Oct 30, 2009

New Spoiler

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A simple update for today, was quite busy lately.

Last week I had a little makeover with my ride, added on a New Spoiler.

Got myself an original S spec Toyota Vios spoiler from a forum member.

After added the spoiler, the rear bonnet has become heavier. Aerodynamic improved, horsepower increased by 20hp, better handling and grip. Managed to touch 240km/h, able to fly when there is jam and the best thing it can transform to Transformer. Muakakakaka! XD

Joking only, it's just a purely cosmetic only that does not make any performance improvement. XP.

Actually it's a win win situation deal whereas I wan a spoiler and the other party want to have an undrilled rear bonnet for ducktail type spoiler. So both of us agree to swap the rear boot and I topped up RM100 for it. It's a super duper great deal, no drilling or paint required whereby both of our car is black. I also got the S emblem as complimentary. Muakaka!

Now I can feel my car backside look way more sexier now. Dun be jealous ok? lolz! Heheheheheeh!

Oct 27, 2009

Free New Tyres

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If you guys have follow my Twitter, blackie are back 3 days ago after some accident and has sent for repair. Before the accident I have did some enhancement and DIY with it, and I will be blogging bout it very soon.

Back to the topic, I got myself a SET of NEW Good Year tyres. Yeah! You heard me right! I got 4 new shoes for my blackie for FREE! after I've drove for 1 year 3 months and clocked 32,000 km.

How come?
I black mailed Mr. Toyota and he offer me for tyres. Eh.... that's sound cheap does it? lol!

Actually the tyres that I got that come along with my car was Good Year GT3. This tyres has a very good recognition with 70,000km Threadlife Warranty but then mine not even half of the mileage, the shoulder thread was wore dramatically.

I know u guys gonna say I drove and brake like lunactic. I'm not a drag racer or anything, just that this batch of tyres has manufacture defects thus I able to claim all of the four tyres. I was almost to change it until I read on a forum so I try my luck to claim. Saved me about RM5XX. Woots!

Now I has 4 new Good Year NCT 5 tyres as replacement.

Wheeeeee!!! So new!

Do you know tyre has lifespan? It's because its made out of rubber and it would get harden and subside by time due to temperature changes.

A normal lifespan of a tyres is about 3-4 years. This is how to check the manufacture date of a tyre.

What a crappy post for today! Hahahah!

Oct 25, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

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This afternoon went to Pavilion with YY to catch an animated movie "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs"

This movie is about a young boy who lives in a small island that has an ambition to be a successful inventor/scientist since kids. But all of his inventions was a total failure and disaster, until one day he invented a machine that can generate foods by only water. Everything was started fine until the machine gone wrong. The plot started from there.

Quite an interesting movie, better than I expected. It's like a dreamland for everyone. Funny seasoned in the movie.

Rate 8/10

Oct 23, 2009

Broga Hill

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Finally I've went to Broga Hill. It's has been awhile I wanted to go and the plan was always failed or something others thing interrupted.

Actually this outing was a very last minute invites by Ronan, whereas he actually dated me and YY less than 8 hours before departure. Without hesitation we've agreed and to meet up at Ronan's house at 4.30am. Eager and jakun to go ma.

For those who don't know where is Broga Hill, Broga Hill actually located at Semenyih next to Nottingham University. It about 30-45min travel from KL to the destination.

We reached there around 6am and the sky were still dark. Attention! First time, remember to bring alot a torch light as the surrounding is very dark although you can see a bunch of peoples walking toward the hill but then the path is uneven and rocky.

While we walked climbed half way we a super clear night view with alot I mean really alot stars like you see on TV. Damn nice I tell you,but then I did not manage to took any photos as the hill was jammed with alot peoples. Yeah! You hear me right, it's JAM with humans!!!

There are some peoples walked half way... not even half way I would say, rested at the side. They look like super exhausted and I did also heard a guy talked to his gf said that he can't go anymore, why don't we wait till the sunrise then we head back. I was like, serious? it's not even half way and it's not climbing, it's just walking.

It took about 40-60 minutes to reach to the hill and the sky started to shined up with the sun when we reached there. The timing was just right.

The morning view is simply breathtaking.

I didn't wasted any time, I set up my tripod, remote ready and we take group photo.

Here the gang who came together.

Those side peoples damn kacau lar!

me and YY took a photo with the almost sunrise as background.

Ok! I look so fugly didn't comb my hair and dresses like ah beng. Please just ignore me!

The sun was up and the flare attracted my attention. Took alot photos with the flare as the effect and this is the one that I love the most.

Doesn't it look like an ads? Sunglasses ads? Attire ads?

The cousin. Does it look like an album cover of a group band? lol

Didn't miss to shoot panorama view from the hill.

*click the photo for larger view*

Nice ma? Hahaha! Tak tahu malu.

The weather was super nice, the sky were super blue.

Traffic Report! Federal Highway toward PJ seem clear, Penang Bridge were also clear, Maluri toward Kampung Pandan look smooth but Broga Hill was super jam.
The path was so small and there were only one way to go up and also to go down.

Broga Hill was too commercial now, seem that everyone would wants to pay a visit during the weekend. Maybe becoz it's near to the busy city and the hill was easy to climb. No doubt the scenery and air is very good. Oops did the people in front of me farted while I go up or down? lol

Photos added on Gallery

Oct 19, 2009

Vote For Me Can?

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Do you guys still remember the contest of Slurpeelicious Moments that I posted not long ago?

The voting just started.Care to vote for me? Click HERE!

Thank you very much. Terima Kasih banyak banyak. Arigato Gozaimas. 非常感谢. ขอบคุณมาก. maraming salamat. hartelijk dank. 진심으로 감사합니다.............

p/s you guys can vote 5 times daily with the same e mail and verify with your email. Thank you again!

Oct 18, 2009


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Watched Pandorum at Pavilion this afternoon with YY.

It's a quite excited one.

This movie took place in a spaceship that was migrating a big group of human population from earth to a new place because the earth is going to die / apocalypse.

The humans was ordered to stay in theirs own capsule in hyper sleep mode due to some reason. After a period of time, some of them was awaken and found out that the spaceship was intruded by some human killing creatures and the story goes on.

Check out the trailer whether is worth to watch or not?

Rate 8/10 the storyline is not bad and super exciting.

Oct 16, 2009

Xberry Party Rocks!

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Last Saturday I was lucky enough to get myself an invite to attend XBerry Party at Republic, Sunway Pyramid for their's launch of Blackberry Curve 8520. Special thanks to Nuffnang and Celcom Xpax.

The events was a big one and they have invited a lot cool local artists for performances such as Shawn Lee the Beatboxer, Joe Flizzow, Arabyrd, DJ LapSap and also DJ Twilight Action Girl.

Crowds was formed with the attraction performances from our local artists.

Shawn Lee, Small Boy with Big Sounds beatboxing on the stage. All the crowds was stunned with his skill beatboxing like a machines guns. Salute!

Pow Pow Boom!

Next we have Joe Flizzow, the audience yelled for them for more. More X plzzzzzz!

Then Arabyrd performanced with her hot and sexy moves while singing.

The performance was continue with DJ Lapsap and DJ TAG. I moved myself to VVIP area for free flow drinks. Not a fans of alcohols, get myself pepsi and sky juice only.

Actually this is the 1st time I attended such big event from Nuffnang. I'm still green in the blogsphere, hardly meet or mingled around with the bloggers. On the event, I have finally meeting with bloggers that I may have know them by theirs' blogs and not in person.

Met Tian Chad and CWKen there.

Zach and Yung Chien. Zach finally we've talked met.

Mynjayz aka Jason. Seriously I really don't know how to pronounce your nick. lolz!

Derek Yap. The Best Ruumz Mate's winner yo! He's damn funny one.

Here's come the big group of handsome nuffies. You couldn't see me there right? coz I'm not handsome enough to join them. lolz!

FYI! I'm damn sux memories name. From the photo I only remember Bryan, Yung Chien, Nigel, CWKen, Mojosh, TianChad, Jeremy with his cool fish eye camera lens, Jackie Loi, Jason aka Mynjayz. I do really need to this more so I can remember all your guys's name. Paiseh!

Do you know BlackBerry has the most Celebrity used phone? like Paris Hilton, John Mayer, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and even Justin Timberlake. Check out HERE!
It's just like a branded accessories for them to have. It's like Facebook, if you don't have Facebook? You are very outdated. Just an example of metafora.

Doesn't you feel glamour if you own one of the BlackBerry? Afraid the price tag is too much? No worry, now you can own a BlackBerry Curve smartphone 8520 at RM998 with a reload of RM50 at any Blue Cube  (No hidden clauses or upfront payment) This promo is only valid until 15th November 2009 and will be set back to RRP price which is RM1188.

Beside that, Xpax is the 1st telco service provider that to offer daily unlimited BlackBerry Prepaid Access at RM2.50.

It's offer 3 awesome BlackBerry Prepaid Access plans which are;
- BlackBerry Social RM1.00 Unlimited access per day on social media applications of Facebook and IM.
- BlackBerry Advance (2.5G) Unlimited access per day with net surfing, mail download, social media like Facebook and IM.
BlackBerry Advance (3.5G) Unlimited access per day with net surfing, mail download, social media like Facebook and IM with HSDPA connection.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone is the most trendy gadget that everyone would wanted to have, so do I. As you can see, social networking tools such as Facebook, Plurk, Flickr, IM and more that you can name it has growth drastically allowing people to connect and communicated with friends, family, your boss and your loved one with no boundaries. And now connectivity has become the main concern to stay connected.

With the best combination of BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone and Xpax Prepaid Access, connectivity is not a problem anymore. We can get connected to the net at anytime and anywhere with Xpax Prepaid Access plan. Beside that, WiFi are also available in this phone, internet access can be done seamlessly with location with WiFi access.

I would able to check and update my twitter and facebook anytime, access to my e mail and reply my e mail in ease manner with those comfortable QWERTY keys on the phone and the most important allowing me to stay update with the latest news and info.

Beside that, it supported up to 16GB of memory storage where I can store extremely alot musics, extremely alot photos and able to previewed it nicely on it 2.46" Transmisive TFT MCD screen.

This might be the coolest phone that I wish to have. Santa can I have one for Christmas prize? Pleassssssssss!

So what do you guys waiting for? Get ur's one now with FREE 1 week BlackBerry Prepaid Access & FREE Imported Skin for the BlackBerry before the promo end.

Oct 14, 2009

Whiteout Screening

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Yesterday night I've attended Nuffnang Premier Screening "Whiteout" at Tropicana City Mall with YY. Thank you Nuffnang again for the invite.

As usual met alot bloggers there during the screening like Hikaru, CopyKate, JackieLoi, NigelTee, Sam, Jac, Sanjay and others more. Nice meeting you guys!

This screening is about murderer case happened in Antarctica. The story is a bit kanjiong but also abit boring. All is about mountains, death body, ice and frost bite.

The ending of this movie is very nonsense, the culprit went to suicide himself. If I were him, I shall share out the diamonds and live happily ever after. LOL!!!!

Rate 6/10

Oct 13, 2009

Why Peoples Love YouTube

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YouTube has recently declared they already have 1 billion views per day and the number is increasing by days. That has shown that more and more peoples are connected via internet. That means sooner or later there won’t be anymore face to face social network needed and we all will live like the movie Surrogates. Hahahah! That is too exaggerated.

Ok! Back to YouTube. I’m not a YouTube basher or criticise YouTubers. This is just my idiot thought about the peoples in YouTube world.

Frankly speaking, I love YouTube very much and I do upload my videos with it to share with my frens. It’s one of the greatest multimedia networks tools that evolved rapidly.

I have been YouTubing in the pass few weeks a lot, I mean “A LOT” during my holiday and also during office hours free time. There are a lot interesting videos that opened up out mind that we would not able to discover by ourself.

There are these VBLOGGER or known as Video Bloggers that I love to watch their videos like KevJumba and WongFu Production. They did come out with a lot cool and funny videos and yet they also has lot fans/subscribers subscribed to theirs channels.


WongFu Production

But then I did also bumped to some channels rather a weirdo I would say but yet do have a quite number of subscribers in theirs channel.

Here are 2 examples;



I’m not to say they are retarded, gay or ridiculous but on other hand I do respect them for being so courage to expose themselves to so many peoples, I mean millions of peoples.

On other hand, I would feel they are only exposing themselves in this non real world so that they would feel more confident, comfortable and also the only place they could find themselves.

See! Being unique does create attention. I just helped them increased traffics and and publishes them by blog posting them. I guess I shall create more idiots looks and post more no sense posts. So I could be unique by creating more attention and increase my blog traffics since I'm not up to level of Pro-Blogger. lol

Again! I'm not bashing any YouTubers here, it just my personal thought about some YouTubers.

I apologize if you feel offended. Cheers! Long life "Internet"

So what do you think about YouTube?

Oct 12, 2009


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I'm here not going to talk any reptile or green creature. I'm talking about some unproductive employees that would do during working hours. Snake!!!!!!

Do you know why "WE" would have such thought?

- Sleep late yesterday night.
- Being threaten unfair in the office.
- Stressful with jobs.
- Has some unwanted persons to see in office

There's one hot spot where a lot people would hang around for Cendol in PJ area. From the attire I would believe they are from work coz it was only 3pm.

So can I call it as........

This movable stall located on side road of PJ Section 17. Rojak also available on the next stall.

I was happened to pass by there with a college of mine after an on site service. Bernard Ong asked me not to reveal his identity oops did I mention his name? lol

Boss! 2 Big Cendol please!

Here go my Cendol.

It taste so so only but it's a good treats to have in between lunch and dinner.

Below is the GPS positioning coordination if suddenly craving for Cendol / Rojak

BTW this cendol cost RM1.30 for small and RM1.60 for big. A good deal I would say.

So do you guys "Snake Out" and where you normally go? lolz

Oct 10, 2009

Garmin Taxi

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Last week I send my car over to Toyota for a regular service, I have to leave it there and pick it up later in the evening.

So I've decided to get a cab and head back to office. It has been sometimes I did not take cab or any public transportation, do feel like a noob don't know where to get cab.

So I walked to a bus stop and flagged down one, the driver is a senior citizen at age 62. How do I know? I don't read face to know the age or either I have super power to know their's age. I just looked at the cab's driver information that have placed infront of the dashboard. lol!

The taxi driver asked me where you want to go? I said "Tropicana" He said "Ok"

I hopped on in and fasten my seatbelt, then I heard "Tit"... "Tit".... "Tit"... He was poking something.

Then I heard a sexy voice "Navigation Recalculate" "turn left in 50 meters". I moved my head forward a bit and I saw "Garmin nuvi" I was like..... OMG! Taxi now so canggih already. Got GPS ler!

I'm damn kepoh one, so we chats during the journey.

Me : Wah! Uncle got GPS ah? So hightech wor.
Uncle :  Ok lar! This GPS really handy. It can bring me anywhere although I didn't know the place exactly.

Thumbs up to this uncle!

Me : So do uncle surf internet?

Uncle starred at me  with the face that I look like an idiot..

Uncle : Internet? I got facebook, friendster and MSN. You got?

Silent pin drop with my jaw dropped. lol!

Me : Uncle very update with technology wor, nowadays a lot senior citizen don't like to learn computer they afraid the computer would electrocuted them.

We giggled and laughed

Uncle :  Ok lar! I love to use the internet for communication and also some reading of forums & blogs.
Me :  BLOG? I'm a blogger, would you be interested to read mine?
Uncle : Sure! Why not? What's your blog address?
Me : My blog ah, tallboyz.blogspot.com maybe you also can follow my Facebook NetworksBlog.
Uncle : Ok!

Reached to my office

Me : Seriously! You are the coolest taxi driver I even know, nice chatting with you.

Uncle smiled at me.

Ok lar! I made it up of the conversation but then this uncle really use the GPS to get locations.

GPS in taxi is not a new news, other countries has implemented to use GPS but then this uncle has took the initiative to make a better service to the customers by purchased the GPS device with his own pocket money. *Salute*

Probably soon our country would have all taxi GPS enable. 1GPS 1Malaysia

P/S If you guys found my blog is interesting and worth to subscribe, you can follow my blog thru Facebook NetworksBlog by clicking the Follow button on the sidebar. Thank you very much!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Oct 8, 2009


Posted by Anonymous |

Have you guys tried out Slurpee? The coolest drink on earth that only can be found in any 7 Eleven stores.

Slurpee with collaboration with Nuffnang has held a contest, Slurpee®licious Moments, where some really "Cool" hard cash up to RM6000 to be won.

2 easy step for you to take part;
1. Capture a photograph of yourself displaying your Slurpee®licious Moment with any Slurpee products.
2. Submit your photos to slurpeelicious@nuffnang or upload it HERE

The contest period to upload your photos will be 21st Sept till 18th Oct 2009. So what do you guys waiting for? Hit to the nearest 7 Eleven, grab yourself a Slurpee and start cam-ho, you might be one of the lucky winner.

I have just uploaded mine, to be honest I didn't have that cool Slurpee cap. Really hope I do, maybe Slurpee might consider to design one.

For more details www.nuffnang.com.my/slurpeelicious/.

Oct 7, 2009

Malcom & Rachel

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Last month I was tagged along by my cousin Malcolm to Malacca. Had a casual photoshoot for my cousin and his wife along with their's best man. It has been sometime I didn't take out my camera for shooting, was damn rusted and feel so pressured.

Here some photos that I took on that day. Feel free do drop me some comments bout the photos. Good Bad comments are welcome for me to learn my mistake.

I do really need a 17-50mm f2.8 lens. Anyone willing to buy me one? Christmas is around the corner. lolz!

BTW anyone here gonna organise photo outing, maybe to Broga Hill or something? Can tag me along? Desperate for photo outing.