Jun 8, 2010

Save Life | Scooby Doo

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WARNING! Some photo may be graphical for some MINORITY.
If you have followed me on Twitter last Saturday I've went for a blood donation campaign at Jusco, Taman Maluri.

Found the campaign few weeks back when I visited Jusco Maluri I visited there every week ok?.

Tweeted about it and asked who might be interested to go. BTW Thanks to the peoples who RT, you know who you are. Tengkiu! :)

So, amosfamos called me and wanted to go together.

This is my 4th times, donating bloods but still I cannot stare on how they poke the needle onto my vain. Think also freaked out but for sake of helping peoples, some tiny miny pain is ok! XD

Seriously, it's not really that pain as you imagine.

The bloods floods super duper fast, imagine you accidentally cut the tube and the blood flew on to the floor and it won't stop. I couldn't imagine that. lol!

After the bloods lost, I felt my appetite gone haywire, easily could get hungry. Damn I'm hungry now again!

Ok! Last Saturday I did catches Marmaduke at Tropicana City Mall.

My 1st impression of seeing the poster, I thought of Scooby Doo. Marmaduke is actually a character leaps from comic strip fame.

This movie is a story about a dog that moved from Kansas to Chicago with his owner. He tried very hard to fit himself onto the new environment.

Check out the trailer;

Rate 7/10 A quite entertaining family comedy.


Biopolymath said...

I have never donated blood personally but I've handled blood donation campaign when I was in high school. Just like what you've mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Even didn't donate but consider doing charity oh! Good job man!

uLi.佑莉 said...

I donated my blood too in past 3 weeks ^^