May 19, 2007

Dog Missing!

Posted by Anonymous |

Around 2am in the morning I was driving back from my regular “Yum Char” session with my secondary schoolmates. When I reach home, I get off from my car to open the house main gate. When I turn back there’s a black small shadow standing next to my car. I was like :O What’s that? It was very dark; the lamp posts were out, it moving toward me. Drop of sweat gush from my back to my spine. :S When it get closer only I realize that it was a dog. I was scrutinizing around to check whether any owner inadvertently lost theirs dog. There’s no one around.

Suddenly there’s a Hyundai Atos cruising and nearly ran over the dog. Thus I brought him to my house, afraid it will get harmed if letting it wander around.

It is a miniature dog, I think it is a Lhasa Alpso breeds, male and has an orange colour collar. It look alike my dogs (Shih Tzu) but it has a longer nose.

This is the photo taken just now with my Digital Camera.

Anyone knows the owner of this dog please e mail/message me. I’ll contact you ASAP.

Thank you.