Oct 1, 2012

Uncle Jang Korean BBQ at Ampang

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Few weeks back me and my buddies visited Uncle Jang Korean Restoran, obviously it's a Korean restaurant and they serve Korean foods :P

This area are covered with a lot Korean shops and a lot korean people live nearby, it's like a mini Korea town.

Reached there around 7.30pm and it was packed, we have to wait for around 20 minutes to get a table.

There are few cute chairs placed outside the restaurant for those who are waiting.

Since it's a Korean BBQ, do expect fried and oil catching around, thus apron are given if you afraid to get dirty your branded clothes.

Finally we got our table and took a group photo.

Korean people like to drink cold water from the fridge and they serve us cold water and aluminium cup. Take spicy foods and drink cold water........ shiok ah!

Ready to cook. Vege, vege and a lot of vege placed in with Kim Chi sauce *I think*  ok! got sweet potato and chicken.

They have the best Korean meal in town some say in whole Malaysia and I heard that the chef is so talented yet very handsome.

Wonder who is him?


We ordered 5 person  meal and added Ramen.

Damn! It's freaking nice, it's like eating Korean Ramen.......... wait! It is Korean Ramen.

Not that all! after the ramen done, they add rice and cooked it like Korean Fried Rice

+ cheese on top! Yeah baby!

Overall it's a great meal and quite affordable. They restaurant keep it look and feel like I'm in Korea although I've never been there. Highly suggested if you like to have Korean foods as dinner for today.


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