Jun 28, 2007

Brendan’s Birthday at Chilis

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Yesterday we have a small bash B’day party for our buddy Brendan at Chilis. This is my 1st time visiting at Chilis. Let the photos do the talking.

Let start with the Foods!!!!!!!!!

Ronan, “The Red Strawberry Man”

Albeit he is the birthday boy, but u has to be vigilant on him. U saw the warning sign?

From the top left we have Ronan, Mun Lay, Andy aka Wei Heung and Stanley. Bottom right we have Sandy aka Pik San, Brendan “The Bday Boy” and Helena aka Yoke Yee.


munlay said...

y like that one!!ppl got post u a comment but it doesn't appear in yr blog there !apa la!aiyer..the photo there all very nice!juz like yoke said "no u inside la!"hmm...not that perfect, next time muz hav u inside then only consider good!haha