Jun 30, 2007

The Transformers Movie

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This movie has wobbled the world. I’m also drooling to watch this when I saw the movie trailer in some movies slot. This afternoon received a call from Ronan said the movie in Times Square are fully booked. Thus I take my prospect to check the availability seats at MBO Ampang. Normally not much ppls in this cinema and I was shocked with a very very long “Q” from the ticket counter and I have Queued for half and hour for this tickets. Thanks god!

I'm going to watch "The Transformers" 2nite! Yeah ! Yeah!

Jun 29, 2007


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I guess this month gonna be a “Crazy” month for all transformer’s fans out there. It started from cartoon and now to movie thanks to the technology. I believe some of you already watch this movie with free premiere ticket, and for those who haven’t watch, get urself to the nearest cinema, buy some pop corns & drink to watch the movie. The movie starts on showing today.

Here’s some photo of the Transformers to season it up.

Autobots (Protect)
Optimus Prime Bumblebee Jazz Ironhide

Decipticons (Destroy) Megatron StarscremFrenzyBlackout

Jun 28, 2007

Brendan’s Birthday at Chilis

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Yesterday we have a small bash B’day party for our buddy Brendan at Chilis. This is my 1st time visiting at Chilis. Let the photos do the talking.

Let start with the Foods!!!!!!!!!

Ronan, “The Red Strawberry Man”

Albeit he is the birthday boy, but u has to be vigilant on him. U saw the warning sign?

From the top left we have Ronan, Mun Lay, Andy aka Wei Heung and Stanley. Bottom right we have Sandy aka Pik San, Brendan “The Bday Boy” and Helena aka Yoke Yee.

Jun 21, 2007

San Peng

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Does it sound familiar? It just located next to Hang Tuah LRT station.

I did paid a visit to a place that I can feel the Malaysian Background. It is a flats area that you can see our Malaysia multicultural and races living under one roof. I can observe that there’s a lot senior citizens resident here.

Here are some photos taken;

Jun 11, 2007

Go-Kart interclub TT

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Myviclub are conceitedly to be invited to join an Interclub TT held at Elite Highway. It was a good weather till the evening having a trifling rain but it doesn’t stopped the activities to carry on.

We have 28 myvis attended this activities and we have won “The Most Sporting Club”

Here’s some photo I took on that event.

There's a speed limit when u wan to go to toilet. Speed trap installed nearby. Hehe!

Trying some panning mode wit my 18-55mm kit lens. Now only I know I lack of better lens.

Jun 10, 2007

Save a Life Campaign

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Sorry, been few days I didn’t update my blog. I’m quite busy lately with my work. Yesterday I went for a blood donation with my fellow members of Myviclub. The event held at The Curve organized by “Focus Point Optical”

This is my virgin blood donation, was thought it will be very throbbing with a few centimeter of needle poked through my vein. The bloods deluged like water pipe, scared my shit out. Haha!

Relax a bit with Ogawa Massage Chair after the donation. I was too scuttle, so no time to enjoy the massage.

2day my club had attended a Interclub TT Go-Kart at Elite Highway. Photo will upload 2moro. Stay tune!

Jun 3, 2007

Chan Sow Lin

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Chan Sow Lin, probably the name emerge when u take LRT. Actually that was the place I grew up. My mum runs a canteen next to F&N factory and Scott & English (LG Distributor) and it has operate for 3 decades.

The place I stayed copious with factory and no housing district around. We just stay on some small wooden house near to my mum’s canteen. I used to play alone/sometimes with my sister only due to no family staying about. Changes took place drastically where F&N closed down and the canteen demolished.

This is the route I normally take to go home.

There are a lot of stalls opened under the flyover highway before we leave, now only left a little and some are abandoned.

I used to use this under passage to go to a nearby supermarket “Fajar”.