Jul 1, 2007

Transformers Rock!

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I just came back, finished watching a movie “The Transformers”. I was vigorous done; actions were applied from beginning of the movie till the end. I’m proudly to say this is the best movie I ever watch for year 2007. I might be going to watch it for 2nd time. The rate I gave for this movie is 10/10 flying colour man!

That all for now! Getting late and I have an appointment with Mr. Chow!


JAz said...

r u sure going to watch second time anot?really very nice to watch meh??if yes,i want go leh!!

Happiness Family said...

hei josh, when u want to go, i also not yet watch lah. where? when? pls let me know, dont always keep me outside since after i had daughter liao :( :(

lazyheung said...

watch again ba...coz i haven watch yet..hehehe dat day wan watch but cant get the tickets..all sold out! remember call me along when u go watch 2nd time..thank you!!!! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Jaz - Probably yes when there's no more packing in the cinema.
Chris - Dun sure yet!
Andy - Sure!