Jul 18, 2012

Nissan LEAF in Malaysia, Co-Driven

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Recently Nissan Malaysia has brought in the world first mass-production the all-electric Nissan LEAF for people to experience what it's like to be driving a zero-emission car. No petrol refuel required, all you need to do is to charge and drive.

Jason Goh whom are one of the lucky 4 Malaysian to be the first to take part in this Nissan pilot program for 6 weeks.

Met up with Jason for an event just now and gotten a chance to have an up close touch and experience of this awesome car.

My car parked next to this sexy Aqua Blue, Nissan LEAF.

Check out the futuristic dashboard. The first impression when I got onto the car is, it's so Nissan Grand Livina with light colour interior.

since it's EV motorised there are no gear changes / ratio, only reverse, neutral and drive. It's very straight forward.

On the dashboard it has a multimedia full touch screen head unit with reverse camera.

Wonder how's the power and pick up of this EV? I was surprised with it powerful 274nM torque at 2,800rpm, I was sticking hard on the seat when Jason's accelerate the car. I'm not joking.

The NVH (noise, vibrate & harness) is impressively good and the engine start and revving's noise is hardly noticeable..... almost nothing.

According to Jason, to full charge this Nissan LEAF, it required 6 hours with a special charging station that has installed in his house and a single full charge can go about 160km. Due to it limitation driving range, it's very suitable as a second car for short distance driving.

Hope to see more EV cars make available in Malaysia market soon. First is to have more EV's charging stations.

Wish to own one soon :)

Jul 11, 2012

MTV World Stage 2012 - Win FREE Passes with Celcom

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I'm sure some of you may heard MTV World Stage is and it's back again for the 4th consecutive time and this round will be performed by a list of world class singers and group like Justin Bieber, Jay Park, Mizz Nina and K-Pop queens Kara. They gonna shake the stage!!!!

MTV World Stage 2012 will be held at the same old place Surf Beach at Sunway Lagoon on 14th July 2012.

As what I've mentioned on my blogpost title, you can score some FREE tickets to be a part on this fun event.


Get FREE ticket when you reload or subscribe


Reload RM60 and above to get TWO FREE tickets


  • Step 1: Register by sending MTV to 28881
  • Step 2: Upon receiving registration confirmation SMS, reload RM60 (cumulative) and above to get mobile voucher to redeem TWO FREE tickets.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Limited to TWO tickets per mobile number.
  • Register and reload must be performed before 10th July 2012.
  • Mobile voucher must be redeemed by 12 July 2012.
  • Tickets availability is subject to first come, first serve basis.

You can also win tickets through Facebook

Be a fan of Xpax/U.O.X./S.O.X. on Facebook and you could score tickets to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012. Starting 26th June 2012, you can log in to the Xpax/U.O.X./S.O.X. Facebook page at www.facebook.com/xpaxfb or www.facebook.com/uoxfb or www.facebook.com/soxfb and use the “Time to Muxic” Facebook app.

From 26th June to 8th July, use the app to spread the word about MTV World Stage and share it with as many friends as possible. The more you share, the more points you get and this will affect your ranking in the app’s leaderboard. Be one of the top 25 point-getters and you will win FOUR passes to MTV World Stage!
Then, on 14th July, 12.00am, you can log on to xpax.com.my/timetomuxic on your mobile to check in to the concert and tag your MTV World Stage photos with Xpax by connecting your Facebook account to the site. Each check-in and tagged photo will earn you points that could win you passes to the MTV World Stage after-party. The ten fans with the most points will be getting those exclusive passes!


Download selected Call Me Tones and True Tones or Full Songs to stand a chance at getting FREE tickets to MTV World Stage.

To Download Call Me Tones: Dial *888*# press CALL.

To Download Full Songs: Send FSsong code to 21308.

To Download True Tones: Send TT
song code to 21308.

You and your friend could be on your way to MTV World Stage for FREE! Join Frencube by dialing *888*219#. Then pose like a superstar and upload the photos to Frencube to stand a chance to win FREE tickets.

Just record your voice screaming “I Love Justin Bieber” in the longest and craziest way to get tickets to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012! Dial *1185 to stand a chance.

Celcom XPAX is giving you a money-can’t-buy chance to have a meet & greet session with the superstar himself and all you have to do is download his songs “Boyfriend” and “Die in Your Arms” as your Call Me Tones then send them to your friends as gifts.

To download, type CMTsongcode and send to 22990 or dial *888*# and press CALL.

To send Call Me Tones as a gift, type CMT Gift
songcodefriend’s mobile number and send to 22990.

For easy downloading, go to The Cube’s mobile USSD portal by dialing *888*99# or *888# and select MTV World Stage 2012.

You could be the extremely lucky one to join an exclusive Meet & Greet Session with Justin Bieber!

So, if you want to be at this year’s MTV World Stage and have an X-citing time, go to xpax.com.my or www.thecube.my now!

Jul 5, 2012

Drum Tao from Japan Coming to Malaysia

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World-renowned Japan martial arts and drum-playing, Drum Tao will be showcasing their international performance in KL for the very first time at KLCC Plenary Hall.

Drum Tao was established in the year 1993, create an entirely new art form that is modern yet retains a sens of nostalgia. They has mesmerising their audience world-wide, the Japanese drum's intense and powerful beat underpins a musical message that penetrates deep into the hearts of audiences.

They have been travelling over 400 cities in 17 countries performing an extravaganza features human efforts by the 16-strong highly disciplines crew of Japanese Taiko drummers. The performers create complexing rhythms on smaller drums, complemented by the delicacy of bamboo flutes and horizontal harp. Their skilful drumming is exhilarating, also leap around the stage performing intricate choreography with their split-second timing, dressed in flowing red and black robes.

There will be only 3 shows in 2 days on 24th and 25th August 2012. You can get your tickets from

http://www.ticketpro.com.my/jnp/theatre/musical/884843-drum-tao-art-of-drum-2012.html or www.facebook.com/establishevents

For early bird if purchased before 20th July you are entitled to get 15% discount.

Check out the promo video below;

Jul 3, 2012

Support MILO Nutrition Movement Breakfast Pledge

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Do you know a research has shown that almost 30% of primary school children skipped breakfast on an average of two to three times a week?

MILO Malaysia has launched a month-long pledge collection through their MILO Malaysia Facebook Page from 18th of June to 18th of July. Upon collected 10,000 pledges, MILO Malaysia will provide 10,000 breakfast meals to students in selected rural schools across Malaysia.

The MILO Nutrition Movement is created to increase awareness among parents and children by sharing the importance of having the right diet especially breakfast in providing sufficient energy to sustain the daily activities of children.

Be the first to make a difference today by signing to MILO Malaysia Facebook's Page and pledge this nutrition movement. It's just a few clicks ahead to help the children.

I've done mine, how about you?

Do share it with your friends and family for this meaningful movement