Jul 31, 2011

Taiwan Day 2 - Martyrs' Shine

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Again back to my Taiwan trip, the 2nd day of Taiwan. It's gonna be a long blogpost.

The 2nd day we planned to visit Martyrs' Shine, a building built dedicated to the people who sacrificed their lives fighting for theirs country in another word Graveyard. WTF!

Guess what? The Taiwan's famous singer, Teresa Teng also placed here as mostly are only the soldiers.

We had Sushi for breakfast which near to the building we stayed.

We took MRT from Taipei Main Station to Jiantan and take bus to Martyrs' Shine.

The bus come in 15 minutes once, you can check which bus to the destination at the bus stop. We took 267 (Red Bus)

If you notice there are seatbelt on each of the seat but er........ no one actually use it :P

It took about 20 minutes to reach there. You can ask the bus driver to notify you once reached to the destination.

Took a group photo of the entrance of Martyrs' Shine.

We reached there just perfect to see the guards to change shift which happen every 1 hour. The process ain't just walk in and it's changed but they will do some performances and it's quite an elaborate process.

If you did follow me on twitter @tallboyz I did my 1st plank ever in my life and it's at the front of Martyrs' Shine.

I didn't PK or I wan to lick the floor. It's just a stupid act that I would like to do long time ago, life ain't long k? excuses

Had another group photo.

Martyrs' Shrine buildings on this compound are skillfully crafted and designed to look like Ming Dynasty palaces.

Shot a fish eye group pic before leave.

The guards there are motionless even hardly see they blinked their eyes or move. Well trained? That muscles kills!

Then we took bus head to the nearest MRT which are Yuanshan.

Dropped by a shop there for lunch.

This is what we had

After lunch we walked to Taoist Temple which are just few road away from Yuanshan MRT.

Mum said "if you go to others people's house must greet theirs elder, if you visit others country must pay respect in temple" :P

After bai bai, we head to somewhere that have great foods.

Coming up next!

Jul 28, 2011

Captain America The First Avenge

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Woots! Just got back from Mid Valley, catched Captain America, The First Avenge. Thank you so much to LowyatNet for the free movie screening.

Another Marvel Comic after Green Lanterns.

The movie took place back in 1942, when America has entered World War II. Steve Rogers a sickly young Brooklyn youth who determined to join the military service. Everything has changed when Dr. Erksine recruited him for a secret project that turned him from a sickly boy to extraordinary superhero, Captain America.

Rate 7.5/10 If you love comics, you may enjoy this. Quite exaggerated although the WWII was in 1942 but all the military weapon and technology are more advanced than now. Yeah I know, it's a comic. That why comic lovers would definitely like this. The weapon they use is quite good tho, no need to clean dead body after been shot as it's gone just like that. Poof! Hahha!

If you have yet watch the trailer, check it out at below;

Jul 26, 2011

Taiwan Day 1 - Wu Fen Pu

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This gonna be a super long post! Last week I've visited Taiwan with buddies of mine for 8 days. Trust me, 8 days really not enough tho!

Back to my Taiwan trip.

I've took Air Asia X which bought last year! Yes! Last year! It's on promo ma! I'm one of those kiasu people.

You know what? Our name was announced for being late on board, some more we run like crazy people as the plane is freaking far! WTF!

We touched down at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at around 4pm. The flight took about 4 hours 30 minutes. Damn stressful sitting on the lousy seat. Why all the plane seats have to be so uncomfortable? Can Mr. Tony Fernandes do something on this? like he's gonna read this lol!

Oh ya! The buddies come along to Taiwan.

Let me introduce them: Mich, Yoke Yee, Sandy, Jerry, Abby, Charmaine and Andy.

Booked 2 cabs to fetch us to the homestay we rented.

In the cab, passed by some building which still under construction and it covered with a very nice cover as it's already completed!

Nice kan?

We booked 2 apartment next to Taipei MRT Main Station. It's super convenience as it's located in the heart of Taipei.

Check out my apartment's balcony view. Superb kan?

How's the room look like? Hehehe! I've forgotten to take and already intruded the room but it's very nice and clean and high tech. No need use key de, just key in a passkey. Hahah! I'm damn Jakun!

As I've mentioned earlier, the MRT Taipei Main Station is very near, it's a walking distance from the homestay we stayed. Less than 2 minutes and no need to walk outside one, it's linked! Awesome kan?

The infrastructural in Taipei City is well organised and convenience.

Can you see the orange stop in the middle of the train map? That is where we stayed! Heheheh! Next time if you are coming to Taiwan and wanted to stay in Taipei, remember to find one nearby there.

Took the 1st Taiwan MRT, er...... nothing to shout, some like our LRT in Malaysia but more cleaner and all the people here would queue to get on the ride.

All the people in Taiwanese really polite, helpful and friendly. They would queue even taking bus, lift and even escalator but the pull back is Taiwanese drive damn reckless and would horn others if they are slow -.-"

Our 1st destination is Wu Fen Pu Night Market, so stopped at Houshanpi station as that is the nearest train station. To all banana our there, you don't have to worry with road sign as it has pin yin so it's very easy to explore.

Wu Fen Pu are famous with wholesale market. All the clothes here is very cheap but quite fashionable as according to YY. Although is cheap but then she said the clothes here look abit cacat/like rejected (FOS?)

The gals went shopping and the guys busy finding local foods!

A lot mini stalls/street foods can be found in Taiwan's Night Market and it's not that expensive.

Tried this grilled squid

Tako ball! Malaysia's one better! lol!

This is one their most famous street foods, big sausage wrap small sausage 大腸包小腸. It's actually a glutinous rice wrapped on pork sausage. Drooling!

After the shopping and eating, we head for a proper dinner at Formosa Chang.

Formosa Chang is famous with stewed pork and also minced pork rice. OMG! All also pork! Sorry to all Muslim member, hope this won't offended you.

Before eat after must take picha lar!

Still remember their's name? Charmaine, Jerry, Andy & Mich

Sandy, YY and the magnificent, tall, good looking and handsome ME. lol! Please don't vomit blood k?



and pork! Hahah! Kidding! It's vege! :P

Then we head back to our homestay. We had not enough and thought Taiwan at night will be very happening but didn't know, they closed shop damn early.

Couldn't try their local foods. We walk walk and walk, ended up we had KFC. Hahah! The driver who sent us here mentioned that KFC has comes out with a new meal. Chicken wrap cheese and vege. Heard also feel the sin. lol!

That's all for day 1. More coming soon! :)

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Jul 24, 2011

I'm Back From Taiwan

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Hello everybody! I'm back from Taiwan!

Stayed at Taiwan for 8 days and stayed at Taipei & Taichung.

Took about 2k/10GB of photos. The weather, infrastructures, foods, scenery and people are great! Love the country very much, super miss it now!

Here some photos to share that I took during the visit.

More blogpost coming soon!

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Jul 22, 2011

Taiwan - Taipei 101

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Hello Malaysia! How are you all?

Took Taiwan High Speed Rail Train and Visited Taipei 101

- Blogpost & photos updated via iPhone

Jul 18, 2011

Taiwan - Virgin Plank

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1 photo blogpost for today.

Had my 1st virgin plank at Martyrs' Shrine, Taipei.

Blogpost & photo updated via IPhone.

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Location:Section 1, ShìMín Blvd,Datong District,Taiwan

Jul 17, 2011

Taiwan - Culture Shock

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Reached Taiwan this morning via Air Asia X! Gonna be a short update for 2day. Great to have FREE WiFi in our hostel. Woots!

How I wish my money can be multiple by 10. :P

Stayed at Pig Home Hostel nearby Taipei Main Station. Central heart of Taipei.

View from my room.

Had our 1st Taiwan MRT! Nothing much to shout about. Same like LRT in Malaysia.

Oh ya! The gang I goes with on this trip.

All the people here are same colours skin and they all talk in Mandarin..... I'm totally O.o Gotten culture shock I guess. Hahah!

More photos and proper blogpost will be updated when I'm back.

Happy weekend guys!

Blog update & photos taken via iPhone.