Sep 25, 2008

I'm Ready To Bang!

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I mean I'm ready to Bangkok! Wooots! Will be going with a bunch of my frens and my gf!

So sorry for MIA for so long, was busy finishing all my stuff before my holiday.

The pending wedding post will update once I'm back from Bangkok.

It has been a while I didn't went for outing and this gonna be a good one for me to polish abit of my dull and boring post that I posted lately. I will take alot alot photos to share up here. =)

Bye everyone! =)

Sep 18, 2008

Bangkok Here I Come!

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Apologise to all for being MIA for long.

Finally the days has come, I'll be visiting Thailand next week. Woots! Will be staying there for 5 days, relaxing, enjoying the foods and taking pleasure being a King. Hahaha!

This is my 1st visit to Bangkok and hope will take more photos.

This gonna be my next update.....

Stay tune!

Sep 9, 2008

Death Race | Money No Enough 2

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Watched another 2 movies last week. Hehe! Yeah i know, movie again? =P

Death race!

If u guys are a fans of video game, this might be an interesting movie. Feel like playing arcade game with a big screen but without console. Haha!

Rate of this movie 5/10. I'm not a big fans of video.

The 2nd movie was Money No Enough 2!

The last movie of Money No Enough was 10 years ago but as for the Money No Enough 2, it was directed by Jack Neo; an outstanding director that directed a few impressive movies like I'm Not Stupid 1 & 2 and the latest one Ah Long Ptd. Ltd.

I tell you, you must prepare some tissue for this movie. You might be crying out loud by watching this movie. My gf was the example. She cried like baby. Hahahah!

Ok! Ok! I admit some tear did swims around my eye but never drop k?

This movie is most about filial & important of family over by wealth.

Rate of this movie 9.5/10. This movie has reminded me of my family. Feel grief....... This is a must watch movie the year.

Plus One Shabu

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Last Friday had dinner with my dear at Plus One Shabu at 1 Utama before we head for a movie.

For that day special is RM1 for 1 dish of scallop. Everyday would have different promotion that how the "Plus One" came.

Ordered chicken set shabu.

Assorted soup available.

Beside soups sause also got alot. Hehehe! We took all kinds and test. =P

My lovely dear =)

As usual camwhore sin.

Sep 3, 2008

Sushi King | The Strangers

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Last week had dinner with my gf at Sushi King, Mid Valley then went for a movie after that.

Wheeee! Come sushi! Come!

Ordered Cold Sabu. Not bad!

Hehhe! 2 of us sapu 12 plates of sushi.

It's a culture to have a photo before we leave. =P

After the dinner we head for movie. Watched "The Strangers"

It's a horror movie, you won't be seeing any ghost or anything, just some scences that can scare the shit out of you. Hahahha!

It's was base on a true events that happened in the state. Scary can?

Overall 6.5/10 was scared by my gf and the audiences not the movie. The storyline was so confused and bored.

Sep 2, 2008

Beauty & The Beast

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Saw this flowers bloomed after a heavy rain few days ago.

Early was thought a big white plastic bag hanging outside where my mum place all her's plants. When I walk closely only i realized it's a big white blooming flower from a cactus.

It shocked me to see this kind of flower that came of from a cactus. How often do you will see a cactus bloom such a big flower?

I measured, it's bigger than my palm. OMG!

Look abit like those man eating flower. Look so wild.

Last time when my mum take good care of it, it never bloom any flower until it was ditched aside.

FYI, this big bloomy flower only last for one day. Yeah! 24hours only, after that it will dried and die. What a despite, a tough plant that only can have 1 day of beauty.