Apr 30, 2008

Good foods at Alley

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What do you guys thing about having your breakfast/lunch/dinner at some places that look ain’t that clean or at an alley that you can see some cats and rats run about.

Last Saturday me, andy and my Dear went to Jalan Pudu for dinner. It’s ain't a restaurant nor a shop.

It located nearby Pudu LRT station.

When we reached there, all of the tables there were already occupied with ppl.

The waiting time there quite long I tell you. If you not a patient person I would suggest you to eat at McD or KFC.

Here's the foods.

Seriously the foods there are yummy especially yin yong.

It reminded me of "never jugde a book by it's cover"

Dun know why 2day I feel like friday, mayb 2moro going to be a public holiday. Yahooooo!

Happy Holiday to all (which are stay in Malaysia) =)

Apr 28, 2008

Meet the "J" | Hakka Noodle

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Finally I manage to update my blog. As u guys know I have terminated my internet connection at home and last week my office line having problem.

My feeling was like;


Woots! Yesterday nite met up with 2 bloggers, UncleJosh, Justin and Alice at Tsim Tung, Pandan Indah. It was a last minutes gather for yumchar/dinner.

Why meet the "J"? Do you notice we do have the same first alphabet Joshua's' and Justin. Justin did brought along a beautiful beautician along Alice.

Know UncleJosh and Justin thru their's blogs, feel free to dropby to theirs' blog.

We had an enjoyable conversation that nite. We chat everythings from technology to personal life. Muakakaka!

We only manage to take one photos before we head home, maybe we are still stiff and paiseh to camwhore. Next time we camwhore gao gao k?


Warning! This post may not suitable for some minority.

Ok! Let me bring you guy for makan.

Last saturday I had breakfast with my dear at Chong Ko Hakka Noodle, Pandan Indah.

What we had? Of course their famous Hakka Noodle.

My cute dear. =)

The last time I had Hakka noodle was few years back.

This noodles damn nice I tell you.

Let’s the photo tell you how delicious are they.



Can you think how nice is this noodle? =P

Apr 21, 2008

Back to Cave | Can Brake Safely Now

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Remember iZZi? The 4G wireless broadband that I subscribed 6 months ago.

Finally I have lost hope on it. Early the download & upload speed are cogent and I'm very happy with it.

Few months later, nightmare happened. The speed went down like no 2moro. At nite I can't even upload a 100kb file and worst MSN also cannot signed in. It only happen at nite, obviously the line is packed. Maybe my area now is congested with iZZi users.

Called the customer service few times they can't give any solution.

In the end I returned the broadband card and get my refund. Almost 6 months of usage I can get back 50% of the refund.

Now I'm like a caveman living in stoneage with no internet connection at home.

OMG! No internet mean no blogging, no blogging mean no life. Can die already can?

115kbps only and upload test 0kbps.

Now my car, last week went to my regular shop for wheel checking.

Everytime I apply the brake pedal a bit harder the wheel will produce some weird noise, it like 2 hard metals rub against and cause it can't brake well.

Brake played important role in a car. Life is relying on it.

So asked the enginneer to check.

Then they found out that my brake pad is almost finished and the surfaces of my disc rotor are scraped and uneven.

I’m not sure you guys believe or not. This is my 5th times disc rotor changed. 5 times! 4 times claimed from P2 and this time needs to buy. My mum 2X years old Datsun also didn't change even single time.

Installing new disc rotor and brake pad.

Now I can brake safely.

Apr 18, 2008

Kim Gary again!

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Last week had dinner at Kim Gary. Have not really took good photos of the foods there.

Here it go.

Mini sausages.

Slizzing Beef with Black Pepper sauce.

Chicken Chop Rice.

Cheesy Baked Chicken Chop Rice. (I love this)

Sze Chuan something noodles.

OMG! Now is 12.25pm and I'm damn hungry can?

After foods, now human photo shot session.

Chooi Mei, Sandy and Mun Lay.

Yoke Yee and Me.

Ronan and Chooi Mei.

They are too bored and nothing to do, they did something bad and illegal againt the laws.

They molested someone.

They molested....

Apr 16, 2008

My First Solo Album

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Yes! My first solo album finally released.

A special thank you to Sony BMG, main sponsor of this album.

This CD can be purchase at any Tower Record outlet now.

A free limited edition poster also will be given with every purchase.

Do support me! Remember, must be original.

Thank you.

Apr 15, 2008

Some Recap

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Here some recap of my blog thru out 1 year.

-My very first post was PC Fair 2007 in April.
-Sungai Congkak trip with a bunch of cool frens that met in Myviclub.
-Had a makeover car detailing by Meguiars' (Damn happy can? RM7XX spent in my car for FOC)
-MyviC National TT (Teh Tarik) to Cherating.
-Robert&Selina wedding shot.
-Celebrate Brendan's Birthday at Chilis, MV.
-Bought a cool gadget for my B'day, Nokia N95 (lovin it, still using).

-Celebrating my B'day at Genki Sushi, KLCC.
-Chooi Mei's B'day at Marche, The Curve.
-Had Petaling Street Walk with Douglas and Steve.
-My 1st Backpack experince to Cambodia with Douglas, Steve and Vincent. Click HERE to c my visit to Cambodia.
-MyviC 2nd years anniversary at Bukit Cahaya.

-Went to Pulau Ketam with Douglas and Steve.
-Langkawi trip with a new bunch of fren. Darren, Ryan, Douglas, Joyce, Yen and Bert.
-Attended Samsung ARP Bloggers Gathering with some cool bloggers smashpOp, Rames, April Cherrie and Jen. Won 70% off of the phone. =)
-Alex & Sharon wedding shot.

-Do You Cola? My Hobby.
-Hair twisted.
-Malacca trip with Ryan, Darren and Douglas.
-Ronan & Mun Lay B'day at IZZI KL.

-Penang trip with Douglas, smashpOp and Aaron. Met alot new bloggers/shouters.
-Ipoh Mali with Lujimmie, Steve and Douglas.
-Girl Next Door.
-Christmas eve at Ronan's house.

-Kenko Fish Spa.
-Micro-D (M) Sdn. Bhd. Annual Dinner at Tropicana.
-Vote For Me Can?
-Me & My Dear.
-Bukit Cahaya outing with Eugene, Eri, Hung Wei, Hiew, Lee Peng, Fattien.

-Celebrate Sandy's B'day at Neway, TS.
-pOp's B'day at Rahsia. (The restaurant really name "Rahsia")
-My Heart, My Soul.
-New gadget.

Phew! Done! Summarised gao gao! Haha!

Time do past really fast. Like that already 1 year past, first of all I would like to thanks to all of the viewers of my blog. Without you guys I dun think my blog could really grow and stay active.

Thank you to all!
Damn! I need tissue.

Apr 14, 2008


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It has been like almost a week I didn’t update my blog.

Lately busy with works and had some obstacle to update my blog.

2day is a special day for http://tallboyz.blogspot.com/.

Yes! My blog celebrating 1st year anniversary and 2nd, 3rd, 4th and more coming. Hope you all will continue support and view my humble blog.

Next posts gonna to be some recap of my blog. must prepare some tissue incase I cried.

Apr 8, 2008

Restaurant Kien Kee, Serdang

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My 2nd time post makan at Restaurant Kien Kee.

Good foods would never stop me from having it again.

This restaurant located at Serdang behind Post Office.

One of the famous dishes, Sup Pedas/Spicy Soup.

Fah Dew Kai, one of the famous dishes too.

Wine prawns, the soup is awesome.

Lunch time from 1pm delayed to 3pm and all of us hungry like zombie.

After eat and full what we do?

Cam whore lor! Hehe!

Cam-whore session started.

Normal pose.

Siao pose.

OMG! My hair damn long can? dun like!

Apr 7, 2008

New Gadget

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I got a new gadget.

It's iPAQ 612 Business Navigator PDA phone.


The specification of the PDA phone;

Windows Mobile® 6 Professional

Marvell PXA270 Processor 529Mhz

320 x 240, 65K colours, 16-bit 2.8" TFT

3.0 Mega Pixel Camera with auto focus

128 MB SDRAM main memory for running applications, 256 MB flash ROM

Integrated WLAN 802.11b/g with WPA2 security, Bluetooth® 2.0 with EDR

Integrated Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE phone and Tri band UMTS, HSPDA

Integrated GPS navigation (Assisted GPS)

Integrated 12-button numeric keypad with Smart Touch Wheel function

Integrated microphone, receiver, speaker and stereo headphone jack

Wait a second................

It can be torn a part.


Hehe! Gotcha!

Thanks to my gal gal for this PDA pen drive. I'm loving it.