Jun 30, 2007

The Transformers Movie

Posted by Anonymous |

This movie has wobbled the world. I’m also drooling to watch this when I saw the movie trailer in some movies slot. This afternoon received a call from Ronan said the movie in Times Square are fully booked. Thus I take my prospect to check the availability seats at MBO Ampang. Normally not much ppls in this cinema and I was shocked with a very very long “Q” from the ticket counter and I have Queued for half and hour for this tickets. Thanks god!

I'm going to watch "The Transformers" 2nite! Yeah ! Yeah!


JAz said...

really nice shoot for this ticket!i'm so regret that i dont wan go watch wif u guys,now i so bored at home!wuwawa..

Anonymous said...

Dun be sad! If the movie nice, mayb will watch for the 2nd time ler! Cheers!