May 1, 2012

TallboyzFunds - Tweet For Charity

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Yesterday was the last day of the month April and I believe a lot Nuffnangers & Churpers cashed-out their earnings so did I. What is Nuffnang and Churp2's monetize all about?

Check them out here;

Basically I did earn a little bit of side income by blogging and as well tweeting.

So I've decided to fork out all my Churp2's earnings and give out all to the charity welfare once I received 1000 followers on twitter @tallboyz.

Although the amount is not that great, I believe it could lighten up a little to the unfortunate such as old folks house and orphanages like I did last year.

Since I've just cashed it out and it will take around 1 month to send the cheque to me. So in this 1 month, once I've received 1000 followers I'll spare all my Churp2 earning for charity.

Current status is 931, all I need is another 69 followers. itsy bitsy only right?

I may have this for all my Churp2's earnings.

Tweet for charity! #TallboyzFunds


Alvinyang said...

Hey, really love your header very much.Are you a designer? Well done and congratz for your cash out.

Anonymous said...

Alvinyang - Thanks! Unfortunately I'm not, just a normal IT sales man :)