Jun 30, 2009


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What with the 24? Stay tune!

Jun 29, 2009

Transformers 2 - Revenge of The Fallen

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Yeah! I know I'm kinna outdated already as most of you guys already watched. Exactly 2 years ago the first Transformers Movie on screen wobbled the world with cool cars, breathtaking actions and superb CG effects.

This year, 2009 June, Michael Bays & Steven Spielberg has done it again with Transformer 2 – Revenge of The Fallen.

Some of you might have encounter problem with tickets purchasing via E-Ticketing. This is the 1st time I saw GSC website overloaded with traffic, making hard to purchase tickets. It’s like Air Asia having free air tickets.

Luckily I manage to get the ticket for Saturday at Times Square with some good seats. When I reached to the cinema, I saw a crowded peoples queuing up in front of the entrance. Please lar, the tickets you purchased already set/located, why do you all need to rush in?

Back to the movie, one word to describe; Awesome till the MAX!!!!! The actions, the fight, the jokes, the hot sexy Megan Fox and more. I might be watching the second time this coming Friday. Woots!

Rate 11/10. Those who haven’t watch, it’s a must watch movie of the year. Beat The Terminator.

p/s remember to pees 1st before you go in, the movie is quite lenghty about 2 1/2 hours.

Jun 24, 2009

June Movies

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This month I have watched 3 movies .

Monster Vs Alien

This movie has 2 versions, flat-images and 3D. Super love the character of Bob, “ I think she gave me a fake number ” lolz.

Rate 8/10.

Terminator Salvation

One of the big Movies of The Year, I believe almost all of you guys have watched this movie. Actions from starting till the end of the movie.

Rate 8/10.

Drag Me to Hell

At first I was thought it’s a horror movie, it blended with some crazy and unexpected scenes. The movie has a bit like “Scary Movie” but in more serious way.

Rate 6/10

Update: For now I have collected total of 229 tickets of GSC tickets.

Jun 19, 2009

Do You Nokia?

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I have created a new blog DoYouNokia, very obvious this blog is all about Nokia.

My 1st Nokia phone was the Nokia 3310, once a Hall of Fame that everyone should have. When I try to recall how many Nokia phones that I have own before. I was so surprised tat I have used 7 Nokia phones in the past till present.

  • Nokia 3310 once a must have phone,
  • Nokia 8210 the small and slim phone,
  • Nokia 3650 the 1st Symbian Platform OS phone,
  • Nokia N-Gage the 1st N-Gage phone,
  • Nokia 6630 Nokia 1st 1.3mp camera phone,
  • Nokia N95 the 1st Multimedia Nokia phone
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Nokia 1st touch screen phone.

I have a deep interest with Nokia phone especially after Nokia implemented Symbian OS platform on Nokia phone.

By having this blog, I hope I'll be able to provide more info and update about Nokia from Hardware to Software to everyone.

Feel free to click the link button on the sidebar to visit my new blog. Thank you for your support.

So Do You Nokia?

Jun 17, 2009

Get Perfect Body Shape Fast

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Dreaming to have model body figure? Lack of self confident of having spare tyre with you wherever you go? Or being so skinny like you are came from Africa.

So you might thought of workout at gym or probably at home.

These are the workouts that you can do at home to get body shaped for better appearance.

Now there's a best solution that only took 20 minutes to 1 hour to build up fast and effective.

No injection needed, painless, no side effect, no pills consuming and I mean real fast.


Introducting you Photoshop, I believe on my previous post I did talk about the wonder Photoshop can do in our life. Cheap Ance Free & Healthy Skin Look Solution

Now I'm gonna show you what Photoshop can to our body.

What I have workouts; liquifying, dodging/burning, bloating, brushing and I can get 8 packs abdomens, bigger biceps on arm and wider chest.

Photoshopinally proved. Satisfaction Guarantee!

Pick up ur phone and call now.

Jun 15, 2009

Pulau Ketam

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It is Pulau Ketam. Hahaha, seem none of you guys got it right.

Last week I went to Pulau Ketam with my gf for a day trip visit.

How to go to Pulau Ketam? It's super duper easy. You can take KTM, as what I did. I took LRT then interchange to KTM, only then reach to Port Klang, which is the last station.

It took us about 2 hours to reach there.

Then we walked to the Jetty, btw for those who has been long time didn't go to Pulau Ketam, they have moved to other Jetty which is more far from the KTM station.

While waiting for the boat to come, I took a panorama shot.

Here come the speedboat. The fare is RM 7 for adult and RM 5 for children. It's a air conditioned speedboat.

For those who haven't eaten please pause till here and go grab something to chew, I would not be responsible having you guys hunger and craving for foods. Heheheh.

Once we reached to sore, we straight find restaurant for brunch. Didn't have breakfast till 3pm. OMG!

We ordered.....

The foods is enough for atleast 3~4 pax...... and.........

I we manage to finished it all. The damage was only RM80. Cheap can? All seafoods le.

After that we go for a short walk as the last boat head to back to Jetty is at 6pm.

I took that siao photo here on my previous post and we also.....

I can jump higher! XD

I saw moon while we on our way back.

THE END! Next I will be posting an extremely crazy super siao giler post. Stay tune ya!

Jun 12, 2009

Blue Sky

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You guys still scratching head where I took that photo?

More hints!

It's in Malaysia

A lot lamp posts can be found here.

Satellite are around for telecomunication.

Required boats transportation to come over here.

Hahaha! Very obvious liao right?

Super love the blue sky CPL.

Jun 11, 2009

Where Are We?

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Where are we? Up next!

Jun 9, 2009

Bye Bye Penang

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This gonna be the lasst post about my Penang visit last month.

The last day morning we when for Dim Sum nearby at our hotel.

After that we went to Gurney Plaza for shopping. Then we go for lunch at Tbowl.

Tbowl is a concept restaurant of Toilet. The decoration of the restaurant are all about toilet even the seats, the plate of our foods.

We eat and poos. lolz

Lucilky the restaurant didn't serves sxxt.

We did pose with toilet bowl tho.

The foods are so so only, but the enviroment is quite interesting for jakun like me. lolz

For those who are interest to pay a visit, Tbowl are located inside Gurney Plaza near the cinema.

After that we head back to KL and took ferry to get across. Had a good time and good foods in Penang.

Bye bye Penang. See you soon!

Jun 4, 2009

Tallboyz & My Vios

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As requested by ahbing. More siao of me. Tallboyz Style This time took place nearby my house, Pandan Indah LRT station.

another photo of my collection.

My previous attempt click here.

Next gonna be the finale post of my Penang visit. Stay tune.

Jun 2, 2009

Search For N

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Finally the 1st round of Search For N just ended. It was a high blood pressure contest where all participates are required to racing with time sending answers via e mail when the question released. Ain't a good contest for heart attack patients. XD Kidding!

Manage to send my 1st e mail on 7.03pm and 2nd e mail on 7.05pm which I stupidly leave out a word. Damn it!

Praying hard now and hope Nokia will call me. I'm placing my phone on a good reception area now. :P

Love To Save

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Just now I was browsing thru my Nuffnang's account and saw "Love to Save" with DiGi logo.

I've clicked and direct me to a DiGi charity champaign. DiGi is trying to raise RM150,000 in 30 days for charity purpose.


DiGi will be donating RM5 with every entry. No donation or money involved on you. Just 3 simple steps/clicks you can make the different.

What you guys waiting for? Let's show your support and make it happen!

Love to Save

Jun 1, 2009

988 - Fighting

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I reached a call from 988 just now less than 10 minutes. Yeah! I won myself 4 movies tickets again. Hahaha!

You all must be doubt and curious, am'I for real?

This is my 7th time winning something on air.

It was a SMS contest of a movie "Fighting" that I have totally forgot about it till I received the call. Woots! I got myself 4 tickets and will be watching it 2 days early before it released.

Past winning click HERE!