Feb 2, 2012

Taiwan Day 7 & 8 - Going Home

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Finally I'm gonna wrap up my Taiwan trip blogpost.

On the 2nd last day in Taiwan, we had free and easy shopping and walk around in Taipei.

In the morning we went to a restaurant nearby our homestay for brunch. They sell mixed rice with a lot variety of dishes to choose from.

They like to use paper box to serve meal. It's easy to clean and can be take away.

Mich, Charmaine, Andy and Jerry

Abby, Sandy, YY and Me

Then we went to a camera street, sorry I've forgotten the name. They sold assorted camera here with a quite good bargain. They sell any brand of camera from Leica to Fujifilm.

Then we went to Taipei Main Station underground mall. There are a lot shops at there, clothing and shoes like Petaling Street.

After we decided to head back to Shilin Night Market as we feel that is the great night market in Taipei.

Had our dinner there and tried out their local foods

Something like Bak Kut Teh

Chicken Herbs


and Fried Rice.

All the girl went for last round of shopping at Shilin and the guys chill out some cafe nearby.

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The next morning we are heading back to Malaysia. Had our last breakfast in Taipei.

Beef noodle

forgot what is this, something like pancake

Kungfu Panda dumplings :P

After that we head to airport.

Bye Taiwan!

The airport in Taiwan is very nice lor!

Before the flight, we had lunch and guess what? We bumped a HK born, origin Taiwan singer Emil Chow Wah-Kin. He also having lunch with his crews and friends.

Had my last plank inside the airport.

I want to stay in Taiwan and I don't want to go back :(

That all my Taiwan trip! Had a wonderful 8 days in Taiwan and I've told myself I'll be coming back again!


Merryn said...

The dumplings looked very burnt. If I go Taiwan, I only want to try ONE thing. Their TARO balls -.-

Wilson@PlacesAndFoods.com said...

I have not visited Taiwan since 1999. The old airport in Taipei is worst than Subang airport but this new one looks really good.

Wilson Ng

Vian Lee said...

What? So fast last post dy? I hvnt finish mine.. Zzz. When and where is ur next travel?

Anonymous said...

Merryn - Hmmmm their TARO ball famous one meh? I really dun know :P

Wilson - Hahhaah! Now everything has changed. It's a great place to visit.

Vian - I thought u finished liao! Hahaha! No money :( Not going anywhere.