Jul 18, 2012

Nissan LEAF in Malaysia, Co-Driven

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Recently Nissan Malaysia has brought in the world first mass-production the all-electric Nissan LEAF for people to experience what it's like to be driving a zero-emission car. No petrol refuel required, all you need to do is to charge and drive.

Jason Goh whom are one of the lucky 4 Malaysian to be the first to take part in this Nissan pilot program for 6 weeks.

Met up with Jason for an event just now and gotten a chance to have an up close touch and experience of this awesome car.

My car parked next to this sexy Aqua Blue, Nissan LEAF.

Check out the futuristic dashboard. The first impression when I got onto the car is, it's so Nissan Grand Livina with light colour interior.

since it's EV motorised there are no gear changes / ratio, only reverse, neutral and drive. It's very straight forward.

On the dashboard it has a multimedia full touch screen head unit with reverse camera.

Wonder how's the power and pick up of this EV? I was surprised with it powerful 274nM torque at 2,800rpm, I was sticking hard on the seat when Jason's accelerate the car. I'm not joking.

The NVH (noise, vibrate & harness) is impressively good and the engine start and revving's noise is hardly noticeable..... almost nothing.

According to Jason, to full charge this Nissan LEAF, it required 6 hours with a special charging station that has installed in his house and a single full charge can go about 160km. Due to it limitation driving range, it's very suitable as a second car for short distance driving.

Hope to see more EV cars make available in Malaysia market soon. First is to have more EV's charging stations.

Wish to own one soon :)


me said...


The Torque in EVs is just amazing.

SiMon Har said...

Hybrid vs. Electric! hope I'll be the next ambassador!

Xjion89 said...

omg, wat an awesome carrrr!
Gearless, this is like very advanced..@@~

Anonymous said...

me - Yeah!

Simon - Crossing finger :)

Xjion98 - Indeed :)

Jessica Sophia said...

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ahlost said...

Waaaaaaaaahh !!

I wanna go test drive this too.. thanks for the review wo :) :)