Feb 21, 2012

Steamboat at Cameron Highland

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About a month ago, me and my friends went to Cameron Highland. It was on the Chinese New Year's long holiday. Went up there to enjoy the cold breeze air and have steamboat. Don't you agree it's good to steamboat at cozy place like Cameron or Genting?

Stayed 1 night in Dahlia Apartment at Tanah Rata. Quite reasonable rental for a 3 rooms apartment with a big living room. Can fit atleast 10 people in this apartment.

Let's move on with some photos that I took.

Brought my siu bak/little white to Cameron. A quite swift driving to Cameron with this car and not to mention great fuel saving. :P

Stopped by at the nearby market to buy some fresh vegetable for steamboat.

This is how's the look of the apartment.

All look so happy

This is our apartment. It has 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a super spacious living room.

The weather there is chilling, cosy and WINDY!!! lol!

Because we reached there in the afternoon and we haven't had our lunch, so we went for lunch.

Due to unforeseen weather which raining, we ended up to have our lunch at KFC. Yeah! The only KFC on Cameron.

finger licking good! Oh ya! The staffs there are polite, they don't talk with fists. :P

After that we head back to our apartment and prepare our night dinner, STEAMBOAT!!!!!!

Make sure it's clean ya!

Preparing Ajinomoto soups

Oh ya! I didn't introduces them, let them introduce themselves

Yeah! It's ready to eat! Om nom nom nom! Eat from evening till mid night! Hahahahah!

There were so many foods, we all eat till need to gamble who lose and eat.

We even have a pool for the prawns!

The experience of having steamboat at Cameron is totally different although we still sweating but it's nice and the most important who we having it together. :)



Cameron Highland Apartment Info said...

wow, awesome vacation there you have mate :-) would love to go there again by group..

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Anonymous said...

may i know how much for your apartment when u stay at cny?