Jun 25, 2012

Standard Chartered Marathon Run 2012

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Had a leg-pain run yesterday at Standard Chartered Run Marathon 2012 with buddies.

We took 10km leisure run which starts at 8am and the starting point is at Dataran Merdeka.

Since major of the roads are closed in Kuala Lumpur, so we decided to take LRT to the nearest station, Masjid Jamek.

Woke up at 6am to get ready and head to my house nearest LRT station.

Sun also yet wake up.

Train is here!!!

Meet up with the others at the mid of the journey. Cam-ho with them on the new Nokia Lumia 900 and it's taken with the front camera. It's wide enough to cam-ho tho :)

All look hyper before the run start. Check out the crowd at behind! According to the organiser, this marathon has 28,000 participates and this 10km run alone already has 4,XXX people take part.

Andy, Mei, Abby, Jerry, Kenny & Me.

Let's start!!!!!

While running, bumped few friends Emeryn, Steve, Carmen, Jenifer, Hikaru and ex-colleague. What a small world?

Smurfs run! run!

Check out the the runner in the center, he actually pushing a stroller and his kid is joined along. What an awesome parent, have their kids start to run since young.

5km done! Another 5km more to go!

Finally! Last point!

Completed 10km run and received my medal :)

Bumped with Winston, he ran 21km/half marathon that started since 6am.

All of us after completed the run

All look good and fine before the muscle-pain triggered. lol!

Completed 10km run in 1:30:51. Ok! I'm a slowpoke. Lack of stamina!

If you did took part, you can check your time here http://www.kl-marathon.com/Contents/view/1051

Met my brother there before we left. Damn! He is taller than me! :P

I even planked infront of Dataran Merdeka

and as well infront of Masjid Jamek's LRT. Too tempted not to miss to plank middle of the road. See the uncle behind also snap a photo of me planking. Hahahahahah! Wonder he blog or share on Facebook? :P

the others buddies Sleep on the road instead.

It's duper super crowded at the train station buying ticket. So lesson learnt! Do bring Touch'n Go next time.

Did you guys took part on the run? Do you have muscle pain on your leg? I'm walking like a zombie now! Muakakaka!

*all photo taken with Nokia Lumia 900 front & rear camera.


Ken Wooi said...

I joined too! Ran the 5km only hehee! Blogged about it too, hopefully to run 10km next time! :D

Anonymous said...

Ken Wooi - Wow! Let's run together next time :)