Sep 29, 2009

Surrogates | Flagged Down

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Just got back from Cineleisure or better know as eCurve.

Watched Surrogates in advanced of 9 days before it actually released in cinemas. A great thank you to Nuffnang for the Premier Screening invites.

Not going to be spoiler here, check out the trailer of this movie.

My personal opinion of this movie; the storyline is interesting but not as excited I expected. Can feel a bit like District 9. Oh ya! Not to forgot, all the surrogates used Gaussian Blur effect on theirs' face as it look so smooth and perfect. lol!

Rate 7/10

Finally met CWKen in person, has been visited around his personal blog. He has an interesting blog, do feel free to drop at his BLOG

p/s just now while I'm on my way back from Damansara toward KL, there was a roadblock near Jalan Istana. My car was flagged down and I know I did put a little bit pressure on the pedal. The speed limits was 80 km/h and I was travelling at 8X km/h. It was just a little only, hey! who don't when the road are super clear and no obstruction.

Then I wind down my windows, the enforcement asked me; do you know the speed limits here was 80 km/h only? I said yes! but I was travelling at 8X km/h only in the same time hand over my ID & car license, he acted like he writing something as he gonna give me a summons.

Ok! Here come a bad citizen reacted, I asked; can help ah? maybe I can treat you drink or something?

He replied how much you can treat me? and I dig around my wallet and only found RM30 then I said RM30 can? You know what he replied?

He said "No money please don't say you want to treat me" and returned me back my ID & car license. Then he asked me to leave and he don't even bother to check my car number plate. My heart whispered *seriously I'm not really that willing to "TREAT" you lor* Hahaha!

I do consider myself lucky. I guess they just simply flag down cars randomly to check is there any philanthropist who "WILLING" to "TREAT" them.

Do you have such experience? Would you "TREAT" them if you really got flagged down by them and you did break the law?

Sep 27, 2009

Where Got Ghost?

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Just back from Pavilion, watched "Where Got Ghost" with YY. Yeah! I'm so out dated, the movie has released for so long.

I have put a very high expectation from this movie after the movies Money Not Enough & Money Not Enough 2. Both are nice and touching.

This movie Where Got Ghost was released in August in occasion with the Chinese's Hungry Ghost Festive's month.

IMHO, in this movie I've found that it's kind low cost with not so interesting story. Although it's a ghost story, the shooting of adding underexpose/vignette layer is not so professional.

I dun really like the 3 different stories compiled in one movie. The last part of the story were linked back to Money Not Enough 2 but the same old jokes was repeated, it doesn't tickle me off.

As usual, the movie that produced by Neo's Studio contained Morale which I feel it's very good and true, thumbs Jack!

Rate 5/10 A quite disappointed movie from Jack Neo this time.

Those who already watched, what do you think?

Sep 26, 2009

Free Coca Cola Contour Glass

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McDonald's is giving out free Coca Cola Limited Edition Contour Glasses. It come with 7 different colours and one colour at a time for limited time only. There is this "Sparkly Clear" colour, a must to collect which only available in Malaysia. FYI, the glass that given free ain't those cheap plastic like those mamak stall has that turned to yellowish, it's a real thing with good quality glass.

So yesterday in the afternoon during my lunch break, me and my colleagues head to McDonald's at Center Point.

p/s and met @jennisurf there. Hehehe! Harlo!

In order to get the free Contour Glass, you need to purchase any 1 of the Large Set McDonald's Meal + 1 Sundae Choco/Strawberry and the Contour Glass is free for you with no extra cost.

As usual, I ordered Big Mac. I'm a big fan of Big Mac, don't believe? Check out this!

All fries are poured out and created a French Fries Hill. By looking at it, I can feel sore throat and "Yit Hei"

for this time, Perky Pink glass were given.

Have to pose abit with it lar. Hahahahahahah! Ok! Pink doesn't suit me, it look gay. XD

It's a quite good deal I would say.

Those Coca Cola Contour glass fans out there, go to McDonald's now and get one before it's finish. Advise to go at 12am-3pm for better deal. Hehehehe I'm damn cheapskate. lol

Sep 25, 2009

Donor 129

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For those who afraid of blood and needles please be aware, contain some disturbing images and it's not for faint hearted. lol! Sound serious can?

About 2 weeks ago I went for a blood donation campaign organised by I-Kuan Tao held at Leisure Mall, Cheras.

I didn't know about the blood donation until YY called me and told me there's one at Leisure as I told her I was eagerly to donate blood.

So I rushed to Leisure Mall and filled up a form with some questions asked;

Did you had breakfast this morning?
Do you have hepatitis B?
Are you a HIV positive carrier?
Did you donate blood within 3 months?
Did you had surgery or operation within this year?
Do you have a girlfriend? WTF?
Can I date you out handsome? WTFF?
and so on.....

Then I was asked to stand on a scale to measure my weight. I was weighted 67kg only? OMG! I'm way too light for my height? Damn, will I get 58kg after I give out the blood? lol

Next I head to another table to get blood sample. This part was super pain lor, the needle poked exactly to my finger tip that has the most receptors.

After that I got a number, I'm donor 129. BTW this is my second time donating blood and the 1st time I come alone, no supporter, dun know anyone there, no ppl help me take photos. lol! Scary can?

take turn to sit on the cold chair with alot tubes surrounded you. Hahhahaha! Seriously it's quite cold tho... the air cond.

when I got on the seat, I was asked to lay down and the tubes and bag placed in between my leg.

The skin that close to the vein that blood drawn point were cleaned with antiseptic to prevent any bacteria from contaminating the blood. A LARGE needle was pierced to my vein and the blood started to drawn to the bag. To be honest, it doesn't really that pain.

I have to squeeze the bar given to have better/faster blood drawn to the bag.

It took me like 15 minutes to get 450ml of blood.

After that I was asked to rest on the chair for about 5 minutes then grab some foods that prepared.

I do feel very good after the blood donation, no dizzy or unwell just become very hungry. Since when I would  feel full? Ya! The 1st 30 minutes then I'm hungry again. Muakakak!

Seriously, the experience is very good. You can help peoples who does really need it and in other hand it also good to have new blood cells replaced in our body.
It's only take about 3-4 days to recover the blood that you have given out and in about 3 months you can donate again.

I got certificate and a medal, dun play play eh!

So if you guys are good and healthy do donate bloods, our country Blood Bank does really need it. Donate when you can and it's hard to say maybe someday you might be needed a favour *TouchWood, TouchWood* *SlapMyMouth*

I'm pretty sure I will do it again and again when it's allowed.

Sep 20, 2009

Tsunami G-Force

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Yesterday was the 1st day of our long holiday. I have sleep till 12pm. Siao!

Then I head to Pavilion with YY for brunch at Carl's Jr. Planned for a movie after the brunch with Andy & Aaron.

We watched Tsunami at Haeundae.

As the title of the movie, it's about a nature disaster Tsunami hits Haeundae, a quite most visited beach in Korea.

There's a lot funny parts in the movie. Not to forgot there's also an idiot character inside made the movie more funny and interesting.

As for the Tsunami parts, the CG was quite good and almost as good as what Hollywood has. The storyline is interesting as it's not just Tsunami, got love and lost. YY cried very hard in this movie. lol

8.5/10 a quite interesting movie, reminded me the Tsunami happened not long ago.

Then after the movie, we decided to have dinner together, joined Winbely and Evelyn at Jalan Ipoh. Tried out something special, Loh Mee with Crabstick and it's tasted like Shark Fin soup. Will blog about it later.

After that we went for a drink nearby to tried out Milo Shake that recommended by Evelyn. Then Evelyn eagerly to watch G-Force and it was already 11 pm.

1 Utama & Cineleisure were the only option that near. Was thought of watching the normal version of G-Force due to time and available movie on mid night. So we ended up to watch the 3D version.

Seriously you would regret watching the 3D version. The 3D effect in this movie is super nice till there's a time I almost wanted to grasp the object that I feel it's just in front of me.

The storyline is not bad and the characters is very cute and funny.

Rate 8.5/10 super love the 3D effect.

Sep 18, 2009

Duplicate, Duplicate & Duplicate

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Today gonna share something interesting that I found few days ago from Youtube. Has been youtubing in the past few days since I already have internet at home. Of course have to make good of it, I paid wat?. lol.

Found alot interesting videos not porn ok? can be found and there is one came across that I feel he a genius, brilliant and yet has a very great vocal. God please bless Internet!

Sam Tsui. He is a singer, actor and also a songwriter. Check out his videos

Michael Jackson Medley

Before the Storm

Do not be scared, he's not mutated to be duplicated or his mother give birth to so many twins. It a purely video editing trick where he has video recorded separately for each one of him and stake it together. The arrangement is totally brilliant and amazing.

It reminded of the photos that I edited duplicated myself in a single photo.

BTW today is a happy day for alot of peoples coz it's Friday. It's was not an ordinary Friday, because this Friday gonna bring 4 days continues of holiday. Woots! SUPER HAPPY CAN?

Here I would wan to wish all of the Malays members have a safe journey to your Kampung, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin and Happy Holiday all.

Sep 16, 2009

Gold Class Experience

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A week ago, me and YY went for a movie at Signature GSC, The Garden.

YY has 2 free tickets of Gold Class and it will expired very soon s. That day was only 2 movies available which is UP and Final Destination 4.
Me and YY has already watched UP so decided to watch Final Destination 4 although I've watched but YY has not.

Gold Class ticket worth RM60 each. 2 tickets = RM120.

For Gold Class customers, there's a nice hall to hang out before the movie. The environment is very class and comfortable.

Did took a video of the hall.

as usual before the movie start, I will make business and then I found something interesting in the toilet. lol. Yeah! Toilet! I'm super jakun lar.

There was only 4 peoples in the cinema hall for this movie, I feel like a rich dude booked the entire hall. lol

The seats are in couple-individual. The seats are adjustable from 90° to 180° via electronic seat, mean you can sleep while enjoying the movie. Pillow and blanket are also provided.

YY do really enjoy seat.

While watching the movie and you found that something to be panic, there's a panic button ready between the seats. lol! Just joking only lar!. If you need drink or some snack you can just press that button and a waiter will be approach you for order.

It's a great experience of watching movie in Gold Class. If you asking me for RM60 for a movie ticket, please stab me with a knife. lol.

Sep 13, 2009

Charms at 1Utama

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2 weeks ago after watched Murderer at 1 Utama, we went for dinner at Charms. Charms located same floor with TGV, old wings.

We have ordered few dishes to shares.

Start with Charm Rojak. RM 8.50

this is their's speciality lamb charmer, served on a small stove with charcoal. RM 18.90

the fried chee cheong fun is quite unique and taste yummy. RM 8.90

actually we ordered seafood tom yam rice but then they told us their's rice finished ask whether fine with mee hoon. This dish, seafood is damn small portion. RM 14.90

not to miss cam-ho. That's YY, Sandy, Andy and me.

Sep 12, 2009

Why I Love Kim Gary

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If u did follow my tweet, probably you will be seeing me tweet "I'm having lunch at Kim Gary", "I'm having dinner at Kim Gary", "I'm having brunch at Kim Gary again" and etc.

Why do I love to eat at Kim Gary?
It's not becoz I'm chinese so I only eat in chinese restaurant. No! I'm not racist k? I also eat at Steven's Corner, Rasa Sayang and more. I just love to makan with good deal and taste good.

There are 4 factors for me to dine-in in a restaurant.
- Taste good.
- Special and unique foods
- Value for money.
- Good service.

Kim Gary does provide a great deal with their's membership program as I posted on my previous post "Don't You Love Kim Gary?"

This time we manage to use the 50% discount as it was YY's birthday month

The discount only apply for only 6 pax, so I have tagged Andy, Mun Lay, Evelyn, Winbely and of course me and YY.  We ordered the foods like it's free. Waiter! Give me the most expensive meal in the menu. lol!

The table was filled with foods. Damn crazy can?

Here come the foods that we have ordered.

I have ordered lamb steak but I forgot to snap mine. -.-"

This is YY's black pepper beef steak. Taste normal only, my lamb steak way better. XD

Evelyn's mixed chops

Andy ordered stone grilled rice with kimchi, but he dun eat kimchi. lol!

Mun Lay ordered Fried Spaghetti, this one taste very nice. Will order on my next visit.

We also ordered cheese rice with salmon and abalone. Dun play play, got abalone one. Haha!

French's Toast is a much for us to order. Next miss it!

So this is the makan gang. Cam-ho. Failed! Damn! I really hate this camera. Sigh!

with the 50% birthday discount voucher, we got  RM75 ringgit discount weh!

It's really value for money with Kim Gary membership. RM15 for the exchange is super worth. That make me love Kim Gary more! Hahahaha!

Sep 10, 2009

Yoke Yee's Birthday

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On the 25th August was my girlfriend's birthday. I'm ain't a romantic person didn't plan off anything special for that day.

So that morning I prepared breakfast and fetch her to office from her house.

So at night, I brought YY to 1 Utama to have dinner at Delicious. The environment there was not bad and comfy.

This what we have ordered.

Duck Confit Spaghettini with Sun-dried Tomatoes & Coriander. Taste not bad with olive aroma.

Homemade Pesto Spaghettini with Chargrilled Chicken. Don't feel weird with the green colour noodle, it taste really yummy.

The next dish is Siao Me with Salt & Pepper. lol

Me & YY.

as for dessert we ordered blackberry apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.

the way to eat is together with the ice cream.

After the dinner, me and our few friends planned surprise for YY. I secretly brought her to 1 Utama open space playground and then the others pop up with cake. Didn't manage to take any photos, it's quite hard to take photo with my camera phone.

Really sad with the low quality images that I took. =( I miss my N95.