Jun 4, 2012

Day Trip To Sekinchan With Buddies

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Had a short rather a fun trip to Sekinchan at Kuala Selangor yesterday with buddies. Although it was a last minutes plan, thanks god for the blessing weather and everyone received a gift before back to KL. What gift? SUNBURN! lol!

The timing was good as the paddy fields are still brownish green. Took a lot photos on that day tho.

Start off with the traffic light colours, Go, Ready & Stop

We visited a paddy factory.

We even rent bicycles, ride like some orang kampung. RM10/hrs. The bicycle shop is located nearby the wet market.


Harlo Ah Wong!

Yellow women is following!

Ceh! I also can lar! lol!

Tomato and Mustard blends well together :)

Me and my Princess.

GiGi Sakit. Gigi Tong. Get it? Get it? *lame*

Abby & Mei

Group picha!!!!!! Wait.......... I'm not inside :(

After the tiring cycling, laughing and taking picha, we all went for seafood dinner nearby. Chai Lee, sound like Charlie to me. Foods was so so but it's quite reasonable.

That's wrapped out of my day trip to Sekinchan. I think my


TianChad Chen said...

The weather definitely look good for couple photoshoot =)Wish I was there to capture for you guys hahaha

TZ said...

How's the food in Chai Lee or Charlie?

Anonymous said...

TianChad - Yeah! Next time we go together k?

TZ - So so only but the price reasonable.

Lew Lee Lee said...

Love the photos you took! They look great and brought back memories of my hometown in Alor Setar!

How long does it take to drive to Sekinchan from PJ/KL?

Lee Lee