Jan 19, 2009

Day Trip to Sungkai & Ipoh

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Yeah! I know, I have been MIA for so long liao. I’m deeply apologizing.

2 weeks back I had a day trip with my gf to Sungkai and hopped on to Ipoh for their femes Chicken Rice.
What do they have in Sungkai? Actually, Sungkai is a Hot Spring Recreation Park located at Pahang.

Early in the morning actually it was already afternoon we went for breakfast brunch actually nearby my house.

We ordered Hakka Mee.

After we had a wonderFULL meal, we head to Sungkai.

Once we reach to Sungkai, I saw alot smelly shoes abandoned....

I saw a gigantic octopus attacking ppl with water..... tat tell how come got so many shoes ditched.

So I yelled Run! Run! no ppl entertained me -.-"

Ok! I make tat up.

So I dun care and cam whore with my gf and the octopus.

Then we process to hot spring pool.

There are assorted pool made with different temperature to suit your lust need.

The pool tat has almost same with our human really nice lor, felt dun wan to go....


There's a place tat can have eggs boiling. Alot ppl queing there to boil eggs, house cannot boil meh?

After that we went to Ipoh for dinner. Reached there around 7pm.

Thought of trying the femes lou wong chicken rice, too bad it was too crowded

we went to ong kee instead.

I tell you the service there damn poor. but then the chicken rice is superb. Hehhee! started to miss the chicken rice tho.

That all for now, hope I will update very soon. =)


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

I went to Lou Wong.. when i visited Ipoh..

and seriously I don't like it..
its cold, bloody and oily XD hohoho..

Not my taste lor.. I don't like meat with blood..

Anonymous said...

Miao - Probably Ong Kee is better than Lou Wong jor =P

Andrew said...

wahh!! best!! sorry ar... had been busy lately... hhah =D miss so much of your best post!! i like the car one!! your vios!! hahha nice!! and it had been quite a while since i went ipoh makan...