Nov 13, 2008

Samsung INNOV8 RUN Challenge

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Last 2 weeks Samsung has organised a kind of treasure hunt run in collaborate of the world 1st 8MP camera phone Samsung INNOV8 launched lately in Malaysia.

I was lucky enough to be one of the contestants of the event to try out the phone.

There are total of 45 contestants in this run and it divided into 15 teams. Each team assigned with 1 marshall.

Here we gather.

The Samsung Innov8 phone, nothing much to shout out bout this fone. Basically this phone is running on Symbian S60 3rd with SP, just like the Nokia n series but with a higher MP camera attached.

Here's are my team mates.

Gabriel is our Marshall in the team. Then we have William and KK as my team mates.

Before the run start, we are a needed to compete car racing game to set which team will go first.

pOp look serious.

I'm car no.5

We went to few places for clues PJ, then KL........

We did also went KL tower for a challenge of flying fox.

We are not scared!

Ya right!

Damn, the flying fox really cool. I tried for the 2nd time as one of my team mate got height fobia so I play for his part. =P Thanks KK. =P

After that we head to Petaling Street and also Batu Cave.

We did cam whore in the car before we head to the last destination of the run.

No worry, we are in completely stop mode to do this. XD

This is the 1st time I taking part in treasure hunt. Althought I didn't win anything but I did learn alot bout team work, thinking out of the box, meeting new frens and the most important I had alot of fun. That's the most precious prize that I have won.

Special thanks to Samsung, Adidas, GoMobile and more for organising such great event.


Shiveeleaves said...

tallboyz on the run!
didnt take any hansem pic during the flying? :P

Andrew said...

well, glad you won back some pretty good experiences though =D and i believe new friends as well!! tht's more than anyone could ask for rite? =) hehe.. the prizes are just bonus.. LOL

hopefully i can get to participate in some kind of run like u did..

Anonymous said...

Shiveeleaves - No wor! Got video but didn't upload.
Andrew - Yeah! U r femes I'm sure got events for u soon. =)

Liang Mui said...

hmmm... samsung new stuff lauching and u're using Nokia.. wahahha.. got kena tangkap or not?

Anonymous said...

liang mui - Hahha! Like they care. Only 2 phone given use. I dun have =(