Dec 31, 2007

Ipoh Mali (Final)

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Sorry for the delayed update.

Finally this is the final post bout my trip to Ipoh.

2nd day, we went to Sungai Kinta, next to YMCA building.

Some random shoots;

The weather that day is clear.

How I wish I got a macro len.

Douglas in action.

OMG! All Nikon shooters! What they shooting? What should I do?

So I posed! =P

Muakakka! Lame pose!

After that we checked out and head for makan before going back to KL.

We makan Nasi Kandar recommend by Dr. Saw.

Damn nice I tell u. It wasn't that spicy as it look.

This is mine.

Ok Ok! I lie, it was spicy (for me)

They still got Coke in bottle.

Here I would like to wish to you all "Happy New Year 2008"

Dec 26, 2007

Ipoh Mali (Part 3)

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Dinner! Our day 1 dinner. We had something different, probably not all ppl would keen to eat.

Heard from Dr. Saw, this Chicken's Leg is quite famous is Ipoh.
So we have;

I think Ipoh people really like bean sprout. Seem can find it anywhere in Ipoh!.

After the dinner we for some nite shooting.

Fool me for bring tripod but left it in our room. No choice have to borrow from other.

We went to Masjestic building which located next to KTM station.

That all for our day 1 in Ipoh!

Dec 25, 2007

Alvin and The Chipmunks

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Here we got Joshua, Simon, Alvin and Theodore.

2 days ago I went to Berjaya Times Square and watched Alvin & The Chipmunks with my frens.

This animated movie is awesome; it tickled the audiences throughout the show.

I really didn’t know that this movie already 50 years old.

No spoiler this time.

Rate 5/5. I would love to watch it again.


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Finally Samir released Nokmote beta. I able to install it and played it around. It's damn cool I tell u.

What is Nokmote?
Nokmote allow you to control your N95 by detecting the movement of the phone through motion sensing, like the Wiimote.
Woots! iPhone also need to put aside. =P Hahaha!

Check out the video and you will know how it to works.

Uploaded by soueldi

Do you feel wan to own a N95?

Christmas Eve

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Woots! 2day is Christmas. Merry Christmas to all!

Ok, I need to hold my Ipoh trip post for this.

Yesterday we have a Christmas Eve dinner at Ronan’s house.

Then we play around with the bells. Can c us mou?

Ok Ok! It's an unhealthy dinner but no choice, non of us is good in cooking. =P

Then we exchange presents.....

Then we have group photo.......... i mean alot group photo(s)....

Ok! That's all! Hope u guys have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday!

Dec 22, 2007

Girl Next Door

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Lately I got this weird feeling about this girl.

Know her for some time and never deliberate I would have this sort of emotion toward her.

Maybe her personality that changed my way of thinking.

Every time I thought of her my heart would beat drastically.

It has been few years I didn’t felt this manner of feeling.

Recently she always emerged in my mind.

Always felt wanted to convene her.

Felt sought to be her custodian.

I believe…………

that sent by her.

Ipoh Mali (Part 2)

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Once we reached Ipoh, we loitering around the town to find hotel/motel/guess house. Most of it was fully booked and we were like…… OMG!! We are not going to sleep in the car?

Luckily we found YMCA and few rooms are available so we charter in for 1 day.

After that we head for lunch. I believe most of you guys already heard or even dine in before at Lou Wong Restaurant.

You can have rice or kuetiau to serve with the chicken.

OMG! A lot Bean Sprout.....

Then we meet Dr Saw/Sydney nearby the restaurant. Then suddenly we saw a green wall across the street.

So I.......... I believe you also know wat I'm going to do next. Hahaha.

So I get ready to jump then suddenly........

I saw an aunty stand in front of her balcony and she laughed at me.

I was blushed and............. emo-ing

Thanks to Douglas and Steve for the photos.

Next we go for a drink with Dr. Saw at Old Town Kopitiam.

The photos below was taken using 50mm f1.8.

This cup of coffee were ordered by Lujimmie has become our model and all of us shot, shot, shot and shot. Lujimmie have to wait us finish shooting only he can drink. Hahhaha! Sorry man!

This is my all time favourite. Toast Bread! Yummy!

Polo Bun but dun have pineapple taste. =P

Stay tune for more photos!

Dec 21, 2007

I am Legend

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I just came back from Pavilion and watched "I am Legend"

Seriously this movie ain't bad after all albeit not much scary parts, at least the storyline is good.

The sad part of this movie is the death of Sam. Sam is his best buddy who accompanies him struggling for life in this apocalypse city. Sam has become his armament through out his experiments to reverse the uncontrollable disease and scarified his life to save the world.

Oops! I’m a spoiler. Sorry plz dun flame me.

This movie I would rate it 4/5.

Mich, Rames and Silverisle has got it correct. Rames has the most accurate answer.

I love to take photo of foods so I decide to buy a 50mm 1.8 lens so I would not have anymore problem careworn to take photo in low light environment.

Dec 19, 2007

Ipoh Mali (Part 1)

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Last Saturday I went to Ipoh Douglas, Steve & Lujimmie.

We meet up at KTM Kepong and depart at 9.30am. Our 1st destination is Bidor as we would passby.

So we had our Breakfast at Pun Chun Kopi Shop at Bidor. This kopitiam famous with their Wu Kok and Duck Herbs Noodle.

This Wu Kok very nice, it is like a Siew Pou cover with fried yam. RM 1.40 per pcs.

This is mine, the noodle not nice but the soup taste good.

After breakfast we head to Ipoh look for hotel/motel/guest house as we didn't make any advance booking.

C I'm in Ipoh!!!!!!!

Ok let me show u the attendants of this trip.

This photo took at KTM Ipoh!

What we going to have for lunch? Next... =)

Woots! Yesterday I bought a new toy. Can u guys guess wat it is?

Hehe this time tough ler!

Dec 17, 2007

Last Day at Penang (Part 6/Final)

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Yes! Most of u guys get it right, I went Ipoh with Douglas, Lujimmie & Steve last Saturday.

Ok! Now let me finalise my Penang trip post before I post bout my Ipoh trip.

It was a hot sunny day. After the shooting at Khoo’s Temple, we went makan dessert, it’s a good way reduce heats that accumulate in our body.

Then we go for....... lunch/tea break/dinner? I also dun know!

We makan Chicken Rice a Lam Fatt Restaurant nearby Air Itam.

We had our dinner with Penang's Bloggers. We had a wonderful seafoods dinner with them before we head back to KL.

Seafoodsssssss...... (Seriously, one of the dish I thought not edible and it's for souvenir/decoration. Dumb me, Haha)

A group photo with the Penang's Blogger.

Our last group photo before we leave Penang.

Bye bye Penang!!! I'll be coming back.

The End! Phew! Finally is done, next will update my Ipoh trip.

Woots!! 2nite I'm going to watch National Treasure 2, Book of Secrets at Pavilion.