Mar 29, 2011

Kim Gary Ambassador?

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I've been questioned gazillion times, Am'I Kim Gary Ambassodor? Do I own Kim Gary? Do you have share with Kim Gary? Why you always dine-in Kim Gary? The foods in Kim Gary really that nice?

Here I'm gonna explain to you WHY!

- Every month I would receive Discount / FREE Meal vouchers.

Beside that all members are entitled to have 50% off on the 3th days before/after theirs birthday.

- I own a Kim Gary restaurant at home. A Pink & Purple painted room. XD

- Few months back I've received a new badge "Century Club" via Foursquare which unlocked at Kim Gary and I do advised to hang a photo of myself on their wall. Foursquare ask me to do so. Heheheheh!

- Do you know who is Bosco Wong?

He is the Ambassador of Kim Gary, so is there any similarity with Joshua Wong? Hehehehe!

Do you have any comments? Do leave it at below or send your email to XD

Mar 27, 2011

Men Suddenly In Love | Visual Story Won 2nd Place

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Yesterday I've watched "Men Suddenly In Love" at Berjaya Times Square.

Men Suddenly In Love is a Hong Kong hilarious comedy starred few famous Hong Kong star Eric Tsang, Wong Jing, Chapman To, Jim Chim & Chrissy Chau.

This movie is about 5 graduates come together to celebrate their AWESOME high school teacher's 80th birthday. All 5 of them faced marital problem and fallen in love with younger women.

Rate 6/10 The movie total doesn't make sense, all it's about disloyalty & sex. It's stupid yet hilarious.

Check out the trailer below, see whether you would be interested to catch this movie. I noticed the theme song has familiarity of a local movie Lelio Popo

Do you still remember Beyond The Still short film that I blogposted few days ago?

This afternoon I've attended "The Star In.Tech EOS Movie Challenge, Prize Giving Ceremony" at Menara Star.

Thanks to Nigel for the invitation.

Photos was taken with my camera phone, don't dare to bring my DSLR. Later kena wack by all the Canon's Kakis there XD

The event was attended by 3 professional judges, a live judging and prize presentation ceremony.

There was only 9 teams manage to shortlisted and Visual Story was one of them.

9 short films was previewed and criticizes by the judges.

Guess what? Visual Story manage to get 1st runner up and walk home with a Canon EOS 550D (Efs 18-135IS)

Congratulate again to Ren, Nigel & Joshua Ong.

Check out again the 2nd prize winning short film that walk away a brand new DSLR.

Do check out Visual Story on Facebook.

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Mar 24, 2011

Andy & Sandy Birthday, Neway CEO

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Last week me and my friends celebrated Andy & Sandy's birthday at Neway CEO in Fahrenheit 88. Why is called CEO? The expenses here is quite high, VIP interior, great foods & good service, treated everyone like big boss. XD

This is how the room look like.

Before singing of course need to have sufficient carbo to waste in singing XD

To be honest, the foods here is quite good tho.

even theirs tit bits are so awesome.

fruits plate no exceptional.

I'm not a Karaoke's fans so I just only makan, makan and makan.

Let's the others SS (shock sendiri) singing in the room. Joking joking XD

See how Aaron sing full with emotion.

SHE? It's YSC!

Cannot always stay behind the camera, here is me & my princess :)

After the singing session, staffs brought in 2 cakes that we bought.

Here's the birthday boy and birthday girl.

See how hard Andy make wishes and Sandy look drooling to have a bite of the cake XD

Some fruit juice alcohols for the day!

The champagne seem got quite high alcohol level. Alson don't know why gotten high and don't know what he's doing. lol!

More photos on my Facebook. Do follow me on Twitter @tallboyz

If you guys free care to help me to Vote Visual Story: Beyond The Still

Mar 23, 2011

Vote Visual Story: Beyond The Still

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Few weeks back, Nigel Sia, Ren & Joshua Ong has shot a short film for a contest  "The Star In. Tech EOS Movie Challenge" This short film was shot only with DSLR cameras.

I was tagged along to help out to do some behind the scene. It's a great experience for me in involving in videography. The planning, preparation & execution required a lot of time & skills.

Here are some behind the scene photos shot by Jason Lioh aka Jasonmumbles.

The actors, actress & the crews

Wanna know how's the outcome?

Check this out!

They have made it to the final in this contest and hopefully you guys can vote for Team: Visual Story in "The Star In. Tech EOS Movie Challenge" if you think this video is good. If you encounter problem to vote, please switch to Internet Explorer.

Thank you so much! Oh ya! Do check out Visual Story's Facebook.

Mar 22, 2011

Sucker Punch

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Just got back from a Preview Screening of "Sucker Punch" Thank you to @adrianclw for the tickets :)

Sucker Punch has the WORLD nicest movie preview invitation ticket. It's filled up nice picture of the movie & look so premier. This is what I call premier invitation card, even wedding card also not as nice as this. lol! 

Ok! Back to the movie! Set was in the 1950s where a girl name Babydoll was confined to a mental institution by her stepfather, who intends to have her lobotomized. During her time in the institute, she planned for an escape. She retreats to fantastical world in her imagination with other girls inmates at the institute plot to escape the facility.

Rate 8.5/10 Great CG, trust me on this! They really show off theirs cool CG a lot and I mean a lot, wonder how would that be in 3D. Ignore the storyline, enjoy the ass kicking, punching and awesome soundtrack.

Sucker Punch will be on cinema starting from tomorrow. For time being, check out the movie trailer!

Mar 20, 2011

Tokay / Tokey / Tokek

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Wanna earn good money by capturing some lizard gecko?

The current local market price for a Tokay Gecko above 300grams is at least RM30k and if you manage to get a size at 1000grams it may make you a millionaire.

This is how a Tokay Gecko look like.

What's the reason this reptile in such high demand?

In traditional medicine, Gecko's tongue believe can cure AIDS aka HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus. And some believe that its meats can be an aphrodisiac while its bloods and bile suppresses tumors in cancer patients. But so far there is no specific research on this subject but many people have believe that this lizard really can cure AIDS.

This reptile natural range is found from northeast India to southern China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia. OMG! Malaysia ada!

I think on this coming weekend I shall head to jungle to find this! I wanna be a millionaire so freaking bad!!!!

P/S Tatoo-ing the lizard you found in your house doesn't work -.-"

Mar 19, 2011


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Finally watched "Rango" at Leisure Mall just now. Been a while I did not watch mid night movie and it's super tiring.

I believe some of you may have watched the trailer like gazillion times in cinema and it's like finally no need to watch the same trailer over and over again :P

Rango is about an ordinary pet chameleon who accidentally winds up in the town of Dirt, a lawless outpost in the Wild West in desperate need of a new sheriff. He himself a hero wannabe when he was in the an aquarium was able to shine his way to be the hero in the town by luck.

Rate 7.5/10 Great animation and characters. Storyline was not bad but bad influence to kids (smoking scene as it's look cool & killing is fine =.=")

Let's watch the trailer again for the last time :P

Mar 16, 2011

The Cheapest Breakfast in Town!

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In celebration of McDonald's for being the favourite restaurant for the 2nd year in a row by received the Gold Putra Brand Award, McDonald's delighted to give out FREE 2 Big Breakfast.

Yes! U heard me right, it's totally FREE with just a minimum RM5 purchase, it's only valid between 4am - 11am.

Big Breakfast is freshly prepared with scrambled eggs, juicy chicken sausage, toasted English Muffins and golden Hash Browns started drooling now.

Just buy 2 cups of coffee and redeem 2 Big Breakfast for FREE, you can share it with your friend/family, RM2.50 for breakfast? Where can find in KL?

How to redeem?

Just download the e-coupon, print it out (doesn't matter colour or B&W) and redeem it at any McDonalds that serve breakfast. The promotion only valid until 31st March 2011. So start to have your breakfast with McDonald's from today.

Ctrl + P, Ctrl + P, Ctrl + P, Ctrl + P, Ctrl + P, Ctrl + P, Ctrl + P, Ctrl + P, Ctrl + P, kiasu me XD

Mar 15, 2011

World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles

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Just got back from a special screening World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles. Thanks to NuffnangMY for the tickets.

From the title, it's very straight forward that tell this movie is about our world were invaded and it took place in Los Angeles.

The storyline are a team of Marine platoon was assigned to bring out some trapped surveillance in the city but ended up to fight against the alien. This movie shown how committed a marine are in completed an order. The army force would scarify few good soldiers to save their citizen.

The alien are here to conquer the earth for the reason of our water and in order so they planned to kill all the human populations on earth.

Rate 7/10 The shaky images ruined the entire more. The shaky closeups and zoom made feel so dizzy. I know it's an action movie but there are no point to have it filmed as it recorded with handheld camera. The storyline are not bad and it reminded me the unfortunate nature disaster happened in Japan lately.

Check out the trailer movie below;

Mar 14, 2011

Kuching Trip Part 8 - Bye Bye Kuching

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Back to my last blogpost of Inaugural Flight to Kuching with Firefly.

On my previous blogpost about BING! the next place we went is Raja Ayam Penyet which also location in town. This restaurant has been shown most trending on foursquare from day 1 we came here.

So we didn't miss the chance to try out what so special about it.

Of course theirs famous Ayam Penyet to be called Flat Chicken? It taste so so for me lar, the chili damn spicy lor. Nothing to shout about.

They also have this golden fried banana and it's yummy, very appetizing.

The medias & artistes were joined together for makan.

And now this time got alot photos of myself.

Che Meen, a very friend art director. I was surprised to know his age but yet he look so young.

Riz a funny guys that never stop entertaining the crowd, probably that's the nature of a singer. :)

We left earlier for another makan session. Yeah Makan! Pierce made our day shine. lol!

Finally I got the chance to try out 5 layers Teh C Peng. Something special but it taste abit......... I still prefer 3 layers XD

Ordered Porn Prawns Noodle, it's totally different in KL.

I forgotten what noodle is this, it's something like Pan Mee in herb soup.

Rebecca really know how to find foods, don't know where he found Pork Burger. The meat is thick and juicy yo.

The last day in Kuching was just makan the best foods in town. Damn! I miss the foods!

Before we set off head back to KL, took a group photo with Pierce. Thank you so much Pierce for your hospitality bring us around. BTW your dinosaur rawks! lol!

Ok! We don't know roar or meow here.

Before get on plane, snapped a photo with Ilyka.

and also another group photo.

It was a great journey visited Kuching, for sure I'll be coming back again. :)

Check out the previous posts of my visit in Kuching, Sarawak
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Mar 13, 2011

Make Up My Insight

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How's your weekend everyone?

I'm in Insight mood this week, had a few make over on my new Ride.

On Saturday I sent my car for solar tint at Ray Tech, Glenmarie branch.

Met Kelvin, the boss of this tint shop. He brought me to a room to test/feel the heat rejection on various type of tint films.

He explained quite professional and details to suit my budget and needs.

The environment there is very clean and the door were always closed while having tinting done. 2 cars are only drive in at a time.

Mold for various cars are ready so they would not have the hassle to measure on the car itself, this also prevent unnecessary accident of scratched the windows.

Installation took about 2 hours with 3 professional installers.

All windows were cleaned to avoid dusts stuck between the windows and film.

Special protection covers were used on dashboard and also on the doors, so no liquid will slips in the dashboard/doors and cause damages.

While waiting me & YY play darts at the customers corner to kill time, it's fun weh! Heheheh!

Overall the workmanship with Ray Tech is good and professional.

Need to thanks to a Low Yat Forummer, dabestone for getting me a quite good deal price on it.

Beside the car tinting, today I've done a small car detailing for extra protection on the car paint. Wish I have the budget to do PPS / Sierra Glow :( Anyone care to sponsor me?

I've used a few Meguiar's which are leftover from my previous, previous car, Perodua Myvi.

My Siu Bak/Whitey now very shine and bling bling. Mosquito & Fly also cannot stand still on my car due to slipperly lol!