond box, New remote control, new outdoor dish and 1 year free subscription to Astro B.yond channels.

Beside that, there was a live performance spicy up the environment.

Before I left, taken a photo with Saimatkong (appeared in HD TV, lol!) & Jason.

Happy weekend guys!

Jan 15, 2010

The Spy Next Door Screening

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Just got back from eCurve watched The Spy Next Door Screening that I've won from MixdotFM. Tagged Saimatkong, Rames & Emeryn.

Before the movie, we all gather for dinner together as most of us just off from work. We ate at The Garden, which are the same branch at 1 Utama.

Most of us I had Pineapple Fried Rice and Rames was thought of complaining "Where's the pineapple?". WTF! lol

It was still early after collected tickets, we head to Just Dessert and indeed we just had dessert only. lol!

and not to miss, cam-ho together.

Sorry for the poor image quality, taken with my phone.

The movie is too funny and it has gotten more funny when Saimatkong lol! BTW Jackie Chan english indeed has improved. Had a great laugh in the movie.

Rate 6.5/10 It's a bit fake but what the heck it is a movie.

p/s: Dun leave the cinema so fast after the movie end, there are some NG shots very funny.

Jan 12, 2010

I've Graduated Master Degree

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Woots! I've graduated in Master Degree, HONs 1st Class in RCW (Radio Contest Winning) from University of Radio Station.

2 day ago I've received a SMS from MixdotFM that informed me that I've won 4 movie passes to watch "The Spy Next Door" starred by Jackie Chan. WooHoo!!!!

This is one of the movie in my movies list that I wanted to watch. Thanks to MixdotFM.

This has made up my 16th times. lolz!

-Meet The Spartan Movie Passes by 988
-Superheroes Movie Passes by 988
-RM150 Neway Voucher by MyFM
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Movie Passes by MixFM
-Dragon Evolution Movie Passes by 988
-The Uninvited Movie Passes by 988
-Make It Happen Movie Passes by OneFM
-Fighting Movie Passes by 988
-Ice Age 3 Movie Passes by OneFM
-RM199 TrichoKare Vouchers by MyFM
-Coweb Movie Passes by OneFM
-Murderer Movie Passes by 988
-Avatar Movie Passes by 988
-The Bodyguards & Assassins by MixFM
-Ju-on 2 by 988

P/S  There are no such University or Degree that can study, was just blow water (chui sui)

Jan 11, 2010

I’m a Tooth Fairy

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Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Malaysia, Nuffnang is giving out 90 pairs of invitation to the special screening of Tooth Fairy this 25 January.

Here I would like to share with you guys, if "I'm a Tooth Fairy"

In order to accomplish my mission to collect tooth from underneath pillow of a child, I'll be MEAN! You got it right, violent to achieve my mission. I'll use LOLLIPOP, SLEEPING POWDER & HAMMER

How? Below is the steps;

1. Give the child a lot alot of sweets so the tooth will be loosen up easily. (Ok! I'm not the kids as I dun have any kids model for me to shot, just imagine I'm a kids ok?)

2. Use sleeping powder magic to have the child sleep, so I can sneak to his pillow to get the tooth.

3. If couldn't find any tooth below the pillow, then I may have to be harsh by hammering it out one tooth from his mouth. Spend so many sweets and sleeping powder couldn't get the tooth, of course have to use the hard way.

After all!

So, you guys pray hard that this Bad Ass Tooth Fairy won't dropby to your house tonite! lol!

Ok! A crappy one. Please Nuffnang, spare me a pair of tickets please. Heheheh!