Apr 27, 2009

Play Hard, Play Smart

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Why I didn't update for so long? FYI, I dun have internet connection at home thus all the update that I have made was during my working hours. Please dun tell my boss!!!

Last Saturday I have bought a new pair of sneakers that's in silver colour, those bling bling one. Hehehe! Sound "seafood"? lala

Eventually I bought this sneakers in pair, yeah I know a pair mean left and right of the shoe. 

The in pair I meant was, I bought 2 pairs same colour, same design but different size for me and my gf! Hehehe! couple sneaker!!!

Supposingly was shooting on the new pair of sneakers but it ended up to

Hahah! Just a random post for 2day!

The previous Tallboyz Lame Questionnaire

Which animal on earth are the stingiest?

Edwin, Munster & Liang Mui got it right!

It's horse. Why? When horse run it will make a sound of Ke de Kut Ke de Kut = Kedekut! XD

Next question;

One day Matches saw a house on fire and there are some peoples in it. Matches quickly ran into the house and save the peoples, eventually he was injurned and sent to hospital.

What Matches has become?

Apr 22, 2009

New Shoes For My Ride

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Shoes? Yes! New shoes for my ride.

My Toyota Vios J are come with steel rims with caps on it.

I had my cap scratched during some parking and even an accident where a dumbass with his scooter banged to my car. Early was thought my fender gonna gone but then when I walked out from my car and look only the wheel cap was tarnished. Phew!

Buying new cap would feel abit waste of money, why not changing it to some sport rim.

Last Saturday I went to have my tyres swapped and do some balancing of the wheels.

Do you believe in "Love at first sight"?

When I walked in the shop I saw a sparkling bronze rims yelling at me and I smiled!

Guess wat? I brought it back home.

Here's my new shoes! It's a Enkei 18" with lowered to the max.

wait at minutes! How on earth I have the money to buy such expensive rim?

Yes! Virtually I had a 18" bronze rim.

But in reality, it just only a new Myvi SE 14" rim on my car.

But one thing I didn't lie, this rim really from Enkei, from a quite famous Japanese rims manufacture.

Can I live in the blog world? Pleassssssss!!

p/s this rim was an early B'day present from my gf. Thank you so muchies! I love it very much!

The 1st day running out Tallboyz Lame Questionnaire received a quite good respond. Thank you so much for those who took parts.

As the question asked yesterday;

Eat what is more disgracing than eating a pile of poo?

Answer is;

Eat more than a pile of poo

Only Tian Chad and Edwin T got it right!

Next question;

Which animals on earth are the stingiest?

Please reply your answer in my comment box below. BTW no prizes given away, just having some fun and Siao Q&A. Answer will revealed on my next post. Thank you!

Apr 21, 2009

Teppanyaki-ing at Mid Valley

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Last Wednesday me and my gf went to Mid Valley to watch "Hotel For Dogs"

We had Teppanyaki at the LG floor there. To be honest, this is the 1st time I had Teppanyaki, in my mind Teppanyaki is a kind of very expensive Japanese foods. Didn't know this foods can be so economical in set.

Da chef teppanyaki-ing!

Chicken Teppanyaki.

Beef Teppanyaki. Didn't know Japs love bean sprout so much, bean sprout look more than my rice.

BTW Beef taste alot better than chicken.

Woots! Here's my 1st Lame Questionnaire.

Eat what is more disgracing than eating a pile of poo?

Please reply your answer in my comment box below. BTW no prizes given away, just having some fun and Siao Q&A.

Apr 20, 2009

Introducing Tallboyz Questionnaires

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I felt my blog getting boring day by day, less of good quality photos, nothing much of happening events posted and the most apparent was lack of interactive with the reader.

Most of my reader dropped by here might just have a short glance and clicked the red colour cross on top for the reason that it’s not up to theirs’ interest and don’t know what to reply or comments.

In order to create more interactive between the readers, I have come out with Tallboyz Lame Questionnaires.

What is all about Tallboyz Lame Questionnaires?

Have you heard of “Lan Get” / Lame Question?

A "Lan Get" / lame question will be posted followed by my post with the banner shown like below and for those who wan to try to guess they have to replay the answer in the comment box.

Answer will be given out on the next post.

Will be testing out tomorrow for the 1st time.

What do you guys think? Works?

Proton Exora

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Last Saturday I went to a Proton Showroom to see the All New Proton Exora.

Did took a few photos of the car that day.

This Proton Exora comes with 2 versions which are M Line and H Line. It comes with a single type of engine which is Campro CPS 1.6. It comes with 7 different colours which are Solid White, Blue Haze, Pyrite Brown, Gala Blue, Tranquility Black and Genetic Silver.

Announced price are;
RM 69,548.00 (M Line Solid)
RM 69,998.00 (M Line Metallic)
RM 75,548.00 (H Line Solid)
RM 75,998.00 (H Line Metallic)

Both M Line and H Line come with the safety system of Dual Air Bags with Pre-tensional Seatbelt, ABS with EBD, Immobilizer System and Alarm System with Keyless Remote Entry.

The differences of M Line and H Line are H Line comes with Leather Seats, Front Fog Lamps, Rear Spoiler, Front Armrest, Auto Cruise Control, DVD LCD Monitor with SD/MMC & USB Port and Navigation System/GPS.

Look abit like Viva headlamp tho.

LED taillight

125 horsepower.

Multi indicators of speedometer.

Phone answering, HU volume and mode control button on steering wheel.

Bluetooth, MP3, WMA support HU. Position of gated gear shift like others MPV.

Auto Cruise* only available on H Line.

Individual A/C Vents on 2nd and 3rd rows.

Roof DVD LCD Monitor with SD/MMC and USB support for Multimedia Entertainment* make available only on H Line.

Apologize for the low images quality

Pros – Value for money with it features, intelligent 30 minutes headlight exit, phases keyless remote entry (unlock only Driver’s door for safety reason), individual A/C vents including rear seats, in-built Bluetooth Handfree HU, ergonomic interior with foldable seats.

Cons - Biggest drawback what I can see are very plastic and fragile A/C vents at the back, China made look LCD Monitor and rear drum brake only.

Proton Exora TV advertisment.

For more information and booking please click HERE

Apr 16, 2009

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Have you heard of Susan Boyle? It’s has become a hot topic around the world.

A 47 years old lady created a big “WOW” and astonished the audiences in a famous reality show “Britain’s Got Talent 2009”

Some of the audiences giggled and laughed with her appearance akin to a grandma when she said she wanted to be a professional singer.

Seriously her singing really amazed me and touched

Watch the video for yourself;

In Youtube there are already have 11 millions clicks in 4 days and dun know why youtube has blocked to embed the video eventually I able to search the video in other player.

What Amanda said is very true; it’s truly a wake up call for everyone of being sarcastic, like the title of this post.

What do you guys think?

Proton Exora Ads

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Did any of you guys read the Sun new paper today? They have this New Proton Exora on the front page.

It just like a normal advertisment until my colleague told me... This is the way how we should look the ads. VIEW under the light.

On the back, the words are wrote backward.

Then the front you will see the car with the interior parts and the spec.

Really amazing and creative indeed.

Do you Exora?

Apr 15, 2009

DIY Speedlight Diffuser

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I believe some of encounter the problem the light didn’t bounce correctly and cause only the over part of the photo we lighted up and the bottom part were dark and dull like the 2nd test photo below.

Mostly it’s because it didn’t meet the light bounce criteria example the ceiling was too height too bounce back the light, the ceiling was dark in colour and not suitable for light bouncing.

Therefore they have come out with light diffuser like some of the speedlight that has bundled together like SB800 & SB900. As for others speedlight like mine SB600 it doesn’t come with it thus I’ll have to get a compatible diffuser that would cost RM50+ / USD15+ or those more sophisticated that can easily reach RM200+ / USD50+

Here I’m gonna show you how to make your own speedlight diffuser that cost you less than RM5 / USD1.

Some example;

Get throughly light of the object.

18mm f3.5 1/10 seconds

This normally occur with a very high ceiling light bounce.

42mm f4.2 1/10 seconds

Happy DIY! Cheers!


Yesterday night when to KLCC to watch "The Uninvited" Preview Screening that I won few days ago from 988.

Watch with my gf, Andy and Sandy.

The storyline was quite nice but very short, overall not bad. More about the movie on my Monthly Movies Review at the end of the month. Woots! This months I watched alot movie. "Make It Happen" Premier Screening is coming soon!

Apr 14, 2009

Tallboyz 2 YO

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Woots! Munster got it right. He do really follow my blog XD

Tallboyz celebrating 2 YO!

Here some very very simple recap thru out April 2008 to present;

Started blogging in April 2007 and last year I had a mini recap where you can refer to HERE!

- Released My First Solo Album.

- Participated in Big Mac Chant contest although I didn't win but I do enjoy. I still can do the chant now!

- Celebrate my B'day at Jogoya.

- KLCC Photoshoot.

- Bought a new toy, Toyota Vios.

- Wedding shooting of my colleague's wedding day, Darren & Winnie.

- Me! Mr. Strong Finger.

- Went to Bangkok with my frens.

- Participate in Samsung Innov8 Run Challenge.

- Had a day trip to Bukit Tinggi.

- Wedding Shooting of Joon Wei & Pui Pui .

- My Ride, My Pride.

- Bought Nokia XpressMusic 5800.

- Tallboyz V2.0 Launched.

- New Year 2009, Siao Potluck.

- Visited Pulau Langkawi with my gf.

- Attended Rames & SmashpOp's Birthday Celebration at Flying Chillies.

- Wedding Shooting of Nelson & Shereena.

- My most Scandalous shot

Thank you so much to my blog readers out there, without you guys my blog won't be active and rolling. Love you all!