May 25, 2012

1Malaysia Pad - RM999? o.O"

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1Malaysia Pad, locally made in Malaysia.

This 7-inch Android pad is developed by MalTechPro Sdn. Bhd. that run on an old Android OS platform, Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

CEO's of MalTechPro claimed this 1Malaysia Pad is the most affordable mobile connectivity on a device and also on par with those currently available in the market. He are not pointing at those China made Android Tablet, instead the big brand like Samsung, Lenovo, Toshiba and etc.

A brief hardware and software specification of this 1Malaysia Pad;

  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • WiFi & 3G Connectivity
  • 1MM app which offers free messaging between WhatsApp and Blackberry Messenger
  • 4,000mAH battery
  • 32GB microSD storage
  • 3MP camera (rear)
  • 0.3MP camera (front)

Seriously??? RM999 for a 7-inch tab that run on an old hardware and OS? Some more the RM999 (approx US$330) is an introductory price for the first 5,000 unit. You got to be kidding? It's not affordable at all for Malaysian.

They do have something like India doing, offer everyone can buy tablet instead slaughtering us alive.

This kind of tablet easily to get for just RM299 with greater hardware and software specification.

What do you think with this 1Malaysia Pad? Would you buy one for yourself?

May 21, 2012

White Water Rafting, Sungai Padas Kota Kinabalu

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Continue with my Kota Kinabalu Visit.

My sister suggested us to try water rafting at Sungai Padas and it's one of the best in Asia. I was reluctant in the beginning, what the heck, life is short.

We need to wake up early, to catch shuttle van to Beaufort Railway Station.

We get onboard by train to get to Pangi Station which took about 2 hours.

Excited with our little adventure

Enjoying the scenic ride

Stopped at Rayoh Station to keep our belonging and get change for rafting gears. Here I left my camera and no more photo taken. Wish I can have water proof & shock proof camera with me.

Then we get on train again and this time it take another 20 minutes to reach Pangi Station.

Safety briefing conducted by Riverbug before start. No photos/videos were taken on the adventure. We have 7 person in 1 boat and team up with a boat leader (Riverbug), a Russia couple and 2 best friend from England. It's International weh!

The rafting commence from starting point to Rayoh which will take about an hour half (10km) which have us fell off from the boat and also turtle-turn the boat.

The first time fell into the rapid river is super scary and it was on purpose done by the boat leader. Scary the shxt out of me. lol!

Had few rounds of rapids and everyone have the chance to fell off from the boat. It was pretty exciting and funs.

Say HI! to my team mates.

That's all my Water Rafting adventure at Sungai Padas, KK.

May 12, 2012

Philips - See What Light Can Do

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Last week I've attended an event organised by Philips "See What Philips Lighting Can Do For The Home"

The event took place at MAP @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

Philips unveiled its 2012 LED lighting portfolio complete with new and unique designs. Beside that Philips also share the latest trends and technological advancement in home lighting.

Philips, a leader in lighting has combined research with advanced technology and a profound understanding people's needs to create products that meaningful and affordable. With the latest range of LED lighting solutions provide consumers the creativity to play on what light can do in their home as well as offers the best energy efficient solutions available today -  According to Mr. Vennila Rajamanickam, GM of Philips Lighting Malaysia.

The models showcased the next generation stylish luminaries and innovative lighting systems for Malaysian homes.

Mr. Vennila Rajamanickam and the models showcasing Philips latest 2012 LED lighting solutions.

The bulb that Mr. Vennila Rajamanickam holding, Philips Master LEDbulb MV 12W is the awards winning LED bulb.

There were 5 experiential zones created to represent varying lifestule home thmes Malaysian favour for their homes.

First is the Modern Living. It features a complete range of lighting using advanced state of the art LED technology. Miniature LEDs have allowed familiar luminaries to be reborn in a new life, changing the way you light your home.

Next is Timeless Classics - Create an old world, luxurious environment, yet has refinement and relevance to the modern times.

Then follow by Contemporary Chic - It designed to create natural and soothing atmosphere of ease and relaxation at home to deliver a simple, uncomplicated experience, harmonious yet pratical.

Heritage Refined - It's for people who want to design their space around people. The luminaries are decorated with ornamentation and details inspired by traditional symbols.

And the last one is Vibrant Expressions - Personalise and create ambiance in your home for each occasion with lights and easier and quicker manner. It featured creates a tangible change of scenery that adapts to the occasion or with your moods.

There you go Philips 2012 lighting solutions line up.

And not that all, Philips also announced its inaugural Philips Lightover Contest where Malaysian have the opportunity to win a Lightover for a room in a home worth up to RM10,000.

The contest opened to Malaysians only to show what light can do using real homes scenarios. There will be 6 room to be Lightover.

To win one of these six Lightovers for your home

  • 3 digital photos of a room, no more than 2MB in size per photo in JPG
  • in 50 words or less why a Lightover can transform your home
  • LIKE "Philips Lighting Malaysia" on Facebook and set the image of your home with you holding a "Philips Lightover" sign in it as your Facebook profile picture.
  • Personal particulars: Name, email address, contact number, residential address of the home being submitted for contest, type of home (condo, semi D, bungalow, etc) number of residents in the home and age.

For more information, on Philips Lighting in Malaysia, please visit or

May 2, 2012

Yamagoya Ramen Solaris Dutamas, Publika

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Last Sunday I've visited Solaris Dutamas, Publika to hunt some good foods with friends. This place were recommended by a friend of mine where she told me over there opened a lot restaurants serve good foods.

Walked around and spotted this Yamagoya Ramen, very obvious a Japanese ramen restaurant.

This is the one that attracted me to stopby. "The 1st original kyushu ramen in Malaysia" and has more than 140 outlets in Japan. This sound authentic to me.

So we walked in and see it was packed. With hesitate we go and grab a table.

Asked a waitress there what does Kyushu mean? She said Kyushu-style ramen is Tonkotsu (hope I spell it right) that mean pork bone. So I believe the soup used are pork bone.

We ordered 4 ramen to try and a side dish which highly recommended by the waitress.

This is Gyoza something like our chinese dumpling serve with vinegar for better taste.

Chef recommended ramen, Mukashi Special Ramen.

This is quite similar to Mukashi Special just missing a egg and seaweed. This is Yamagoya Ramen, the original Kyushu ramen.

We also ordered this Black Garlic Ramen

and Spicy Tobanjan Ramen which is not spicy at all. lol!

All the ramen are in-house handmade ramen and taste quite good. My favourite would be the Black Garlic Ramen, simply love the soup.

If you feel want to japanese ramen you can give it a try.

This restaurant located at Block A2-G2-08 in Solaris Dutamas.

May 1, 2012

TallboyzFunds - Tweet For Charity

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Yesterday was the last day of the month April and I believe a lot Nuffnangers & Churpers cashed-out their earnings so did I. What is Nuffnang and Churp2's monetize all about?

Check them out here;

Basically I did earn a little bit of side income by blogging and as well tweeting.

So I've decided to fork out all my Churp2's earnings and give out all to the charity welfare once I received 1000 followers on twitter @tallboyz.

Although the amount is not that great, I believe it could lighten up a little to the unfortunate such as old folks house and orphanages like I did last year.

Since I've just cashed it out and it will take around 1 month to send the cheque to me. So in this 1 month, once I've received 1000 followers I'll spare all my Churp2 earning for charity.

Current status is 931, all I need is another 69 followers. itsy bitsy only right?

I may have this for all my Churp2's earnings.

Tweet for charity! #TallboyzFunds