Jan 31, 2012

Taiwan Day 6 - Ximending Night Market

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Was thought of updating my recent trip to Cameron Highland and just realized I have not finished my Taiwan trip blogpost. Hahhahaha! Almost 1/2 year ago only :P

After Danshui we all went to Ximending for dinner. We had the proclaimed the best Mee Shua in Taiwan "Ah Chung Mee Shua" Hope I pronounced it right.

It's a restaurant that doesn't have table for customers but all the people there would queue up and eat on the road side.

This is the mee shua. Taste not bad tho by adding some vinegar onto it.

Walked around the night market

and saw this fat Garfield. If u read Chinese it said "Do not disturb me sleeping" Damn! I should place this on my door.

I think I saw this police car before in Malaysia. Oh ya! The old Volvo sprayed his car like a police car.

The girls continue shopping and the guys find WiFi a place to rest. Then we saw heaven....... I mean Starbucks.

chill out and steal some WiFi.

After that we head for supper. Had this Roti Canai like bread. Taste very good tho!

After that we walk back to our homestay. Walked on a pedestrian bridge and had a slow shutter photo shoot.

1 more blogpost to go and gonna wrap up my Taiwan visit :)

Jan 23, 2012

2012 Chinese New Year Movie - Ah Beng | I Love HK

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone! For those who don't celebrate, happy holiday :)

Yesterday and today I've watched two Chinese New Year movies.

The first one was "Ah Beng Movie: Three Wishes"

It's a local movie from the series "Ah Beng" starred by MyFM Radio DJs and more.

The story is a guys who given three wishes by God of Fortune to time travel to the future to see his grown up's son "Ah Beng". Ah Beng who invites him into his life and things starts to change around him.

Rate 7.5/10 Quite hilarious movie and touching. I've placed a very high expectation on this movie after the movies "Great Day" and "Woo Hoo" with great scenery of shooting but unfortunately it's just story. 

Movie trailer

The 2nd movie "I Love Hong Kong 2012"

I've actually re-watched "I Love Hong Kong" yesterday and it's still tickling.

This movie is a sequel of it but with different storyline but similar theme. Noticed lesser TVB casts in this movie compare with the previous.

Rate 7.5/10 It's a enjoyable comedian movie but all the funny casts like Sandra Ng, Wong Cho-lam, Leung Ka-fai and more are not here.

Movie trailer

Jan 18, 2012

Malaysia Prime Minister Chinese Facebook Page 阿Jib哥

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Do you know our Malaysia Prime Minister has just launches his Chinese's Facebook Page and named 阿Jib哥 (ahjibgor) which mean Brother Najib in Chinese. Ah Jib Got was chosen as it was the popular name given to the Najib by social media users and the Chinese population. *facepalm*

This name was created to give Najib another forum to get social media users to know him as an ordinary member of society and not straight-jacket as prime minister.

This page will support his existing page and meant to be apolitical and discuss things like Najib's hobby.

This "Ah Jib Gor" went online yesterday around 4.30pm has added 6,300 followers and on going.

Hopefully they will not use google translator to essay their post. lol! Since we already have 阿Jib哥, his wife should create 阿JIB嫂 (ah jib sou).

Jan 17, 2012

Brought Home Little Dragon In Conjunction of 2012 CNY

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2012 is the year of Dragon according to Chinese calendar. So I've brought home a little dragon as my new pet for more ONG & HUAT AHH!!! Sorry I'm a typical Chinese Man

Say Hi! to Siu Long/Little Dragon.

This is actually a Limited Edition Kingston 8GB flash drive. Every year Kingston will come out with a special flash drive like this. The packaging of it is very nice and if you look closely, this little dragon is actually seating on an emperor's golden chair.

I've made a quick unboxing of this flash drive, enjoy; Hahahha! Everything also want to do unboxing :P

Jan 15, 2012

Am'I Being Cheated? Starbucks Planner 2012

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Still remember the new Starbucks Planner that I've blogposted few weeks back and I've even made an unboxing video? Starbucks Planner 2012 Unboxing Video

Today Starbucks Malaysia has announced a new promotion on their Starbucks 2012 Planner through their official Facebook's Page.

From tomorrow onward every reload/load RM100 of your Starbucks Card you will receive a FREE Starbucks 2012 planner. Formally it was a 15 purchase of handcraft beverages to redeem the planner and every RM100 reload will only receive a Starbucks card mini pouch.

It has took me to reload more than RM200 to earn the 15 drinks so I can redeem the planner and now you are giving it out with every RM100 reload? How about those who have bought it with your RRP RM88? It doesn't make it exclusive anymore to us as your loyal customers.

Am'I being cheated or Marketing strategy is always dirty?

Jan 10, 2012

Fukuya Authentic Japanese Cuisine

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Last 2 weeks I've went to Fukuya Restaurant, an authentic Japanese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur with YY in celebrating Christmas.

The restaurant’s specialty is the Kaiseki menu – the beautiful setting becomes more than just that – it serves as the perfect complement to such gastronomical sophistication. A Kaiseki menu, consists only fresh seasonal ingredients, of which most of it are air-flown fresh from Japan twice a week. The food is prepared according to the strictest traditional methods. Examples of the menu are a platter of Japanese delicacy appetizer, a serving of Dragon roll (tiger prawn rolled with avocado), beef wagyu. A delectable pairing of premium ingredients and artistic presentation and you are all set for a superlative dining experience.
Wooden is built everywhere in the restaurant and I can feel the Zen there.

YY and Me

Ordered set menu there and some side dishes. You can check the menu HERE

Dragon roll

Seiro Lunch Set

Fuku-Fuku Lunch Set

Fruits are served with a hot towel.

It's a nice place to have lunch/dinner and hang out with friends. The foods there is very fresh especially their Sashimi, even their fruits are super sweet. The biggest pull back is their operating hours there is very short.

Jan 3, 2012

GZOX Auto Detailing

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Chinese New Year is getting near, everyone is buy new clothes, so do my ride have to be cleans and hensem for the new year. Hehehe!

Last week I've sent my car for detailing at GZOX Auto Detailing at Sunway to polish and add a polymer coating.

GZOX is famous with premium glass coating can easily cost RM1.8k to RM5k depending on car size and condition. I'm very poor one so I got the cheapest fluorine coating only.

The process take about 3 hours to wash, clean, clay, polish and coating.

There is an air-cond waiting room at the top of the shop with WiFi, TV, Magazine, Computer and even a meeting room.

Hungry and thirsty? Ali Cafe is there for you. There's a glass view for customer to see how's their in progress.

Bird view of my "Siu Bak" ready for bath and spa :)

Masking all the plastic covers before polishing and apply coat.

The entire process is clean, detailed and professionally done. They even polish the side step and cleaned the petrol cover. You won't get this from those cheapo car polish that done under some trees.

Here's the outcome of it and I'm quite satisfy :)

Mugen = Infinity

This is the after effect of the coat on the 3rd day and now still beading :)

Jan 2, 2012

Movies I've Watched in 2011

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How many movies have you watched in cinema last year?

Last year I've only watched 56 movies it's decreasing by year 2010 and 2009.

Below are the summary movies that I've watched.

January 2011

Paranormal Activity 2
Season of the witch
Great Day

February 2011

Green Hornet
All Wells End Well 2011
I Love Hong Kong
What Women Want
No String Attached
Sanctum 3D
Drive Angry

March 2011

The Adjustment Bureau
World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles
Sucker Punch
Men Suddenly In Love

April 2011

The Last Bladesman

May 2011

Fast 5
Pirates of The Caribbean 4
Kung Fu Panda 2

June 2011

X Men
Super 8
Green Lantern

July 2011

Transformers 3
Mr Poppers Penguins
Captain America

August 2011

Rise of The Planet of The Apes
Cowboy & Alien
Spy Kids
Final Destination 5

September 2011

The Smurfs
Apollo 18
Nasi Lemak 2.0
Fright Night

October 2011

Real Steel
Paranormal Activity
In Time
In Time

November 2011

Tower Heist
Adventure of Tintin
Twilight New Saga Part 1

December 2011

Petaling Street Warriors
Mission Impossible 4
Arthur Christmas
Alvin & Chipmunks 3
Sherlock Holmes 2
We Bought A Zoo

So do you keep track what and how many movies you watched? Maybe you have start it from today :)