May 7, 2007

MyviC National TT Cherating, Kuantan

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Year 2005 Myvi Owners’ Club has organise a National TT at Northern Region, Penang. Year 2006 MyviC had orgnanised other National TT at Southern Region at Desaru, Johor. As for this year Myvi Owners’ Club has arranged one bigger National TT at Cherating, Kuantan. I’m proud to be the official photographer for this event.

We have 20 myvis and a Nissan Skyline join the convoy to Cherating.

Can spot 3 MyviC Logos?

My VP look cool.

Guess who is on the reflection?

This is our placard of the sponsors on this event;


Rike Cool

Suria Resorts & Hotels

KW Accessories

Pan Global Insurance

Some photo taken at the beach.

After check-in we when for a town drive to Kemamam hunting for FOOODS!

This is the well known Stuffed Crab.

More photos will be uploaded soon.