May 30, 2009

May Movies

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Watched 4 movies on May.

X Men The Origin : Wolverine

Watched twice, not telling it's the best movie but the 1st was the 1 month early release.. the uncompleted.. the wire hanging around the actor.. the CG.. the ahemmm.

A movie from a comic were expected to be exagerated, I'm not a fans of comic. The rating was so so only.

Rate 7/10

The Sniper

A Hongkie Movie starring the famous scandalous superstar Edison Chen. This is not a porno movie. XD

The movie was suppose to released last year due to Edison's scandalous it has be delayed till now.

The movie has a very boring storyline but then they has alot hensem hunks in the movie. Damn I sound gay like Richie Ren, Xiao Meng and Edison.

My gf kept telling me Xiao Meng very hensem and he got a very nice hairstyle. WTF -.-"

Rate 5/10

Night At The Meseum 2

Ben Stiller, my all time best comedy actor. The movie damn hilarious and this time bigger meseum took place with more crazy things happened.

Worth to watch to lol.

Rate 8.5/10

I Corrupt All Cops / ICAC

This movie is about the past time corruption in Hong Kong. This movie were directed by a well know director in HK, Wong Jin starred with alot big class actor like Eason Chen, Tony Leung, Anthony Wong, Bowie Lam and Wong Jin himself.

The story quite interesting and vulgar words flying all over the time contained Hilarious, Freedom and Love in this movie.

Rate 8.5/10

That all for today! Happy weekend everyone! 

May 26, 2009

Dinner In A Ship Called The Ship

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As I promised. The Ship!

We had our dinner inside a big ship. This restaurant located at Batu Ferringi nearby a femes night market.

While we waited for the foods, we camho. My face was totally out of focus. I do really need a cam-ho wide angle lens.

Our foods!

Before we leave we.......


As usual.

After dinner, we go for dessert. Tong Yuen. This stall located nearby Traders Hotel. Dun play play ah, they got website one. The owner pass me his name card after seeing me took photos, mayb he thought I'm from media or something. XD

Got white sugar and malacca sugar.

After dessert they still wan more as 2moro gonna be our last day in Penang.

So we go for 2nd round. We go for wood fire pizza reckon by Ryan which nearby our hotel.

Seriously, it taste better than Pizza Hut.

Last photos for today. Bokeh my pizza. Hehehee

Phew! Alot photos for today. Compensate for the previous post. lolz

May 25, 2009

Batu Feringgi Beach

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A simple update for today.

After lunch we head to Batu Feringgi. It located another side from the town.

Expecting some water activities and yes they all was soaked wet. XD

They had Banana Boat, Jet Ski and Parasailing.

Before we leave.

Next! bring u guys makan on Ship! Stay tune!

May 24, 2009

Mee Sotong Coconut Shake

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After Kek Lok Si we was planned to visit Bukit Bendera but then the train schedule was totally full and out of our plan.

Then we decided to go for makan and head for our next plan.

We lunch nearby Cornwallies Fort. The Tower Clock, representing Penang.

We were suggested by Ryan aka KokahKok to try Mee Sotong and Coconut Shake.

Heard for the owner of this shop, they have an history almost 60 years and it was reported on few newspaper. One day they cooked 200-300 plates of Mee Sotong. Geng!

The Coconut Shake shop was next to it. CO CO NUT ah! CO CO NUT!

My Mee Sotong. Although it look like very spicy, actually it's not. It's very sweet and nice. The gal don't like becoz too oily.

Mee Sotong with Coconut Shake, what a perfect combination.

Damn! I shouldn't have update this. I haven't have my breakfast yet and now freaking hungry. That's all for today.

May 20, 2009

Curry Asam Kek Lok Si

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On the next morning, we hunting for nice breakfast in town.

recommend a place near Kek Lok Si that has 2 ah ma/grandma which are sister sitting on a small chair selling nice laksa but then we can't find lor. Sound like a myth. lolz!

Only only found a stall sell curry sotong mee. They cooked using charcoal le.

Everyone got one!

The taste very nice and not that spicy. The sotong simply the best. Hehehe! Sotong fans ma.

Then just across the street there's another femes Laksa according to Aaron, without hesitate we grab the chairs and start order. Hehehe!

While we waiting the laksa to be served, the guys posed.

Woots! My Asam Laksa.

the taste normal only... dissapointed.

After that we go Kek Lok Si. Didn't took much photos there as quite crowded as it's a public holiday.

Q-ing to ride on the cable lift to see Kuan Yin God.

The Kuan Yin statue still in construction, building a shade for Kuan Yin God.

Ended it with a panaroma view from Kek Lok Si Temple.

More to come. Stay tune!

May 18, 2009

Asam Sting Ray

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Ready for yummilicious?

For dinner we had seafoods near Ayer Itam, but it's a quite disappointed one. Not becoz of the food's taste but the waiting period took like...... ages, but the the foods are fresh maybe becoz we are too hungry liao.

We ordered these.

Dun know what to call this, all I know you have to be a good sucker to eat this. lolz

This one make ppl drool...

Prawns in Penang quite big tho.

It' a must to have in dinner set.

All time favorite.

Next gonna bring you guys for nice breakfast.

OMG! I feel so fat seeing this. Wait! I forgot I won't get fat one wor. XD.

May 17, 2009

Meeting with KokAhKok

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Let's continue with my Penang trip,

After lunch we went to Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling for some femes temples visit like Khoo Kongsi, Cheah Kongsi and more but then they already closed due to our late arrival to Penang.

So we walked around as dinner time is around the corner.

We stopped by at Yap Temple. So I quickly as Andy to pose as his surname is Yap ma. Hmmm... how come there's no Wong Kongsi???

They pose also. Winbely and Andy

A group photos before we leave.

Meeting up with KokahKok for dinner. Met him once during his visit to KL. He's very kind enough to bring us jalan jalan and makan makan. He also thought us some Hokkien words.

Ok! He look younger than me althought we are same age. Ryan hapi can?

Group photo sin as we waited for our dinner.

Next gonna be foods again!!!!! Stay tune!

May 14, 2009

Tallboyz Style??

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Just now I was chatting with LimPek on MSN and in the conversation we have talked about my nickname Tallboyz.

He said there are some other blogger used the same nickname.

It's a small world and yet it's not copyrighted thus I went google around searching for Tallboyz. Yeah! I'm damn freaking lame and siao got nothing better to do but I love Google.

Then unexpectedly I landed on to this website. The Other Side Of Me : Inspired by Tallboyz Photography Style...

OMG! I didn't know there are a "Tallboyz's Style"? Multiplying myself has become a trademark for me? Siao can?

Here are my multiplying photos of myself.

Took this at Malacca on November 2007.

more info

At home on January 2009

more info

The latest and the most scandalous photos on April 2009

more info

If you look at the header, it has almost the same header that I have in back 2008.

Hehe! Damn proud can? Tallboyz damn perasan and tak tahu malu! XD

The previous Tallboyz Lame Questionnaire

This question related to the previous question; 4 of the buddies found out they can't earn any money with the cab business and they were so angry thus they decided to drove the cab to uphill and push it to the cliff. 4 of them walked out from the cab and start pushing the cab, no matter how hard they push the car won't go anywhere. Why?

Only Amos got it correct

The correct answer is;

2 were pushing from front and 2 pushing from back. How the car move ler? XD

Next question;

What would have become if I throw a piece of butter from a building?

Please reply your answer in my comment box below. BTW no prizes given away, just having some fun and Siao Q&A. Answer will revealed on my next post. Thank you!