Feb 25, 2009

Valentine Dinner

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Valentine meant for everyone no matter couples or buddies meeting up showing care and love.

As for this year, we didn't celebrate in a very grand way, didn’t dine-in in any fancy restaurant.

We had a simple DIY dinner with my gf. Yes! We made our own dinner. I had never make any main dishes besides making Maggie mee.

We went for a mini shopping spread in Jusco.

This is what we had bought.

We grilling the lamb chop and making fruit salads together.

The outlook of the lamb steak….. but then dun judge by it look, it taste ok actually.

This is the most perfect dish we can come out. Hehehe!

Have to pose abit with our creation. XD

Feb 23, 2009

Pulau Langkawi Visit Part 5 (Final)

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Finally, this gonna be the last post of my Langkawi visit.

After lunch we went to Dataran Lang, a beautiful landmark of Langkawi located nearby Kuah Town and Taman Lagenda.

While we walked., I saw..............

sexy back. Hehehe! Guess which sexy back am'I refering? XD.

Have a potrait shot with da eagle before we leave.

The next day or better known as our last day at Langkawi, we went to underwater world before we head to airport.

The entrance fees was RM35 for adults and RM25 for children. For MyKard holder you are entitle for RM10 discount.

When we entered underwater, we was greeted by a parrot. So sweet!

Then we saw penguins and it freaked me out. They know I'm here. XD

He look like a jackass with tuksedo. lolz

Then a super poser, he posed like tat from the time I walked in till I left. Siao sealion!

Who said Africa is a very hot climate country? This penguins is called as Afrian Penguins but dun know they are origin from there or not lar!


Didn't shot much of the water living creatures.

Then we went to the airport and back to KL.

Next gonna be my Valentine's Day celebration.

Feb 20, 2009

Pulau Langkawi Visit Part 4

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The next morning we went to Langkawi Geopark. Will are heading to the famous sky bridge at 700 meters above sea level accompany with breathtaking view. 

The ticket was sold for RM25 for adult and RM15 for children. You will get RM10 discount when you flash your MyKard.

Let's go!

We need cable car to reach to the top.

Actually my gf was shivering and whisper to me not to move when we're in the cable car. Haha! She got height fobia.

The curved suspended pedestrian sky brigde.

The sky was clear and added with CPL filter, it has become super blue. XD. Simply love my CPL filter.

The panorama view I took on the sky brigde.

After the visit, we when for makan. Hehehe! We when for KFC for lunch.

Next post gonna be the last part of my Langkawi visit. Stay tune!

Feb 18, 2009

Pulau Langkawi Visit Part 3

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As promised, bring you to a restaurant that highly recommended for fresh, cheap and reasonable seafoods.

Wonderland Food Store. Located in Kuah town, across Bella Vista Hotel.

Alot tourist come over for dinner and even the local dine in here. When we reached, few tables were already reserved and that is the only restaurant crowded with people.

They have all the price fixed by size so they wouldn't afraid got cons with high price.

2nite in a row I had dinner here.

Here are some dishes that I tried.

This is the most recommended dish you wouldn't wan to miss. RM14 per 100g. 1 is about 200g so it's good enough for 2 person unless you crave for more. XD

Ordered Kam Heung, but doesn't taste like it, mayb their's style. RM8 only as we ordered small.

Flower crabs or known as Fah Hai in cantonese. RM8 per crab. Not very tasty as the sauce so so but then the crab is fresh.

My gf love this very much, had 2 times in 2 night. XD

More Langkawi photos next. Stay tune!

Feb 17, 2009

Pulau Langkawi Visit Part 2

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After dropped by at the beach, we thought of driving around, visiting some places.

We didn't really have any plan or schedule, we just drive and stop for visit.

The 1st destination was "Beras Bakar" or known as burnt rice. Was thought of the place producing black colour rice or something.

Actually it was a historical place whereby the past time war where the intruder going to take over the place and the local failed to fight back thus they burnt all of the rice so they would not have any more vital foods like rice.

Then we reached to Petronas Quay, a big parking for those million dollars worth boats there.

After that we passed by Teluk Yu, the view was very nice. Hardly to find such clean and unpolluted seasore in Langkawi.

The water are clear and clean.

Hehehe! My dear posing.

The panorama view I took on Teluk Yu.

After that we head back to our hotel.

Nadias Inn, here where we stayed.

Da room we stay. Nice, clean, cozy and very GREEN. BTW green is good for eye. XD

Next, I will bring u guys to a place for nice and cheap seafoods in Langkawi. Stay tune!

Feb 16, 2009

Pulau Langkawi Visit Part 1

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Now I'm gonna post my visit to Pulau Langkawi.

Woke up damn early tat day. My flight was 8.20am and must be reached to LCCT in advance of 2 hours.

We reached there quite early, then went to the flight schedule board to see can check in or not.

Then I saw this.

OMG! How come got no P.Langkawi geh? How come got a place name Tallboyz? State? Country? XD

Snapped this while I'm in the waiting area. Outside look very cozy.

Reached to Pulau Langkawi safely around 9.20am. It about an hour flight from KL to P. Langkawi.

Once we reached there, I rented a car with animal logo "red horse" Ferrari? a SLK actually (Small Little Kancil) for town visiting.

I'm still good with manual car tho. Over take alot of car there XD.

It was still early for us to check in thus we head for breakfast nearby our hotel. Came here before with a bunch of Siao gang like a year plus ago. link

Ordered these. The foods there not bad and ain't that expensive.

We stayed nearby at Cenang beach and this is the nearest beach to our hotel. Nice mou?

More photos with my visit to P. Langkawi. Stay tune!