Jul 3, 2012

Support MILO Nutrition Movement Breakfast Pledge

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Do you know a research has shown that almost 30% of primary school children skipped breakfast on an average of two to three times a week?

MILO Malaysia has launched a month-long pledge collection through their MILO Malaysia Facebook Page from 18th of June to 18th of July. Upon collected 10,000 pledges, MILO Malaysia will provide 10,000 breakfast meals to students in selected rural schools across Malaysia.

The MILO Nutrition Movement is created to increase awareness among parents and children by sharing the importance of having the right diet especially breakfast in providing sufficient energy to sustain the daily activities of children.

Be the first to make a difference today by signing to MILO Malaysia Facebook's Page and pledge this nutrition movement. It's just a few clicks ahead to help the children.

I've done mine, how about you?

Do share it with your friends and family for this meaningful movement


Thristhan said...

7k+ to go :)

Anonymous said...

Thristhan - Yeah! Share it with your friends and family :)