Aug 21, 2012

I'm Back! | Old Folk's Home Visitation

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Yeah! I've been MIA for almost a week now, losing track somewhere but what the heck! who cares? I'M BACK! *Arnold's Voice* have you watched Expandable 2?

Ever bumped with stranger asking donation for orphanage or old folks? Hesitate the money would goes to the wrong hands?

Why don't we spare a little efforts and time buy the necessity and send it to them directly?

Still remember TallboyzFunds that I've made few months back ago? Instead of doing just my portions, I've actually organised a small small fund collection among my friends and colleagues. Although it was a sudden and last minute, I was manage to collect RM1,000.

Since Monday and Tuesday are public holiday, we decided to have the groceries shopping on Monday and send it to them on Tuesday.

Bought all the necessity at Tesco Cheras.

Things that we have bought;

1. Tissue Roll
2. Milo
3. Canned Bean
4. Canned Sardine
5. Rice
6. Biscuits Hi Fiber
7. Mee Hoon
8. Maggie Mee
9. Canned Pickle Lettuce
10. Canned Mushroom
11. Natural Oil
12. Trousers
13. Hair Shampoo
14. Body Shampoo
15. Body Soap
16. Dish Detergent
17. Oat Meals
18. Adult Diapers
19. and a lot more....

I was impressive my car fitted all the stuffs and my car got lowered instantly lol!

Spent total of RM907.85 and the extra RM100 were given the management there.

Went to the old folk's home on the next day together with my friends and colleagues. The home is located at Klang.

Persatuan Warga Emas
No.3, Solok Tamarind,
41200 Klang,

Passed all the goods

Total of 30 occupants stayed there and some of them were abandoned with no help/support.

These are the conditions of the old folk's home.

It's a quite bad and run down condition.

We all stayed there a while chit chat with the uncle and aunty.

They all are happy to receiving our visitation because their family don't often came.

Old folk's home were given lesser attention nowadays by the community compare to orphanages, maybe due lower hope and future.

We are not god or saint, we can only lighten their burden and ease their life path. Feel free to lend your hand and help them when you can, your small contribution make a bigger leap to them.

Here I would like to wish thank you guys;

1. Carine Wong
2. Emellyn
3. Sandy Lee
4. Yoke Wey
5. Yoke Keng
6. Yoke Yee
7. Jerry Goh
8. Abby Goh
9. Jowind
10. Moon
11. Winston Too
12. Andy Yap
13. Iva Lee
14. Addonics Hiu
15. Evelyn

You guys are awesome!!!