Feb 29, 2008

Hong Lai Restaurant

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Haha! Another makan post! Ok! I will alter my title to Fatboyz soon! =P

As promised! Last Sunday I went to have dinner with my fren at Jalan Genting Klang. This restaurant was claimed famous with it charcoal cooking method.

Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Hong Lai.

Chooi Mei and Ronan.

Andy and Me!

Mun Lay with her 1/2 half potrait.

and this is Sandy.

Let's makan.

Fried Hokkien Mee.

Mee Sua. The soup is nice! Most recommended! Thumb up!

Wat Tan Ho.

Feb 27, 2008

Ah Koong Eating House

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This morning I had my breakfast with my brother at Restaurant Ah Koong Eating House at Jalan Pudu.

Ordered grass noodles

and some side dish.

This is my brother, busy finishing up his noodle.

To be frank, the foods there is great and the noodles is damn good but the biggest withdraw is the tag. Yes! The price tag, consider expensive.

Feb 26, 2008

Weekend at Kim Gary

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Last Sunday was a lazy day for me. Date Andy, Ronan & Chooi Mei for brunch (too lazy till didn’t take my breakfast)

We went to Kim Gary at Jaya Jusco, Maluri.

It ordered this.

Happy Couple.

Andy paiseh to pose! =P

Next post going to be my dinner at Jalan Genting Klang. An ideal and recommended place to makan.

Feb 25, 2008

Micro-D Annual Dinner 2008

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The 15th of Chinese New Year, the last day of Chinese New Year or better known as Chap Goh Mei, my company held our yearly annual dinner at Tropicana.

Nothing much fancy bout it, just an ordinary annual dinner with some lucky draw and quiz.

It held at Tai Thong.

Yee Sang for the last time.

The lucky draw gifts. Main prize a laptop!!!!

My supervisor, Michael. He just a poser he dun really can sing! Haha!

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm SENG!

IT Manager, Chee Leong been forced to finished up the wine.

Games started.

Guessing people by blind folded!

Who ar?

Another cash lucky draw. Alot MyKards!

The grand prizeeeeeeee

Started with 03X.

Congraz to Kit! She won a laptop!

There's also a special slot for appreciation for those who already service the company for 10 years and more.

Feb 24, 2008

Poh Chi

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What is Poh Chi?

Poh Chi means marble in English or guli in Malay.

I have a cute dog named Poh Chi. The name took becoz she has a big and rounded pair of eye that look like marble.

FYI she is Shih Tzu breed dog, she used to be very fluffy and cute but now she doesn’t look like one anymore.


Becoz…….. I sent her for a hair grooming and now she is a hairless dog. Haha!

I know I’m cruel but I got no choice as her hair’s are tangled and knotted.

Now she looks like this;

She does have a big rounded eye.

Look emo and sad right? =P

Feb 22, 2008

My First....

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This is my first time…

First time being so Kanjiong (nervous)...

Something that can make me happy… (wait wait, till now wat you guys thinking?)

Where I required to wear hair cap.

OMG! Am’I undergo an operation? ER?

Who's this?

=P Hehe! My first time visiting beauty spa and had my 1st facial done.

All thanks to my good sister for snatched me into this. They offer a speacial deal package for 2, my sister said it's a good deal and pulled me in. (u know lar, aunty is like that)

Didn't spend much time there, I was so embrassed and pulled off once the facial done!

They used diamond something to remove death skin on my rough face. Seriously I really can feel my face cleaner and smoother. =P

I had my feet spa and now facial spa in the same week. Siao can?

Feb 20, 2008

Kenko, Pavilion

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Last Saturday I went to Pavilion with my sister. She wanted go shopping before she leaves KL back to Sabah.

So I brought her to Kenko, Pavilion. What shop is that? What they sell?

The entrance of Kenko.

Fish Spa? Shit! I didn't brought Doris along tim! =P

OMG! What they doing with theirs smelly feets?

OMG! They feeding the fishs with their feets! Wait a minutes, feed????? Piranna?????

Haha! This kind of fish eat death skin.

A short video taken;

Kenko from Joshua on Vimeo.

After the treatment I can feel my feet damn smooth and silk. Haha! No kidding!

Cam whore 1st with my sister to end the post.

Feb 18, 2008

A New Start

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I owe everyone an apology for not updating my blog lately.

Here I have designed a new layout and 2 new tags of what camera I used to take the photos and videos.

I hope I'll be as active as last time. =)

Nikon D70s

Nokia N95


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As I write this, I find myself choking back tears, emotions blended with sadness and disbelief that I had lost my loved.

Past few weeks I have been frequently going in and out to hospital. Fortuitously my sister came back from Sabah, lighten up my shoulder and sadness.

It was the 1st day of Chinese New Year, a gloomy day that I would not forget in my life. It has created a big wound in my heart. Human would never defect god, obey are the only option.

It was a tough period for us to accept the facts. Tears and grief are the only thought that running in our mind.

Sadly, I don’t any chances to repay on what you scarified for us.


Feb 17, 2008

I was so sick.....

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Sorry for the late update. I was very sick 3 days ago.

I’m grumbled my company panel’s clinic for being unprofessional.

I got a bad fever on Thursday night and went to my panel doctor on the next day. The stupid doctor said I got fever and will give me some antibiotics and voltaren. Funny thing is there is no fever medicine given to me.

The antibiotic only holds the fever for a jiffy. The next day morning, I had a bad diarrhea and the fever getting bad by hours. Till late night I can’t put up myself and I was ½ dead, I went to seek the panel doctor nearby my house.

Once reached, the door was locked! WTF they closed and it was only 10pm. No another choice I have to go for other clinic. I went to Klinik Kita, they are very professional, and they would diagnose and explain in proper manner. The doctor also curious why my panel would give such prescription that would cause diarrhea.

Now I’m really doubtful with my panel doctor.

Medxxxxxon sux!!!!!!!!!!!