May 10, 2007

The Way Home

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Directed by Jeong-hyang Lee

This is one of my all times KoreanMovie. It started with a blotted city boy from Seoul gets to live with his mute-deaf grandmother in countryside. In the beginning the kid were hateful to his own grandmother by ignorant and wants nothing more than playing his electronic Gameboy all day long. When the kid hungry he took out all his foods from town packaged in his backpack till he ceased all the foods. Na├»ve of the grandma has no thought what is “KFC & Pizza” that a commonly fast foods that has in the city. Poor grandma with her devotedly soul lead her to indulge her grandson. She was scarifying her own needs by selling her own melons to fulfill all her grandson needs.

In a time where the boy’s batteries of the Gameboy drained, has realized him that there’s more life than just unrealistic electronic gadgets. He met with the other villagers and their kids fitted him in the scenery. The movie is not only about generation gap, but is about social and cultural gap.

The genuine of love from the woman has overwhelmed my heart. The songs that convoy along on the movie were so touching.

For those who want to watch this movie, remember to schedule yourself on this next Saturday 13th of May 2007 at 2.oopm on 8TV. Buckle up on your comfy couch with corns, drinks and your family.


jaselyn_ahgirl said...

hey, i also love tis movie so much!!! and it is really touch..