Nov 25, 2008

Day Trip at Bukit Tinggi

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DES got it right. Yeah! It's Bukit Tinggi.

Last Saturday went to Bukit Tinggi with my gf. It has been sometimes I didn't went for any outdoor photoshooting.

Actually this is my 1st time going to Bukit Tinggi, heard of it long time ago but never have the chance to pay a visit there.

It's quite a nice place for a day trip with family, frens and love one. Let's the photos do the talking.

That's me and my gf inside a shuttle bus. Damn proud can sit infront as the others have to sit behind on plastic seats =P.

Our 1st stop is Japanese Garden.

Heard from the staff there this is the world 1st Japanese Botanical Garden that built in the jungle.

Act like Japs.

Next we went to Colmar Tropicale.

The weather changed drastically when we reached.

We camwhore 1st at the entrance.

These building was built based on french theme.

Inside view.

From top.

From the top of the building you can a very nice view of Bukit Tinggi, the hills, the luxury bungalowes.

I snapped this

one of my favourite shot.

The weather doesn't allow us to stay longer. Before we leave, I saw a pair of swan and they almost did the "love kiss"


KOKahKOK said...

nice nice

Joyce the Photographer said...

Like the top view most, even though the sky is too bright for me.

Borneo Falcon said...

Where do you board the shuttle bus? Did not realize there is a shuttle bus there

Shiveeleaves said...

nice leh tallboyz,how to go buy shutter bus?i wan go also! :P

gary ooi said...

buildings, all quite nice...if got chance, i must go d..

Anonymous said...

KOKahKOK - Thanks!
Joyce the Photographer - I need HDR already =P
Borneo Falcon - I parked outside of the Japs Garden. Then got bus shuttle service.
Shiveeleaves - Have to park inside Bukit Tinggi one.
gaTO - Very near only, go with KY. =)

JC said...

This entry had reminded me about my Bukit Tinggi trip. Went with a bunch of friends before Hari Raya, was so quiet and we were the only noisy bunch.

How come you and your gf get to sit in front? And both of you should rent the Japanese Costume. With that good camera I believe you can have nice pic!

fattien said...

It been long time never go there before. do the fees still the same RM16?

Calvyn said...

this is very good place to snap good view... going to play for my next trip

d e s said...

wah u totally owned me! surprised to see the very first word of your blog with my name LOL

felt so honored!

looks like u had a good time at bkt tinggi ya...

i like the japanese garden shot...with slow shutter one... cool...

i wana learn photography!!!

desmond-t: v2.0 blog

EVo said...

Omg...i took the same pic as u did la tallboyz! the waterfall one..with slow shutter...u beat me to posting it first! >_<

Ning said...

nice pics *thumbs up* wheeee =]

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

perfect timing on the last pic ^^

Anonymous said...

JC - The back seats was full already =P The costume dun know clean or not.
Fattien - RM10 only wor. RM8 for child.
Calvyn - Cool. Can't wait to c ur photos
DES - Thanks! =)
EVO - Izit? That's cool
Ning - Thanks.
Irvine - Just lucky!

vialentino said...

cant load ur shoutmix....thanks for the recommendation...will wait for the nokia 5800....

Kah Yin said...

pls pardon me if i ask.... where is bukit tinggi?? haahhaahahahah!! omg. nice pics though... :)

Anonymous said...

Vialentino - NP =)
Kah Yin - Bukit Tinggi located nearby Genting Highland there, use the same road one.